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Flying High (Sunday, 15th September) - 1ST ANNIVERSARY CATCH EVENT

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Dream_Lemonade_Sprite.png       'Flying High' - Simply Lëmonadë 1st Anniversary Catch Event       Dream_Lemonade_Sprite.pnguU2YHAy.gif


To celebrate the first year anniversary of Team SimplyLemonade [LËM], all team members are invited to take part in the below event to celebrate and wish that the team continues to 'fly high' over the course of the next year.


Date & Time

Sunday, 15th September 2019 - 8PM UTC// 9PM BST // 4PM EST - Time Zone Converter



Dragonspiral Tower (Inner Room), Unova, Ch1



1 hour for catching

Another 10 minutes for players to submit entries



Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus = Total Score



     Pokemon accepted as valid entries     






(Adamant: +5 Points)

(Jolly: +3 Points)



Only members of Team LËM are allowed to join this event.

To win this event you must submit an entry that scores the highest score total.

Your entry must be caught within the time of the event is held.

Your entry must be unchanged (untrained/unevolved).

Your entry has to be your OT.

You can only submit 1 Pokemon as entry.

If a score tie occurs ,the winner will be determined by the earliest catch time.



415b0738a4a61f6ab6a9b6eed1ba3ff5.png 1st Place Prize


SHINY Golurk

 (donated by @CupidOfSorrow)


9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png 2nd Place Prize



d06d221b538688a420279d9d2181710f.png 3rd Place Prize



All other participants will receive 50 Leppa Berries such that no participants leave empty handed :)



Lin00b Supreme Leader (Linfanz)

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