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So, Johto probably wont ever happen?

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56 minutes ago, Roundabout said:

With Platinum being implemented, we should have acess to all mons from gen 1-5. That being said, are there any plans on implementing HG/SS at some point, even through it wont add any new mons?

While you wait, you can catch the Johto Starters in the Hoenn Safari after you defeated the Elite Four.

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If the only reason to add a region was to add new pokemon they could have just added the rest of gen4 poke and not bother adding sinnoh.

After all they added alot of gen4 poke in bw1 and those pokemon were not there in the original game.


In any case it always took around 2-3 years to add a new region.So theres no point in waiting for johto right now when sinnoh is not out yet.

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If Johto ever was brought to the table among the devs, I think it would make the most sense to use the region as a field for pure custom content (Sort of like the dungeons or other possible pve content), since it's relatively a small region (If we exclude the future Kanto), and it adds little to the table as the johto dex is already completed.

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