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  1. Evolution Reversion When I saw a player discussing Chansey, it sparked an idea in my head. I would like to purpose a plan that gives players the chance to reverse their evolutions, but not be too easy. I was thinking that the player should pay 250k + Everstone in order to do this reversion. Due to an economic concern that Lazaaro has pointed out, shinies will not be allowed to devolve. I would also like to thank Rigamorty, Kouteshi, Raederz, and TheChampionMike for mentioning the stone evolutions. So far, stone evolutions, trade evolutions, and shinies will not be allowed to go through this process. I am also going to credit TheChampionMike for advising me for a price drop from 400k to 250k. Lastly, thanks to concerns brought up by TheChampionMike, I would like this feature to have a black list of pokemon who are unable to go through this process like Eevee and Magicarp as examples. I had some NPCs I would like to show that can do the job for Kanto and Hoenn (I'll call them candidates). Kanto Candidate 1 = Candidate 2 = Candidate 3 = Candidate 4 = -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hoenn Candidate 1 = Candidate 2 = Candidate 3 = Credit goes to Makota for giving me a new format for these suggestion examples. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to say that I cannot tell how many times people want to devolve their Blissy or Meowth. I want to be able to provide an outlet for them to devolve their pokemon, but also make it a bit difficult to devolve so that players can be a little more careful when their pokemon is about to evolve.
  2. I would like to ask, have you ever had silverware, but no cake on the table? The silverware is the title of the suggestion and the food is the details as to why your idea should be implemented. There are some some suggestions that either say "^Title^" or "Basically this, please implement devs!" A good title does not mean a good idea. In real life, I read a book called The Craft Of Research and it describes how to provide reasons and evidence coherently. A good title certainly helps, but it shouldn't be the only pieces of text that expresses a thought. Here are some examples of what I mean: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first two examples are suggestions with visuals that help emphasis the points being made. I am not going to discuss the ideas being suggested, but I would like to elaborate on the structure. If you notice with AFDC98's suggestion, he puts pictures first to plant a mental picture of the idea at play. After you have the mental picture planted, he goes into detail why he thinks it is a good idea to implement that control format. KaynineXL has a different way of expressing his ideas. What he does is discuss why the idea is necessary and then takes a picture of where the Ranked Battle blinker is going to be located. You don't have to make illustrations with your ideas though. My next two examples are ideas without the need of illustrations. OldKeith and Xatu discuss why their idea would be good for the community and then they cite pros and cons. The text plants a mental picture instead of relying on a picture to do it for them. I can picture myself going to the PC computer and asking for a PokeLoan or going on the Rental Trade Link and seeing whats for rent. I am not going to call out anyone who is not providing an reason for the suggestion, but I would like to see suggestions with a good title and a well structured format.
  3. Completed OT Dex = Turn one of your pokes into a Gift Shiny I am going to start off this suggestion by asking one simple question, "what is better than a Master Ball, a ball that catches without fail?" I have the answer for you in this suggestion, turn one of your party pokemon into a Gift Shiny. Since the shinies are Gifts, that shiny will be locked onto your character. Its quite difficult completing the "Caught OT" dex as you can see in this screenshot, I only have 66 registered as "Caught OT." I truly applaud those who completed this part of the dex! Possible Questions 1. Where can you turn your party pokemon into Gift Shinies? Answer 1: After you complete the dex, go to the Game Freak Building in Celadon City or Lilycove Hotel in Lilycove City and talk to either one of these NPCs. Possible Script: "I am the game designer. Oh my, you completed the "Caught OT" part of the Pokedex! Not many people can complete this formidable task, but you sure did! As a reward, I would like to have the honour of turning one of your pokemon into a shiny. Which Pokemon do you want as a shiny?" (There will be a box to choose a pokemon from your party kind of like this one....) After he turns the pokemon of your choice into a shiny, he will finish his script with this closing sentiment: "In my view, you are a bright trainer. Keep up the good work [in game name]!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Could this break the economy? Answer 2: Since the shinies are locked into your character, I highly doubt they could break the economy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Can you get a second gift shiny (one from Kanto and one from Hoenn)? Answer 3: I wouldn't think so, but that's up to the developers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall Summary This part of the dex is a lot more complicated than just registering random pokemon in your dex. I feel that this reward is justified for all the hard work put into this task. Hats off to those individuals who took the time and effort to complete this part of the dex!
  4. Probably the most unrewarding thing to do i the game right now. Getting to battle 7 is more than just a chore, the RNG definitely favors the opponents ad ridiculum and you have to wade through 7 battles hoping they don't crit 3 times in a row or ave your pokemon be paralyzed 5 times in a row as they usually do. At the end of it the reward is precisely insulting. Not sure why you would make it take 7 battles to get any reward whatsoever anyways; kind of pooped.
  5. certain teams want to keep their team threads team focused so im suggesting that we make it so that the person who made the team thread can bar people from posting; when it become obvious that they have nothing useful to add to the conversation going on. if you go look at the team threads that are now in the round table, you can see certain people post content that makes people that are in the team really uncomfortable
  6. Lately a lot of people have been mentioning things over PokeMMO like making trades using "Paypal" and "LF CASH OFFERS"... so ... as a person with a brain I interpret "LF CASH OFFERS" as "this person is trying to make cash trades in game" Trying to reason with them doesn't prove effective so the next best thing would be to censor the word and various terms altogether, as Cash trades are prohibited; should be reflected better as a rule. http://puu.sh/pCXRs/19f43757c5.png Sorry if i come off as "bossy",
  7. Title ^ basically giving 20 % + Money with donator status
  8. Basically title says all. Its not something big, but would just make donator status worth a bit more.
  9. Ok, so "Recycle" has been nerfed like @axx predicted: Now Recycle does nothing... This was obviously due to "Leppa Recycle abuse" (which I don't find it very efficient due to time to enter battle and etc). So you guys nerfed REAL recycle users like Chesto/Lum Berry used in Ditto Farming... Would it be too much do disable recycle only for Leppa Berries???
  10. There's been a massive incline in annoying threads made by individuals attempting to maintain a false sense of relevance. I'd like to suggest a restriction on the amount of threads players are allowed to make within a period of time. The community as a whole has already shown mass disapproval of threads which are essentially a cry for attention, and it's gotten to the point where the credibility of a player is thwarted solely on the sheer amount of threads they're allowed to make meaning that even if a useful suggestion/thread is made no one will care. Opening forums only to see a specific player, not to be named constantly making threads in order to flaunt a 'comp' shiny Alakazam is just extremely annoying and if this were to be implemented, threads such as could possibly be reduced to monthly. Not to mention the amount of useless individual suggestions made by the same idiot(s) throughout a day.I recall looking through suggestions earlier this week and seeing 4 threads made by the same person. Cons: Idiots may very well burst into flames Pros of restricting the amount of threads someone can make within a period of time: Idiots may very well burst into flames Less complaining threads, including my own Less useless threads
  11. e.g. allow players to have 1 regular charizard 1 shiny charizard in a battle with the clause on, That way shinies could have more value than just for looks, there aren't many comp shinies anyway so it wouldn't be too OP
  12. title^ if not water stone a rare stone that can only be found on wild feebas (like 5%) and when beauty is implemented remove the rare stone . It's time to milotic shine in Pokemmo. I've been waiting since 2012 for this. And I only started playing this at 2015
  13. hello there, was thinking it would be a good idea to enable players to send hyperlinks to other players on their friend lists. maybe even the links are only clickable in a whisper box, or even a check box in settings , which would allow you to enable/disable friends to send you hyperlinks via whispers or not. thanks.
  14. It sucks. Doesn't make sense since you are indeed the OT of the egg, it shouldn't matter what the parents' OTs are. If this is because the new OT thing in dex, breeding random things just to get OT would be a waste of money, so I don't see people doing it.
  15. I'd love to go to navel rock. I'm not saying there could be legendaries but maybe something else. Tell me what you think.
  16. So i've been thinking about if i meet a shiny pokemon and i don't have a good way to catch it on me at that point: No False Swiper, no sleep/paralize inducer, no master balls. Picture it is a Marowak, they're kinda hard to catch while full hp and no status. What do i do here? I'll just have to let that shiny go? But they are already rare enough. I can't just let it go. This is the reason for my suggestion. If you catch a shiny with a Master Ball and if by doing so you'll no longer have any Master Balls (this "and" is because you can get 2 by playing in both regions) you'll get another Master Ball. Since this would probably trigger when you use a Master Ball, this would make ppl that already used both Master Balls go like: I used them all already, so i won't get a recycled one. Well, this is where my second part of this suggestion starts. If that "recycling" Master Balls thing gets implemented then we should also have one Vendor selling them, and make it a single purchase. What i mean by this is that the NPC would only sell you a Master Ball if you have none and it won't sell you one while you have one. It could be sold with BP, cash or both, that's not really my problem, but i think it wouldn't break the game if you make its price like 50k, no one would buy a 50k pokeball to catch non-shiny pokemon, no normal wild catch is worth that much.
  17. Allow us to not being able to kill a wild shiny while ev training / paydaying / etc. You can only catch it or run away from it. Pros = No more lost shinies, don't worry while you're ev training. Cons = more shinies, more work for developpers, maybe it can't / won't be implemented as it may seem complicated.
  18. I have a suggestion that just might blow people's minds, we can celebrate the birthdays of staff members. I'll give an example: Noad's Birthday = 30% increase for shiny Skitty rate. RacheLucario's Birthday = 30% increase for shiny Pidgey rate. I would say that this would make players more aware of their surroundings and overall increase the enjoyment of shiny hunting as a whole. Having a birthday shiny is like eating a birthday cake in a real life birthday party. For donor status users, things get even BETTER! Shiny rates could increase to 50% encounter rate for a birthday shiny! This can only be in affect when the birthday starts until it ends. I would love to hear the pros and cons of this suggestion. I would like to lay out one pro and con before we start the discussion. Pro: People can become more aware of whose birthday it is and might create a more friendly enviroment around us. Con: Might tweak the economy for that particular shiny.
  19. Since there are a npc to change hidden power, why not a npc to change nature? Something like, 1 everstone to each 31 iv stat the pokemon has, and the price, match with the price of braces we would use to breed the natured on. Exemple, to nature one 5*31 pokemon e should spend 5 everstones ande 240k ( the prince of the braces that would be used to make a 4*31 pokemon). With a well balanced price, this should be good, i think.
  20. It's simple, add a NPC that can boost a Pokemon's IVs with a little price to pay. PROS - Don't have to waste your time breeding. - Don't need to hunt for hours. - A lot more that do not to be mentioned. Cons - Money sink? Discuss.
  21. Pokemon is a game where rng is very important, but critical hits are the most gamebreaking, random and frustrating by far. The damage bonus is already problematic, one lucky crit can win a game, but the worst part is that critical hits ignore some good plays and situations. For example: - Critical hits ignore burn. it´s not that easy to burn an offensive physical poke, having fire pokes, guts and facade around. There is no need for criticals to ignore a burnt. - Critical hits ignore boosts and debuffs. bulk up/curse users have a real problem with that, if I managed to have defense +3 or +4 my poke should be good at resisting physicial attacks, crit or not. - Critical hits ignore reflect and light screen. Imo critical hits shouldn´t exist at all. They boring, umbalance and you cant make plays against them (well, shell armor op). But asking a total removal is maybe too much. Still, something should be done since right now crits can ignore some good plays. My proposal is tweak crits so they no longer ignore defense boosts, negative attack stages, reflect, light screen or burn.
  22. basically the title. I used daisy for my hera right now and it gave me from 26% to 54%, which is totally lame, I don't see how giving us 100% happiness once a day can be bad/exploitable idk discuss n shit
  23. In Gen 5 they made TM's reusable. This was a god send for many players, as it made tedious grinding at coin slots and having to pay for expensive TMs at stores constantly, no longer a issue. I believe adding this would help many players. Also to address potential damage to economy, you could make them still available to sell, that way the damage to the economy would be little at best.
  24. Title ^ Not much of a reason,it's just nice to have it in Kanto too
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