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[PSL XII] PokeMMO Super League 12 - Keep baton pass in LC Edition - Player Registration Thread

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Welcome to the twelfth PSL Player Registration thread. If you wish to participate as a player in the upcoming PSL season, please fill-up the following form:



Time Zone (GMT format):



  • IGN indicates what your in-game name is. This is the name you use for your character in PokeMMO.
  • Time Zone is the Time Zone for which you live. This helps managers better understand how and when they can communicate with you. Please post your timezone in GMT format. If I was living in California, my Time Zone would be GMT -8. If I was living in Hong Kong, my Time Zone would be GMT +8. If you have trouble figuring out what your Time Zone is in GMT format, this site can help or you can simply ask me.
  • Tiers indicates the PokeMMO tiers (OU, UU, NU, Doubles or LC) in which you are willing to play this season. Keep in mind that you will not be allowed to play in tiers you didn’t sign up for. This is to ensure managers do not force a player into a tier he/she doesn’t want to play and to protect all managers from dishonest player sign ups. If you do not specify which tiers you are willing to play, I will assume that you are willing to play in all tiers, even Doubles*.
  • Fluff is where you put any information you want in order to better your chances of getting picked in the auction.


Forum banned players can ask me directly if they wish to sign up for the event.


If you signed up to be a manager this season, you can also sign up as a player, you are even encouraged to do so since it will demonstrate how much you want to be involved. The manager registration thread will remain opened until November 24th. If you want to be a manager and haven’t signed up yet, I urge you to do so in the following days.


I understand managers have not been selected yet, so it might seem too early for some to sign up as players. However, the player sign up threads will remain opened until November 29th and selected managers will be announced a few days prior that deadline. Once the managers are selected, you can remove your player sign up if you do not wish to play for one of the selected managers.


Signing up as a player is a big commitment this season since it implies being willing to play up-to 2 duels every week for up-to 10 weeks.


Posts that are not player sign ups will be actively removed.

DEADLINE : 29 November 9 PM GMT

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IGN: Spaintakula

Time Zone: GMT+1

Tiers: OU UU

Fluff: Too much to write, but I definitively have played mmo constantly for the past 9 months and I definitively have an exact idea of the meta right now


E:Buy me for the memes and drama too

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