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Any old school players still around?

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4 minutes ago, XelaKebert said:

How do you think I feel man? I started playing when I was 24.

that is huge relief, i was always under da’ impression that I was like the oldest person out of everyone i has met here over the years lol

31 minutes ago, Gilan said:

I can't believe I've been with this game for nearly a quarter of my life...

i remember when I first met u

goodtimez ~

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Came back to check this place out after seeing Temtem release. How is the game these days?


Edit: After logging in and seeing that friends list I need to find that ninja chopping onions. So many names I had forgotten, good times were had... If anyone's playing temtem you can catch me on discord. Onix095#0095

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Technically this moogle is from 2013. 
so am I old school? 
then I got busy with pro. 
but I’m back! ^~^

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