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[PSL XII] PokeMMO Super League Season 12 - Keep baton pass in LC Edition - General Thread

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1 hour ago, DoubleJ said:

No showdown tiers. Cali is manager. And players are already pulling their names out of the auction. 


Good thing we've got 100m in prize money?!

Please tell me you were one of those people pulling there names out

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51 minutes ago, DaftCoolio said:

Please tell me you were one of those people pulling there names out

It's very much unlike me to retire on top. Gotta go full Kobe



Edited by DoubleJ
To exert my dominance ofc

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7 hours ago, Zigh said:

Just saw the manager selection, @FNTCZ don't dissapoint me and get a full S+ tier players

usually they underperform tho.

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Just now, SweeTforU said:

can anyone record the auction tomorrow? for some of us who can't make it

plz the auction is the only hype thing about psl


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Your Forums Auction. 


1. Bluebreath 17c to Mlhawk
2. Burntzebra 22c to Laz
3. Zhiko 65c to Frags
4. Kiwikidd 49c to RDL
5. Madarasixsix 41c to Laz
6. Zigh 41c to Mlhawk
7. Lkrenz 54c to Mat
8. Yettodie 40c to Julian
9. Mkns 58c to Luke
10. Elcoolio 26c to Mat
11. Sebat 25c to Cali
12. Elvesss 10c to Frags
13. NoWall 40c to Luke
14. Stelian 39c to Mlhawk
15. EpicVerde 38c to Laz
16. Jhowcrazy 13c to RDL
17. PoseidonWrath 15c to Julian
18. Rlotus 21c to Laz
19. Geto 48c to Cali
20. yeyoxd 37c to RDL
21. Kepzal 10c to Mat
22. Leviatharan 4c to Julian
23. moisessss 12c to RDL
24. Busso 23c to Luke
25. Sejuani 20c to Laz
26. NagaHex 20c to Cali
27. NecroSkullDark 9c to Julian
28. Santii 38c to Mat
29. AurumPegasus 71c to Cali
30. Makx 8c to RDL
31. lluvia 40c to Laz
32. Titoooo 7c to Frags
33. Titinn 14c to Frags
34. Cristi 15c to Luke
35. intimidoar 13cto RDL
36. SweetForU 25c to RDL
37. zeknshooter 4c to Cali
38. TheDrakeHope 8c to Laz
39. zAnderson 10c to Mat.
40. haazuu 10c to Mlhawk
41. Pachima 12c to Cali
42. Abstractt 12c to Mat
43. xLuneth 56c to Julian
44. Jasonsparrox 4c to Cali
45. ZDFire 51c to Mlhawk
46. Yosoyarca 35c to Frags
47. Xigbar 9c to Luke
48. Isperea 6c to Frags.
49. Redav 11c to Frags.
50. Umbramol 12c to Laz
51. Oltann 4c to RDL
52. Lunarck 9c to Luke.
53. Tawla 47c to Julian
54. makarovmaster 4c to Julian.
55. Toast 12c to Mat.
56. xondex 20c to Mlhawk 
57. yaritan 4c to Mlhawk.
58. Fabbroo 25c to Frags. 
59. Hopy 17c to Julian.
60. Miraizura 27c to Frags. 
61. samehada 6c to Luke.
62. OscarFail 39c to RDL
63. kiritox 6c to Laz.
64. camilakawaiichan 19c to Luke.
65. brianattackpro  4c to Cali.
66. dinofish 8c to Mat.
67. urquidi 4c to Mlhawk
68. Yangsam 14c to Mlhawk
69. Kamimiii 30c to Mat.
70. ahpool 12c to Cali.
71. xshandow 4c to Luke.


Edited by xStarr

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15 minutes ago, pachima said:

@gbwead I want explanations. You promised us the best of the best. Now the most unknown of the unknown. For this reason, I will fake my death.


Psl 13 when?

better than previous seasons

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Just now, Leviatharian said:

I'm not sure on that Amount tbh

Whether you state your credits or not, the minimum bid is 4c. Luke didn't. 

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