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[Screenshot] General Screenshot Megathread


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We will take over channel 2 and restore it to it's former glory once again!


was so good today though, for like a good hour it was just us talking in channel chat and the occasional random

~and in that moment i swear we were channel 2 regs~


also so we don't get too off topic- SCREENSHOTS (just gonna go through my puush account and pick out some fun staff ones)



(after announcing to channel chat that i was going to go pee)



(in which gizmo mistakes himself for desu)


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Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present you: Shiny Furret, the lesbian love scenes.

With ThinkNice and my Shiny female furrets.







[spoiler] damn I'm immature [/spoiler]


*Spoiler for the people who can't handle the language, and the racists.*


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