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[Screenshot] General Screenshot Megathread

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call me obsessive but i just REALLY enjoy the way that for the first 4 team channels on teamspeak, their number of subchannels goes in ascending order




1 subchannel, 2 subchannels, 3 subchannels, 4 subchannels!

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dude goes on a tirade about how destiny bond is banned ...not in tournament, but apparantly in ALL OF POKEMMO (never heard that one)[edit: just read self-ko clause.  fair enough, but isnt that tournament specific? anywho...]  then proceeds to spam double team.  i told him to suck me and fought thru it.  this was his reply





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some nigga screenshotted me in game and posted it on tumblr






[spoiler] also rae and i looked up this josh ramsay and



hello world this is me [/spoiler]

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