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Actual Shiny Rates

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I recently have been thinking about doing my first shiny hunt and am aware that the shiny rate for non-premium users is 1/30,000. My question is are there any ways to improve these odds using various methods? I was reading on Bulbapedia that there are different methods that increase the chances of finding a shiny such as with the Masuda method and with chain fishing. I was wondering if there were any similar ways in this game to improve the odds?


Also are there ways to lower the encounter rate like group encounter of 5?



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The donator status ticket will change your odds to 1/27000, or 1/5400 hordes of 5, instead of 1/30000 or 1/6000 hordes of 5

There are no methods like Masuda, Chain fishing in PokeMMO.

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There are two ways to raise shiny rate in pokemmo, donator raises 10% and shiny charm raises player A who uses it 10%  and player B who dont use but be a teamate with player A 5%. Donator and shiny charm can work together. The max shiny rate you can have is 20%

in theory.

But shiny charm only works in 1 hour and it is expensive , there is small probability to meet a shiny even with 20% shiny rate in 1 hour, i think using shiny charm doesnt derserve.

If the pokemon you hunt has pure hordes, then just use leppa berries to hunt it shiny.I give you some probability statistics.


X5 pure hordes 

use 1     * 99 leppa berries, 3.24%    3.56%(donator)  3.72%(donator+shiny charm teamate) 3.88%(donator+shiny charm teamleader)

use 10   * 99 leppa berries, 28.1%    30.44%(donator)

use 30  * 99  leppa berries, 63.21%  66.71%(donator)

use 100 * 99 leppa berries ,96.31%  97.34%(donator)

I dont calcuate the case more than 1 *99 leppa berries with  shiny charm because you cant finish in 1 hour unless you keep using shiny charms,its luxurious.


X3 pure hordes 

use 10 * 99 leppa berries 9.43%      10.41%(donator)

use 30*  99 leppa berries 25.69%    28.10%(donator)

use 100*99 leppa berries 62.84%    66.71%(donator)

use 200*99 leppa berries 86.19%    88.91%(donator)  


If the pokemon you hunt has hordes but not pure, then you will meet the shiny not you want.

x3 hordes of Swablus  appear like 50% but x3 hordes Sigilyphs are rare in a sweet scent.


Then about the pokemon dont have any hordes,the efficient way is to breed it shiny from 2 non-shiny pokemon.by the way Zorua  is special. You can refer to the above data when breeding because as long as the number is same,the probability is the same , but in the same time, the x5 hordes  x3 hordes are more  efficienct .


Its relatively simple to hunt shiny pokemon with hordes, we have time and money cost expectations.Many players meet a shiny from x5 hordes within 100*99 leppa berries according to my observation,so  prepare such amount and just do it.


As for breeding a shiny, its huge cost and seems unreachable. I saw players breeding a shiny within 200 boxes(32.96% to get a shiny,its lucky) and cant breed a shiny over 500 boxes(63.21% to get a shiny), so be patient to breed shiny and keep it daily. One of my friends finally breeded a shiny Treecko after 4 months ,he is casual and breeded one boxes  almost every day(for me , i dont have that patience lol).


And i published an article about Shiny Rate is not Fair in forum before, the title is <Thoughts and Guesses on Shiny Judgement>,

I don't think my article is rigorous and corroborative since i dont know the underlying code implementation. you can have a read if intersted.


But only one thing i know about shiny is LUCK.


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