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Any tips for elite 4?

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It all depends on the pokemons you're using. Check if the team you're using is weak or strong against the E4 teams. Also their IVs and nature help a lot, but it's not necessary to be the best.
I'd recommend you to use pokemons with good speed and atk or sp.atk base, also to check if their moveset is the best for them. You can check for 5 essential points:

  • Check if your pokemons are strong in type against the team of the E4 member (for example, might not be the best idea to use a Dark type against Fighting type)
  • If they have stab moves (moves from the same type as they are get bonus on damage)
  • If their moves are physical or special, according to the best status of your pokemon (physical for atk, special for sp.atk)
  • If they have good coverage (one move of each type to cover weaknesses, for example a Ninetales with Energy Ball to cover its weakness against Water and Ground type).
  • If the moves they have are strong enough (example: Flamethrower is more powerful than Flame Burst)

If you pay attention to this, I'm sure you'll be able to beat the E4. Good luck! :)

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