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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone! I have decided to start up my own competitive team, that I decided to call “Pokemon Aura”. You have maybe seen me else where here on the forums as SirGaryOak, in game with the character name LeGaryOak or on the PokeMMO TeamSpeak as LeGaryOak. I want this team to be consisting of competitive players only, but a few layed back shiny traders who have some interest in competitive play will be allowed here as well. This forum page is the continuing of our old forum page, and is made to improve the old one. First of all we will have a lot more space than we used to, on the old page I barely had any space to add achievements along will all the other stuff I wanted. Second of all this forum account will be shared between me and the officers, so it can updated more frequently and well just to make it all more baldsmooth. We do not recruit anymore. Anyway, if you would still like to join...
  2. You should be allowed to temporarily borrow an individuals pokemon in different intervals such as 1 battle or maybe even 5 battles. Or until the trainer wants the pokemon back. Time limits could work also. Once the time is up the pokemon could be transported back into the party if there is needed space if not it can be sent to the available pokemon box. Just thought it would be a nice idea.
  3.     (Get it? It's a play on words. Tale of Orre - Tale of Awe)   Parts:  Prologue The Plot Begins     Story will be uploaded whenever written (Writer's Block)
  4. hi im pretty new to the community here but i like writing so i figured i may as well ^_^   [spoiler] It was the morning of my thirteenth birthday, and everything was normal on Cinnabar Island. I sat up in my bed to check what time it was, only to find my Vulpix had been sleeping with me again (I don't really mind it when she does, but I still find it a bit unexpected.) Still feeling a littly sleepy, I sluggishly went downstairs into the living room of my house because I knew I'd have a big day ahead of me. My mother greeted me the way she always greets me on my birthday. "My-my, you're getting older than I thought if it took you that long to wake up!" She said in a joking manner. "Can I go visit dad at work today?" was my reply. "Sure, just don't cause him too much trouble!" My mom called out as I shut the door behind me. My name is Emily. I have just turned thirteen today. My father works at the local lab doing research on Pokemon eggs. My first (and only) Pokemon is my beloved Vulpix whom I've had since I was seven years old, and she's been a good friend ever since. Occasionally I go to the gym to watch Blaine fight trainers who challenge him. Most of the time he wins, but it's amazing when there's somebody who beats him![/spoiler]   i can write more if anyone wants me to i probably will anyways though!
  5. Hey guys I just wanted to update everyone on my new series which has brought me here. Seeing as Pokemon was a big part of my childhood and something I still love (I sometimes wish my parents hadn't persuaded me that I would grow out of having pokemon painted all over my walls so I may as well go with something else) I wanted to share the experience with my subscribers and found two awesome pokemon games I could play on the PC. One being pokemmo and the other being pokemon3D. I played an episode of both and overall it seems that PokeMMO came out on top meaning that here I am with a second episode to share with you guys! I have posted both of the videos below and will keep this thread upadted when more are released, feel free to give me tips and suggestions of things I should look at and cover in the series and anything that could help me out it would be much appreciated Anyway I hope you enjoy! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zbY6oqPANA[/media] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDkS2P_v9hM[/media]
  6. I just thought I'd link people who may be interested here on the forums to 2 PokeMMO Let's Plays that just started. The first one is done by myself, ElSulca, and is more of a compilation of gameplay highlights. The link to that is here: http://youtu.be/WyEsVlXYTC0 The second one is done by my friend, TannerTheBananer, and is a more in depth play through of PokeMMO. The link to that is here: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHSZT9iSKPc"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHSZT9iSKPc[/url] Feedback, positive or negative, is much appreciated
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