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please tellme it's comp

I am careful to confirm that, as the standards for comps are high and the terms "comp" or "semi-comp" seem to be slightly overused for (selling) shinies.
I may say, that if it did not turned out shiny, I would bred it again, but then again, I tend to exaggerate when breeding comps.
It is good enough to be used in a tourney (even if it is only once due to the easier scouting...)

I also have to continue the story of the "Bearuminati" here

I caught a shiny Spearow as the last member of a horde and told my teammates about it.



Appearently, by doing so, I passed on the "virus" to a member of our team, as one set out to catch a shiny Pikachu, and did so less than one hour later

So, you now need to get infected by him I believe ... or how else does this work bearminator? :3

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