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Monotype's Festival - September (Sunday 1st)

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Art by. BlueberryBlanket (Smogon)




Tournament Mode | Single Battle | Unlimited Players | 6vs6 Monotype



Date & Time

Sunday, 1st September

Starting at 3PM EDT | Check your time zone --> Time Zone Converter



For this tournament you will need to make a monotype team, this can include dual type Pokemon as long as one of their types is consistent with the type you have chosen. For example; Pelipper, Kabutops, Kingdra, Ludicolo, Jellicent, Swampert( Hello Drayton)  would make up a monotype team because they all share Water typing.

There will be 8 Tournaments, one in each room following the order. 

We will take 10mins of break between tournaments



Registrations will open 30 minutes prior to the tournament. You must post here your IGN.



Route 10 - Badge Check Gates Ch1 - Unova

We will be meeting outside of the first gate





Rooms Order:


  1. Fire / Grass / Water
  2. Normal
  3. Bug
  4. Electric
  5. Ground
  6. Flying
  7. Ice
  8. Dragon

First Place Prize


1M+ XmasPresentsx5 + Life orbx1


Second Place Prize

250k+ XmasPresentsx5


Hosted by ProfesorEinstein Lab, join our discord

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