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LC PvP match making



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We have 8 matchmaking windows for UU every day and 8 matchmaking windows for NU everyday. Considering 64 players tournament in these tiers struggle to fill, it's very clear 8 matchmaking windows per day is excessive and there is no way our player base can sustain these matchmaking windows. UU and NU players can't find matches because they are a small group split between too many windows and, after failing repetitively to find a match, players just stop signing up.


If the 16 matchmaking windows were distributed evenly between UU, NU, LC and Doubles, each tier would have 4 matchmaking windows per day and imo there would be a much greater chance for the playerbase of each tier/format to find matches. 8 matchmaking windows for OU is working very well, so it's imperative imo that, if LC and Doubles matchmaking are added, it doesn't end up reducing the amount of representation OU currently gets.

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