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Five Men Tag Team - September (7th Saturday)

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Tournament Mode | Single Battle | Unlimited Players | 6v6 



Date & Time

Saturday, 7th September |  1PM EDT | Check your time zone --> Time Zone Converter



Five vs Five people Tag Team

Tiers/Format: OU UU NU LC Dubs



Registrations will open 30 minutes prior to the tournament. 

Registration Format:


Team Name:
Team Tag:
Registered Players:




Team Name: Laboratory Staff 
Team Tag: Lab 
Registered Players: Cali, drdrayyy, Haazuu, Kamowanthere, ProfesorEinstein

You can Find people to play in our discord



Undella Town's Mansion Ch 5



First Place Prize

15M + [2,500RP] +

Full Set Ghost Purging Outfit, Ecto Goggles, Proto Pack x5

+ HeartScale x500 + PvPMysteryBox x25


Second Place Prize




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As usual looking for people to play with. 

Not going to try hard I play for fun ^^ Can play OU/UU/NU but am irrelevant in all 

Dm me on discords as I might not log until then x)

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On 9/5/2019 at 3:45 PM, NzAdam said:

Yo, i never played tag team, how does it work?

You play as a team, 5 people 

One tier each

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Looking for a 5th member for the following team:

  1. Luke
  2. Madara
  3. Gbwead
  4. TheDrakeHope

If someone is interrested to play with us, please pm one of us.


edit: nvm found a 5th

Edited by gbwead

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Nombre del equipo: RË1


Etiqueta: RË1


Jugadores: Guillex-IIChelo-jorgefirebolt-Xigbaar-Danaeh

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zacmorales no show

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Team: 2 Cute 4 U

Team Tag: 2c4u

Registered Players: Spxter, zgdn, OtoukiO, Kepzal, AllureYou

Edited by Spxter

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TEAM NAME: Cheat Engine Is On


REGISTERED PLAYER: Brianattackpro (Ou) , Urquidi(Uu), conever(Nu),Oscarfail(Lc), josuefeng(Dubs)

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team name  jungle monkey 

team tag jm

player  ou souu,(uu) jakiromax (nu),camilakawaiichan (dubs),mspinguino(lc,)cuervosabio 

Edited by mspinguino

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team name: Not SIA

team tag : SIA

player : OU: luke UU: madarasixsix NU: tawla dubs: gbwead  lc : thedrakehope

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TEAM NAME: Hunters Pro Extreme


REGISTERED PLAYER: jorgemaximo(Ou), RHENOR(Uu), Magdalenav(Nu), MaximoLatino(Lc), gerardowa(Dubs)


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Team Name: Hanauta Sancho
Team Tag: HSO

Registered Players: ZeknShooter (OU), Aldahirramirez (UU), ArturoXZ (NU), PoseidonWrath (DUBS) Lazaaro (LC)

Edited by ZeknShooter

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