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OU + UU + NU Tag Tournament, 3 HOURS FROM NOW

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Trainer Hill (North of Mauville, Hoenn), Ch1

11PM EST Sept. 4


3 Players per team

Standard OU, UU, and NU Rules

Players can switch tiers between rounds






3x halloween full set

Heart scales x300

1500 rp

pvp mystery box x15




Heart scales x300



To register, One person from each team pm me (IGN Cali) IGNS, or post IGNS here Signups open 30 min before the start of the tour

Ex of signup:

Team name: Cali-T

Players: Cali, Sebat, Randompersonfromstreet

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Team name: CheatEngineOn

Players: XXJorelXX, OscarFail, Brianattackpro

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Team name: Os Manos do Mano Menezes

Players: LelouchZeroo,LightSoulz,SenhorDNS

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