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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone! I have decided to start up my own competitive team, that I decided to call “Pokemon Aura”. You have maybe seen me else where here on the forums as SirGaryOak, in game with the character name LeGaryOak or on the PokeMMO TeamSpeak as LeGaryOak. I want this team to be consisting of competitive players only, but a few layed back shiny traders who have some interest in competitive play will be allowed here as well. This forum page is the continuing of our old forum page, and is made to improve the old one. First of all we will have a lot more space than we used to, on the old page I barely had any space to add achievements along will all the other stuff I wanted. Second of all this forum account will be shared between me and the officers, so it can updated more frequently and well just to make it all more baldsmooth. We do not recruit anymore. Anyway, if you would still like to join...

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