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New Year Tournament - (Postponed)

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Tag Team Tournament

Unlimited Teams | Tournament Mode | 6vs6  



Date & Time

Tuesday, December 31th |  Time 3PM ET | Check your time zone --> Time Zone Converter




Five vs Five Tag Team

Tiers/Format: OU UU NU LC Dubs




Registrations will open 1 hour prior to the tournament. Post your team here according to the format:


Team Name:
Team Tag:
Registered Players:

Team Captain:



Undella Town's Mansion Ch 5


First Place Prize

100M + [50,000RP] 

Donator Status 30 Days x5 + Motorcycle x5

+  Mystery Shiny Comp with a EggMove for Team Captain 


Second Place Prize

10M + [5,00RP]

Donator Status 30 Days x5 + Motorcycle x5


3rd Place Prize

5M + [2,500RP]

Donator Status 30 Days x5  + Motorcycle x5




ProfesorEinstein's Lab Assistants

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The same as Christmas, the time of the tournament for GMT players is dinner time and if it ends it new year, It would be better the day before.


Pasa lo mismo que en navidad,  muchas personas pasan el dia con sus familias, por lo que seria mejor un dia antes en mi opinion.


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 This event will be postponed until new notice
Unfortunately a important relative of Einstein died yesterday and that means a lot of expenses for him. Hope you guys understand the situation.

Christmas Event is still up. There will be a lot of mini tournaments

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