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[MOD] PokeMMO - Radio Horror Show (Android Supported!)

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PokeMMO: Radio Horror Show


What's This?
The various radio stations around the world have begun broadcasting their annual Radio Horror Shows!
If you're not afraid of getting spooked, turn on your radio and head into any town!
Almost every town has it's own station, so there's plenty of
creepy stories to hear!
Are you brave enough to
tune in?

List of Radio Horror Shows:


Kanto Stations:
Cinnabar Island - The Willoughby Obsession
Lavender Town - The Club of Dead Men
Pallet Town - How Did You Get My Name?
Cerulean / fuchsia - Love And The Lonely One
Celadon - Hands Off
Vermilion - The Porch Light
Viridian / Pewter / Saffron - The Telltale Heart
One/Two/Three Island Town Area - Late Special
Four/Five Island Town Area - The Body Snatchers
Six/Seven Island Town Area - The Stone Ship

Hoenn Stations:
Petalburg - Last Visit
Oldale / Lavaridge - Ringing The Changes
Fortree - The Devil's Backbone
Verdanturf - Where Do We Go From Here?
Rustboro / Mossdeep / Mauville - No Admittance, No Exit
Littleroot - Welcome To Homerville
Lilycove / Pacifidlog - Deadly Developments
Evergrande City - The Room
Dewford - Wind Chill
Slateport - The Repossession
Fallarbor - Mkara
Sootopolis - Breaking Point
Battle Frontier - All Nighter

Unova Stations:
Nuvema Town - Gerald
Accumula Town - Child's Play
Lacunosa Town - The Thinking Room
Undella Town - The Old Post Road
Striaton City - Mr. Agostino
Nacrene City - Harris And The Mare
Castelia City - Angel of Death
Nimbasa City - This One Will Kill You
Driftveil City - Lazarus Ring
Mistralton City - Safe In The Arms of Jesus
Icirrus City - After Sunset
Opelucid City - From My Appointed Place Below


Download Link:
PokeMMO: Radio Horror Show: (http://www.mediafire.com/file/7g730cbenwzu044/PokeMMO_-_Radio_Horror_Show.zip/file)


Instructions (Desktop):

-Download the .zip file

-Don't extract it.

-Open PokeMMO folder, go into "data" and then into "mods".

-Drop it there.

-Launch PokeMMO, go to "Mod Management" and checkmark it!

Instructions (Android):

-Download the .zip file

-Don't extract it.
-Place the .zip file in an easy to remember location. Make sure it's in the same storage location that the PokeMMO Android Client is installed in (usually your Phone's Internal Storage.)

-Open PokeMMO. Once at the login screen, click the Settings icon in the top right corner. Click "Mod Management."

-Press the blue "Import Mod" button at the bottom of your screen. 
-Locate and select the .zip file from the pop-up menu. It may take a few minutes for the mod to be imported.
-Once the mod is imported click the Save icon on the top right of your screen and restart PokeMMO.

I hope you enjoy this mod c:

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