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Vicanhson's Shop [Training Services]

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Welcome to my shop!



Training Services:


Currently: Closed!



How it works (classic order):

  1. Send your order to 'Vicanhson' in game via the mailing system with all infos (EV Spread, Level Needed, Moves it learns while leveling that you want & moves you want to keep).
  2. I will do your order when it's your turn.
  3. I will send you back the order when it's done


EV Training:

I currently offer a full training (510 EVs) for free but cannot guarantee a return date*.



I currently offer the leveling of your pokemon to the lvl.50 for free. I still cannot guarantee a return date*.


Important Notes:

  • For the few Pokemons that evolve later like Hydreigon, I can also do it but you need to contact me before sending it since I will always prioritize regular orders first. Same goes for LC/Little Cup Pokemons.
  • I currently do not offer leveling to lvl.100 because of the time it takes. It may change in the future but do not count on it.
  • I do not offer Amnesia Brace training for now.
  • When you send your Pokemon(s), you accept potential delay due to a large number of orders or random problems I may have IRL that are out of my control. You can see all the current orders below and if something happens IRL, I will close my shop and do the orders when possible or return the Pokemons to their owners**.
  • Four pokemons maximum by order are accepted. When those are done and sent back, you can order once again.
  • The spread, moves, nature and all other characteristics of your Pokemons will be kept private. I do not share with anyone any specific infos about the orders I receive.
  • I am not the fastest trainer there is, please be patient with me.


Current Orders:

  1. Leviatharian

Past Customers:

  1. Spxter: 2 Orders
  2. Kloneman: 2 Orders
  3. Joud: 2 Orders
  4. BartekDolar: 1 Order
  5. Leviatharian: 1 Order
  6. MoreAlphaThanYou: 1 Order


*: I can usually do the training fast but if I get many orders, it's first come first serve.

**: Unless I die, in that case, sorry I guess lmao.

PS: I always accept donation but do not feel obligated to donate.


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Posted (edited)

Little Update.


I will be way slower than before as of now. I want to focus a bit more on my life and also other stuff like reading, movies and shows so I do not count on me for a fast training. I won't give approximation or anything of the sort but for real, do not expect me to get your mons ready quickly.


@Leviatharian your order will still be completed tomorrow morning.

Edited by Vicanhson

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49 minutes ago, Spxter said:

thats sad vica damn @kloneman he was a great ev service 

As soon as I feel like playing again the shop will be back for all.

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