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Get girlfriend in pokemmo

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46 minutes ago, pachima said:




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Im shy

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cause its what squirrels are


Aw don’t worry pachi I’ll be sure to set you up with a hot shiny pachirisu when sinnoh comes out

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17 hours ago, Raichuforyou said:

let's not


17 hours ago, Bestfriends said:

Love can get in the way of doing accomplishments. Thus, I cannot have a girlfriend at the moment (for any women, please don't flirt with me thanks).


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Also, when it comes to love life, it is best to date people in real life so you can enjoy the dinner together.


I have to agree with you here.


10 hours ago, Tyrone said:

>Found gf on pokemmo

>no longer has gf

>2/10 would not recommend


9 hours ago, Bearminator said:

Tip.1 - dont

Tip. 2- if you really really really think its good idea, whatever u do dont spam "if ur girl message me" on global

I think we covered the whole topic here, since this thread is more offtopic than offtopic sometimes was, I will close it.

I wish you all luck in finding love, tho.

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