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Hi guys, 

my question is simple: i would like to ask you if in your opinion it is right that the ability "intimidate" works in the semi-invulnerable turn. I cannot find the sense in this because if a pokemon is for example under the ground ( dig) or under the sea ( dive ) or in the sky ( fly and bounce) it is over of the field and the confirmation of this my tought is given by the fact that moves as growl or tail whip don't work in the semi-invulnerable turn.

Maybe the sense of this doesn't exist and i ask you to prevent that the ability "intimidate"  works  in the semi-invulnerable turn. From a competitive point of view this factor is decisive for a move like bounce and i cannot accept it.

Please explain your point of view and vote if you agree or not to prevent this effect. 

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It's how it's worked since Gen 3, works like that even in sword and shield. Why would PokeMMO change mechanics for this one thing? Battle mechanics are the same as main series so yeah. 


If you look at it realistically, a Pokemon in the ground, up in the air or underwater can see/hear that the opponent switched their Pokemon out for a scary/intimidating one, and they will therefore be intimidated by the opponent. 


It's an ability while the things you compared it to were moves that would make sense to not be able to hit the opponent in those situations. 

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