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The Little Karp that Could [Community Story]

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Hi there, you. Yes you.

No, don't furrow your eyebrows like that, and don't give me that 'psh' attitude either.

Now straighten your back a little, and put down that Mountain De-- You know what?

No. No, no, no -- Let's take it from scratch.


How creative are you?

Where lie the bounds between reality and fantasy, and how easily are you able to bounce back between those two opposite worlds?

Let's test the waters, shall we?





1. Each member may submit two sentences that progress the story. Repetition is not allowed, unless it's needed to advance the plot.

2. No vulgarities and anything of the sorts.

3. Let's keep it friendly and appropriate. We're here to have fun and unwind, not to irk others and tighten up.

4. Show your true creative side.





I'll start this one off.


Once upon a time, peeking from the surface of the West Viridian Pond,

A brave little Magikarp dipped it's head in an upward fashion, so it could take a closer look at the nearby trainers that had gathered at the Viridian City Gym.


You can take it from here. c:


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The little karp gazed upon the life outside of the pond, where most karps would spend their lives in. Only few among the many were able to leave, if caught by a trainer. But this karp was different. Unlike others, it wanted to be out as if it was its destiny. So it came up with a plan______

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The plan was quite simple. Just turn myself into a shiny Magikarp, so he went to underwater The Home Depot to purchase some golden paint. Once the paint was obtained, he then started to paint himself and added a few sparkles to his appearance. The plan worked and he is now out of the water being shown off to people in Vermilion City!

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Unfortunately due to the nature of Vermilion City. It started raining and the paint all got washed off. The little karp now had to think of another way to brighten up his appearance. Which was__

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