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[Tutorial] Adding a custom log-in background

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I've seen a few people asking how to add your own custom background when you log-in, so I have decided to make a guide.


Start by finding your PokeMMO folder. If you can't remember where you put it, like me, I right click the icon I have on my desktop and press 'open file location'. In the PokeMMO folder go to data then themes and select what theme you would like to give a custom background to.


You should be seeing something like this-





Using Notepad ++, or normal Notepad should do, edit gfx to include


<images file="res/background.png">
        <area name="login-background" xywh="*"/>


Like so-



Then edit the main widgets to include


<theme name="logingui">
        <param name="background"><image>login-background</image></param>


Like so-



Save the picture you would like to use as the background as a png in the res folder and name it 'background' and there you go!


Also reminder that themes are currently not supported on Android.

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6 hours ago, BrotherGrim said:

Is there a way to restore the default (no roms loaded) background of the animated sky? I see that there are three bg_0x.png files in /textures

i dont think so bro... the mostly alike would be put that sky as a fixed background, without the animation

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mine doesnt work. it just crashed due to error. where did i go wrong? can you please make a tutorial video on how to do it properly please. we would all appreciate it. :D

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