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Which team are you in ?  

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18 hours ago, JIceJDragon said:

uwanna trade me some then :P

Don't have enough stardust on me, maxed my out 100 IV Giratina as much as I could before uninstalling, + might come back someday in future, just not now.


17 hours ago, SirAlbert said:

Cool thread! I play decently regularly, feel free to add me. My IGN is FightOnHenry


1950 5595 6043

Added to main list.

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Those pikachu are creepy, you shouldn't catch them.

I'm going to add some of you guys. Also you can PM me to get my code if you'd like/send me yours if I didn't add you. I don't feel much like posting it on here.

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Got back into PoGo few days ago, anyone else playing as well ?

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nvm lol I uninstalled again .-.
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