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[Screenshot] General Screenshot Megathread

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1 hour ago, LegendP said:




On 1/11/2017 at 10:54 PM, awkways said:



Not sure if this is a bug or just bad


Why you crop me out of my own post D:

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Just now, awkways said:


Why you crop me out of my own post D:

nope, indeed, i take that ss xd

Edited by LegendP

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I did the unthinkable! I made Nurse Joy turn right!!




(I am sure any GM has the ability to make her turn in any direction)

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It's been 97 turns... that's what happens when your brain farts and you just refuse to give up. f damn treecko one shots my alt's starter and heals his whole hp back up. 4* weakness to absorb will haunt my nights from now on.


**blissey is loafing around**




Edited by FNTCZ

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2 hours ago, Anonkun said:

Gather ALL Unown shapes - CHECK



Find WILD Rayquaza - CHECK



Find WILD Mewtwo - CHECK



Complete FULL Pokedex - CHECK



Can we all just agree that I am Pokemon Master ? :)



Error404: No Officials found 

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