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[GUI] Inspiración - Theme

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Tema Inspiracíon


ScreenShots :







Como instalar:


■ Extraer el contenido del RAR en PokeMMO/data/themes/

■ Reiniciar Pokemmo

■ ir a ajustes y seleccionar la pestaña "interfaz"

■ en "Tema" seleccionar el tema Inspiración


How to install:


■ Extract RAR content in PokeMMO/Data/Themes/

■ Restart PokeMMO

■ Go to settings and select the "interface" tab

■ in "Theme" select the theme Inspiración



Descarga / Download



Espero que les guste!

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This is my all time favorite theme i've ever used! Tysm! ♥ Unfortunately you cant even see the "♥" symbol with this theme on and i use that so much that i cant bring myself to continue with this still very wonderful theme ♥

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