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Bizarre account confirmation problem.

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I have a main account and created this new one yesterday, but I can't access the client because it says the password doesn't match the username. A quick summary of happened:

  • Created account and had it confirmed via email.
  • Failed to access the client even though I had already entered the forum with the same password, and still can.
  • Changed the forum password, thinking it would change the client password. Nothing.
  • Went here: www.Pokemmo.eu/account_forgot_password/. The confirmation email never arrived. Tried it again. Nothing.
  • Created 3 new accounts and never even received the activation email to confirm the accounts for any of them.


So, I have this account that I can access the forums with, but can't actually play with. What now? Who do I talk to? What do I do?

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Please create an account here: https://pokemmo.eu/account/


Forum accounts are not the same as game accounts.


Please PM me if you continue to have issues getting started with the game.



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