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Sooo how exactly does IV/EV(?) training work?

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I'm not new to the pokeman scene, just never once bothered to get into those mechanics cause I never really cared.

But I'll try to keep it simple.

Say I wanna train a Charmander(and eventually Charizard) for maximum Atk, Sp Atk, and Speed. Those 3 stats focused on only. How would I do that, as cheaply as possible? And ideally without the frankly ridiculous endless cycle of breeding and hatching.

I caught wind somewhere that "Fighting Rattata makes your pikamon faster" and I was like 'wut' so is it really that simple? Just fight [pokemon] for guaranteed stat boosts?


Note: This is not for PvP. Just PvE.

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To elaborate on what Teddi said, each Pokemon you defeat yields specific EV(s) for every Pokemon that participated in battle against it (or had an exp share). The in-game pokedex tells you which EV(s) a Pokemon yields. The most efficient way to EV train is by using hordes, and I'll link two guides for that ^_^ if you're done with the story, here's the guide that'd help the most:


If you haven't unlocked access to every single location yet, here's a horde guide with all the EV yields for each horde:


Good luck!

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3 hours ago, SneakyTeddi said:


EV is a simple mechanic but there's a lot that can be explained. It's easier if you go to this guide for example:

There's others on our guide section:



I hope this will help! ^^

Unrelated to this thread topic, where's a good spot to ask for advice on PvE stuff, building my team right and all non-comp stuff? I don't wanna spam General Discussions every time I have a question. Unless they just go here.


Thanks you 2. Cleared it up for me.

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