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Make Thief-type skills put the item into the player's Bag in PvE



Just a little suggestion I had in mind.

When you use thief and the opponent Pokemon is holding an item, it should go to your inventory instead of that Pokemon's held item.

- Sometimes I forgot that my Pokemon was holding an item.

- I might want to hold another item while farming for items. Like maybe a Macho Brace while I'm thieving Paras for mushrooms or maybe an Amulet Coin when I want to finish off the enemy with a pay day.

Not a big priority since I know more important things need to be done, but just an idea I had today.

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Here's the thing. Thief is a part of the meta-game in terms of competitive play. Some strategies depend on thieving a Leftovers or Choice Band from an opponent and then using said item.

If this idea were to be implemented, a simple if(battle = NPC) check would determine whether the item goes into the bag or onto the Pokemon.

However, there's a ton of other little convenience hotfixes that I'd want to see first that haven't been planned, yet. It's an alright suggestion, but I'd hang onto it until the future when the game is a little cleaner and fully developed.

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I was gonna make a new suggestion thread, but seeing as this is here:


I agree it should be implemented based on the fact that level differential effects your ability to thief effectively now. If you donate for an amnesia brace you can prevent leveling and having to make new thieves once yours starts breaking items. 


So for pros we have:

  • Encourages donation
  • Potentially saves TMs
  • More items potentially farmed, encouraging trade between players while helping keep the value of farm-able items such as mushrooms and star pieces  stable. 



Implementing this as a wild encounter effect only wouldn't hurt the comp aspect of the move as Atuan suggests. 


[spoiler]Dont bitch about me necroing a thread, you wouldve told me to "learn to search" otherwise, fgts. [/spoiler]

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Support this, +1. 


At the current rate, one main source of pokeyen income arise from the market of held items, which can briefly be categorized into the following methods:


1. Catching staryu (and shellder), whose conspicuous cons include the expenditure of the relatively pricy pokeballs. (200 yen a pokeball. If one were to do a statistical calculation to show the average rate of return from catching said pokemon for their respective held items, it's not difficult to see how big the role of pokeballs plays.)


2. Catching paras in the safari, which I believe remains as a decent method aside from its rng componenet which is inherent to the game anyway. 


3. Thief/Covet, main cons are obviously the need to keep finding pokes that have similar levels as the targets, since your "coveters"/"thieves" do level up after all.


4. Catching other held items, mains cons: unstable market



I agree to Alpha's proposal as it puts an end to the main cons of method 3, while providing more incentives for players to donate to the game. I don't see many cons aside from possible decrease of said item's price (probably not even a cons anyways in utilitarian perspectives) and a need to change from how the system works in handheld.

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