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[PSL XII] PSL Season 12 - ban baton pass in lc Edition - Manager Registration Thread


Which manager you would like to play for?  

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  1. 1. Which manager you would like to play for?

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IGN: kloneman

Team: [BSDO] Bushido
Rank: Boss

Motivation: To win this thing

Competitive Accolades: Not really won much tournament wise, but I've got to the semis a couple of times in the past and won a couple of matches back in PSL 6.

Other stuff:

I've been playing this game now for over 7 years and I've seen the competitive scene evolve from the 3v3 format back in 2012, to the meta it is today. I may not be able to win tournaments by myself, but I know people and I know their strengths and weakness', and I'm certain that will lead my team to victory.

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IGN: Hopy

Motivation: Those who know me know I'm fully dedicated to anything I'm into. Gardevoirs & FRANCE A can testify it. Binding players together is what I'm really good at. Gotta win dis shit cuz it has my friend yetto in the name

Competitive Accolades: World Cup 2019 winner.

Other stuff: Drama maker & feeder, can cook, can make sig, 1. 

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IGN: Leviatharian

Motivation: Show the PSL I'm capable to Lead a Team like i did in World Cup already, sadly that's my first time playing psl (followed all others). I can provide help in Form of knowledge and pokes for all tiers.

Competitive Accolades: Being the Guy that gets into Finals and throw then :') 0/12 Finals streak hue

Other Stuff: professional Handball Player in a Top Club in Germany tho

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IGN: MauricioPochettino


Motivation: Looking for a new team after being fired by Tottenham and replaced by a man who has the personality of a soggy, disgruntled scrotum. If I can reach the Champion’s League final with a team whose budget is smaller than @Lvkee‘s wiener, imagine what I can do in PSL with 100 credits


Competitive Accolades:

- Choked a UCL final

- Choked an FA cup final

- Came 3rd in a two horse race for the Premier League Title


Fluff: Jan Vertonghen shagged Christian Eriksen’s wife #FuckMourinho #LevyOut 

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IGN: LifeStyle

Team: NORE (Boss)

Motivation: Huge EGO

Competitive Accolades: Look me up in HoF

Fluff: Blazikens were pretty good, Dank Express was a literal trainwreck, but I heard 3rd time's the charm. I won't signup as a player because I'm not here to play for these managers, I'm here to wipe the floor with them, especially DoubleJ (hi). Revived NORE from the ashes earlier this year and made it the #1 team in the game, in case you doubt I lack the vision and leadership skills for this job.

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