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[ÐE] 3rd Anniversary -Tournament Week- From 21.10.19 until 27.10.19

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>>>Making this thread a bit earlier to collect donations and TO SHARE further information. If new information are known <<<


For round about 3 years, 3 players ( @ShikaMika @BlizzardGG, the last person is not playing this game anymore ) gathered up to found a beautiful little german team. To honor this moment, our team want to celebrate with all of you.


We planed a whole week full of PVE or PVP tournaments each day.  While this week, each pvp tier (Dubs, Lc, Ou, Uu, Nu) will be hold and of course pve events (like catch events, hide&seek ...) too.


The schedule for each event can be found here. 


Our team is accepting all kinds of donations for all tournaments. As team leader, I will promise that every single donation will be listed and will fully go to prizes for the tournaments.


To donate, just find me in-game (most at Verm Ch2) or just send me a mail with your money.

IGN: BlizzardGG or IGN: GodKingEsranius


Current Donations:
@Esranius - 10M

@BlizzardGG - 10M

@WildHodor - 5M + Comp Prizes

@CaptnBaklava - 5x Purple Firework + 5x31 Butterfree




21.10.19: ???
22.10.19: ???
23.10.19: ???
24.10.19: ???
25.10.19: ???
26.10.19: ???
27.10.19: ???




Total: 25M + Comp Prizes + Comp

We planed to collect all the donations and to distribute them among all tournaments.

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15 hours ago, CaptnBaklava said:

Who to send some donations to? 


Edit: to early seen it will give you some stuff 

thx for supporting this event

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