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[MOD][Android Compatible] PokeMMO HQ Music Overhaul v1.0

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On 12/4/2019 at 2:50 AM, n0etics said:

Hey everyone!

I've made a mod that overhauls almost every track in Unova, Hoenn and Kanto to add a more modern sound to the game, complete with custom tracks!

The goal was to keep compression to a minimum, so each track was sourced from 512 kbps files and will reach at least 320 kbps in-game (assuming your system can handle the extra load.) I've even edited the loops so they flow better and last longer (although many tracks still need work) and I've also made custom loops from the Pokemon Origins anime. 

And for people who are concerned about size, or who just want to change the OST for one region, I've also uploaded smaller modular packs for Kanto and Hoenn in addition to the main mod so you can customize whichever regions you'd like.

What's does this mod include?

  • Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee (Kanto)
  • Heart Gold/Soul Silver (Kanto)
  • Pokemon Origins (Kanto - Bicycle Theme, Lavender Town, Champion Music, Title Screen)
  • Ultra Sun/Moon  (Sevii Islands)
  • Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (Hoenn)
  • Zame/Pokeli/Pokemon Black & White Super Mix (Unova)
  • "Battle! Loremaster Zinnia" - ORAS (Everywhere - PvP Battle Music)
  • "Evolution" - ORAS (Everywhere - Evolution Music)
  • Android support thanks to testing by @Zebtal!

Future Updates:

  • Extend loops for Unova/Kanto/Hoenn OST
  • Create/upload slightly compressed "lite" version for lower-end devices


Download links: 


(If you'd like me to upload this to another host for whatever reason, send me a DM and I'll be happy to do so.)


Can you make the Download files on mediafire and share the links so i can Download it cuz on mega the Download always cancel 

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