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Found 1 result

  1. TheChampionMike

    General Hordes Guide

    Welcome to the General Horde Guide. You will find the following in here: Horde Location Horde Pokémon and how many Horde Level range EVs inside the Horde Hordes can be encounter through walking around in the grass/surfing around in water. They're encounters of 3 or 5 pokémon in one. But a more effecient way is to use the move Sweet Scent. This will trigger a horde to appear every time. You can use Sweet Scent pretty much anywhere. It will fail if it is raining though. I will try to keep this guide updated as much as I can. If you wish to help me keep everything updated feel free to comment with hordes you have encountered on routes and I will double check and add it if that is the case. I hope this guide proves to be helpful for anyone that uses it. Every Season has different hordes. Atleast in Unova. There might be different season hordes in Kanto/Hoenn in the future. But not as of yet or to my knowledge. In Unova there is a thing as mixed hordes. They're randomly generated hordes out of a pool of pokemon. It should be clear in the guide on what is in such a horde. But just wanted to point it out in case. Briefly explain what all the colors mean so it's easier to browse through the guide and not be confused with what these colors mean. They're basically to make everything more clear what everything gives without having to read everything to see if something gives a specific EV. Light Blue = To highlight the pokémon Green = Gives HP EV(s) Red = Gives Attack EV(s) Orange = Gives Defense EV(s) Purple = Gives Special Attack EV(s) Yellow = Gives Special Defense EV(s) Blue = Gives Speed EV(s) Kanto Hoenn Unova: Spring Unavailable Summer Unavailable Autumn Winter Special thanks to: @Bilburt for being a big help. And everyone else who commented on what hordes there are and who corrected hordes.

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