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Changelog: Halloween 2019 (30/10/2019)


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Changelog: 1/11/2019



  • Pumpking 2019 difficulty adjustments:
    • Broom Cookies will now clear the entire field of stat stage adjustments, instead of just the allied field
    • Wither stat stages will now take effect at the end of the turn, rather than immediately after skill damage
  • Reduced the amount of junk items from both Goodie Bag 2019 and Pumpking Goodie Bag 2019. These items now have additional consumables

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Stat display ordering in stat tooltips
  • Fixed broadcasts for several Halloween skill effects (Cat Cookie end, etc.)
  • Fixed an issue where a christmas item was available on new characters, and removed it from existing characters
  • Fixed a crash when starting battles
  • Fixed Greedy Gulp AI handling of faster targets
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