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Found 2 results

  1. GYM LEADERS REVENGE   I just taught why not implent Revenge for gym leaders, like in HeartGold and Soulsilver or same thing  Vs Seeker. 1 time/day or 1 champion each day. We could fight Gym Leaders with better team (70+ lvl Pokemons).   My suggestion & idea :P (Pokemons and levels)    Brock   Golem lvl 70 (Earthquake, Rockslide, Explosion, Sandstorm) Relicanth lvl 80 ( Surf, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Recover) Onix lvl 74 (Earthquake, Rockslide, Sandstorm, Double Edge) Omastar lvl 75 (AncientPower,  Protect, Ice Beam, Rest) Kabutops lvl 80 (RockSlide, Endure, Giga Drain, Surf)    Misty   Lapras lvl 80 (Surf, Blizzard, Psychic, Perish Song) Lanturn lvl 72 (Thunderbolt, IceBeam, Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray) Starmie lvl 85 (Surf, Ice Beam, Psychic, Recover) Quagsire lvl 75 (Earthquake, Amnesia, Surf, Ancient Power) Golduck lvl 80 (Disable, Psychic, IceBeam, Water Pulse)    Lt . Surge   Raichu lvl 80 (Thunder Wave, ThunderBolt, Quick Attack, Double Team) Electrode lvl 85(Explosion, Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Screech) Electabuzz lvl 75 (Thunder, Low Kick, Fire Puch, Ice Punch) Magneton lvl 75 (ThunderBolt, SuperSonic, Tri Attack, ThunderWave) Ampharos lvl 85 (Thunder, Brick Break, Iron Tail, Light Screen)    Erika   Venusaur lvl 85 (Synthesis, Sleep Powder,  Toxic, SolarBeam) Exeggutor lvl 80 (Psychic, Hypnosis, Giga Drain,  Confusion) Vileplume lvl 75 (Aromatherapy, Stun Spore, SolarBeam, Petal Dance) Belossom lvl 80 (Sunny Day, Giga Drain, Petal Dance, Toxic) Victreebel lvl 70 (Sleep Powder, Toxic, Solarbeam, Razor Leaf)    Koga   Foretress  lvl 80 (Explosion, Protect, Toxic, Earthquake) Nidoking lvl 85 (Earthquake, Thunder, Sludge Bomb, Brick Break) Ariados lvl 75 (Giga Drain, Toxic,  Psychic, Night Shade) Crobat lvl 90 (Aerial Ace, Double Team, Sludge Bomb, Haze) Weezing lvl 85 (Explosion, Toxic, Pain Split, Sludge Bomb)    Sabrina   Espeon lvl 90 (Psychic, Calm mind, Shadow Ball, Morning Sun) Alakazam lvl 85 (Calm Mind, Psychic, Recover, Disable) Mr. Mime lvl 80 (Psychic, Protect, Thunderbolt, Magical Leaf) Jynx lvl 75 (IceBeam, Psychic, BodySlam, Lovely Kiss) Slowking lvl 90 (Surf, Calm Mind, Psychic, Shadow Ball)    Blaine   Charizard lvl 95 (FlameThrower, Earthquake, HeatWave, Dragon Claw) Arcanine lvl 90 (Howl, Extreme Speed, Fireblast, Roar) Ninetales lvl 85 (Protect, Will o Wisp, Flamethrower, Confuse Ray) Magcargo lvl 80 (Flamethrower, RockSlide, Amnesia, Yawn) Houndoom lvl 90 (FireBlast, Crunch, Roar, Shadow Ball)   Giovanni   Kangashkan lvl 90 (Fake Out, Endure, Reversal, Earthquake) Persian lvl 100 (Slash, Bite, Fake Out, Swagger) Rhydon lvl 100 (EarthQuake, Thunder, Megahorn, Brick Break) Dugtrio lvl 85 (Earthquake, Magnitude, Slash, Dig) Nidoking lvl 95 (Earthquake, Brick Break, Megahorn, Surf) Steelix lvl 100 (Double Edge, Earthquake, Crunch, DragonBreath)     I think this could be interesting
  2. Allot of talk has been going on about two things in particular, Player Housing, and Guilds. Personally i can see allot of potential with these two. Similar to the Island were the Battle Tower was located in Emerald. Create a custom zone, doesn't have to be very large at all were this would take place, as to not interfere with the canon zones. In this zone the tournament structures could be located and other community implemented things. Now comes the guild part, or more specifically what i believe, should it be implemented, what it should entail. Imagine a Neutral guild hall which would act as a gym. This gym would have locked doors unless someone from the guild entered or was invited to. Then we would have a custom instance depending on how the guild was set up by its respective owners using the same player housing features that were in Ruby and Sapphire, only a little more in depth. Making the whole guild system fall under the one roof, excuse the pun, and just generating different istances for the relative guild would mean allot less space would be needed to house the many guilds, should they ever make it into the game. Just a thought, and a interesting fanon way to implement guilds.
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