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Found 1 result

  1. Hiya I'm Bubbly!~ Nice to meet y'all reading this topic!~ I created this for people who want to start making signatures!~ It's a topic where sig makers help newbies make their very own sigs! Please help me by helping others!~ By posting helpful links tutorials and the likes here!~ <3   Tutorial 1: Adding shining text! [spoiler]   (This took surprisingly long to make)   Shining text tutorial!~   Step 1: So here we have our sig, with no animation edits at all!~ [spoiler]   [/spoiler]   Step 2: Next we create a new layer, this layer must be 1 layer above the text, no more no less. Now we decide on what color we would like for the shine!~ I chose a grayish silver! Then we just paint a mark, it must be much bigger than the line of text, horizontally of course! make it sort of thing. [spoiler] [/spoiler] Step 3: Now we add a clipping mask! Again make sure the clipping mask is exactly above the text layer you wish to make shine! [spoiler] [/spoiler] Step 4: So now the paint you just did should look invisible! Wow! See for yourself, grab it with the cursor tool and pull it across the text, see? It's just low opacity! [spoiler] [/spoiler] Step 5: Here comes the tricky part! Next we need to create an animation so we need to click the create frame animation button! it should be at the bottom of your photoshop page! [spoiler] No Picture needed here, you should have no trouble finding the button!~ it's pretty obvious!~ [/spoiler] Step 6: Now, grab your mark you painted for the text shine and put it just out of sight! then we need to make a new animation frame by click this little button in the top right corner of the animation timeline! Then we simply click on the new animation frame in the timeline and drag the mark you made for the shine over the text and to the very end of the text! [spoiler] [/spoiler] Step 7: Then we need to click back onto the 1st animation frame and click that little button that looks like heaps of dots on the bottom of the timeline toolbar! It's right next to the next frame button which is next to the play button You should come up with an options menu asking you some options and what not! I normal set my frames to a slow speed like 30! (Note I add a few more frames to delay the text shine, do this by clicking on the first image and clicking the lots of dots button and adding some frames in there!) [spoiler] [/spoiler] Step 8: Remember to press forever in the little menu in this picture to loop the shining textbefore you save your animation! Big text because it's important... [spoiler] [/spoiler] Step 9: Remember to save it for web! don't do save as or a normal save, click "save for web" this way it'll save as a gif and there you should be able to check options such as the size, forum signatures are normally W500 by H200 Pixels!~ <3   AND WE'RE DONE!~ <3 GOOD JOB!~ I HOPE THIS HELPED!~ <3   And this is the end product!~ <3 [/spoiler]   Tutorial 2: (Requested by MtheGod)   Making a sig, from scratch.   [spoiler]   Making a sig, from scratch.     Step 1: First we open Photoshop, then create a new image, we'll want to make it 500x200 pixels because that's the biggest size we can use for sigs!~ [spoiler] [/spoiler] Step 2: Now that we have our blank image we want to unlock the first layer, so we can do what we want with it, do this by clicking that little lock on the layer in the layer menu to the right of the screen. [spoiler] No image needed here :/ [/spoiler]   Step 3: Now find the images you need for the image, if your going to include a character find the character first and then a background image that fits in with the character (try to take into account art style and such) I'm doing this sig for HertzAhoi and he requested a shiny greninja so I'll be using this picture. Make sure the image will fit nicely though, overly large images may loose some quality through cropping, make sure to take your time cropping so you get it just right. [spoiler] [/spoiler] Step 4: Now to crop the image, here's my end result of cropping, make sure you place the image in a spot on the sig that will leave plenty of space for text and your team name and whatever else you want in the image, to move the image over to the sig simply click and drag on it over to the sigs tab, then place it on the image. at the moment it may be a bit large or too small but fear not! It's time to crop! [spoiler] [/spoiler] Step 5: Once you have fitted the image to the sig to suit your liking like so. [spoiler] [/spoiler]   Step 6: Then we add a background!~ Keep in mind the background as mentioned above should co exist with the colors, art style of the character in the sig, they don't have to match them, but they should at the very least make the sig look good, a good background frames the sig basically. Something like this and again you must crop it so it makes it look good, but it doesn't have to fit inside the sig, the background can be larger than the sig if you like, this may help with quality for larger backgrounds!~ <3 (I changed my character image halfway through background deciding, because it didn't fit with the background.) [spoiler] [/spoiler] Step 7: Now we have to choose a font!~ Make sure to choose something that looks nice and doesn't look out of place in the signature!~ There are some great sites to go font hunting online, personally I use http://www.dafont.com/ as it has a wideish range, I still find their a bit lacking though. [spoiler]   [/spoiler]   Step 8: Congratulations!~ You've finished your sig!~ Here's the result of our work!~: [spoiler] [/spoiler] You should add shining text by following tutorial one if you would like!~ :3   I hope this tutorial was helpful!~ <3 Please leave a comment or whatever and tell me what tutorial you'd like next!~ <3   [/spoiler]     More tutorials to come just request more!~ <3 If you all find them helpful I might start tutorial videos!~ :3 FAQ: [spoiler] How do I open the animation/timeline window?: To open the animation timeline, go to windows then click "timeline" [/spoiler]
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