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Looking for the exact reward of money of gyms

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Hi im looking for the exact reward of money for each gym leader. This to see if its profitable to buy the amulet coin in 25k.

Anyone have the info of each reward without amulet coin?

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Buying the amuletcoin is very worth it.its only 25000.You can get that money back from the extra money u get after beating 6 gym leaders.

In 1 hour you can beat many more than 6 gyms.The faster you are at sweeping gyms the better the reward for 1 hour grind.

Check those guides for the reward data.

Route 13 unova old trainers 5400reward and 8100 with amuletcoin

Route 9 unova mart rich trainers around 4000 reward and around 6000 with amuletcoin.

They are top4 regular trainers for money.

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Someone also did the math on the amulet coin thread and it's more profitable to buy and use an amulet coin instead of doing a run without one. Can't find the old post but it's some solid math. It also makes more than the holdable coin did!

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