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Easiest Pokemon to get a 5x31 or 6x31?

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I'd say making any pokemon 5/6x31 takes the same amount of work. If you want something the 'cheapest' I'd just go for something that is 5k gender and maybe field egg group or something equally as popular 

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Water B / Dragon Egg groups due to the ease of capture for Magikarp means it is likely the cheapest if you are purchasing off of the GTL.
So things like Hydreigon, Dragonite, Gyarados, Salamence, Milotic, Lanturn etc would be fairly easy to make from GTL breeders.

Any pokemon in an egg group with 100% catch rate and an easy catch chance (stuff like Rattata / Pidgey) would be easy to make yourself from 1x31 breeders you caught.
but objectively speaking it's probably safe to say that anything that can use magikarps is currently the "easiest" i'd imagine.

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