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Found 1 result

  1. ~ Villa Gathering III ~ You're invited to participate in the third unofficial team tournament hosted at the Undella estate ~ Reigning Champions ~ Asgard Warriors Specifics 5 Tier Team Tournament OU UU NU LC DUB 16 Teams | 6v6 | Tournament Mode Duels Single Elimination | Bronze Match ⬛ Location The Villa, Undella Town - Channel 5 ◼️Date & TimeSunday, March 17th 15:00 EDT | 19:00 UTC Time Zone Converter ◾ RegistrationFriday, March 15th 15:00 EDT | 19:00 UTC Time Zone Converter▪️All participants must be registered - Only those enrolled may competeThe order of enrollment will determine the bracket Should they wish to compete, reigning champions are consider enrolled for the sake of defending their title At the time of registration, submit your team's information in the provided format Team Name: Team Tag: Registered Players: Team Captain's IGN/Forums Account: (I will be contacting each team captain directly regarding the tournament's administration) The number of registered players should not exceed 15 Posts should not be edited after the tournament has begun Details ◾ Players battle as teams (5 at a time) | Teams can switch out which members compete between rounds ◾ During battle, teams will stand in columns facing their opponents ▪️ The first spot of the column will be an OU match ▪️ The second spot will be an UU match ▪️ The third spot will be a NU match ▪️ The fourth spot will be a LC match ▪️ The fifth spot will be a Doubles match ◾ Once your match is called, your team will have 10 minutes to attend ◾ Disconnecting during a match will result in disqualification ◾ When there is a tie (2-2) and the fifth match takes over an hour, the host may decide the outcome of the duel ▪️ - 1st Place Prize - 3M & TM87 for each of the 5 champions ◾ - 2nd Place Prize - 1.5M for each of the 5 runner-ups ◼️ - 3rd Place Prize - 500K for each of the 5 second runner-ups ⬛ Host CM Wudenbachs Referee MonkeyDMathew ⬛ ~ DONATIONS ~ @MathewMat - 4M @PinkLabel - 1.5M @Dibz - 1M @Chjul19 - 500K
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