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Torneo Untiered / Untiered Tournament / 31 Agosto

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Organizador: BakaSuraDX


Torneo Untiered:

-Sábado 31 Agosto / 9:00pm México,Perú y Colombia - 10:00pm Chile y Venezuela - 11:00pm Argentina



-Max 2 Walls.

-Lugar: Isla Tera Canal 4



1er Lugar: Tentacruel Shiny Semicomp + Afro + Cloyster 5x31 +Natu and MoveEgg.

2do Lugar: Ocarina ( A pedido ) + Set Elfobot (Lucha,Acero,Siniestro,Veneno o Hielo).

3er Lugar: Crobat 5x30+natu.


1er Puesto: EvilFenix

2do Puesto: aldahirramirez

3er Puesto: Hernjet


Nota: Los eventos realizados son para los miembros del team.


Organizer: BakaSuraDX


Untiered Tournament:

-Saturday August 31 / 9:00pm México,Perú and Colombia - 10:00pm Chile and Venezuela - 11:00pm Argentina



-Max 2 Walls.

-Place: Kin Island Channel 4



1st Place: Tentacruel Shiny Semicomp + Afro + Cloyster 5x31 +Natu and MoveEgg.

2nd Place: Ocarina ( To order ) + Set Elfobot (Fight,Steel,Dark,Poison o Ice).

3rd Place: Crobat 5x30+natu.


1st Place: EvilFenix

2nd Place: aldahirramirez

3rd Place: Hernjet


Note: The events performed are for team members.

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