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Hide & Seek w/ Zen (Sunday, 20th October)

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Date: Sunday, 20th October 10pm UTC // 11pm BST // 6pm EDT Time Zone Converter


Prize: 7d8257514e4e1bc8b3feff7618c13e74.png 100 Reward Points x2 per round (10 rounds).


Explanation: I will hide in different places around Unova. There will be 10 rounds and the first player to find and send me a trade request will win that round. I will announce a hint at the beginning of each round followed by two more hints if needed to help players find the location. This will take place on Channel 2 and I will communicate in Channel chat throughout the duration of the event. 



  • The hosts will always be hiding in Channel 2.
  • Event-related information will be shared via Channel Chat.
  • The host hiding will announce at the start of each round that they are ready to be found. From that point, players will be able to search for the hosts.
  • The first player to stand next to the current hiding staff member and send a trade request to the hidden staff member will win the round.
  • Access to any and all currently accessible in-game areas may be required.
  • Any attempt to cheat in any way will result in disqualification.



Host: LeZenor

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