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Found 1 result

  1. Official Tournament Colosseum    (Work in Progress)   A place to battle:        As most of us have noticed, Pokemmo is known for hosting tournaments and having a fun competitive scene. But there is no true official place to hold a tournament.  I do understand that officials, and some unofficials, are held in Silph Co. Channel 7 and it does get the job done well.  But wouldn't it be cool to have a place or building in PokeMMO that its main purpose is to hold tournaments!?    The idea is simple.  Add an Official Tournament Colosseum!  Here is an idea of how it could work:     Location:   There would be a spot put anywhere on the Pokemon world map that players would have the option to click and fly to.  For example, where the box selection cursor is located on the map shown below. Another option would be that it could be put on one of the Sevii Islands or maybe even that place in Vermilion City (Credit to Yaguarete) where that old man has the foundation for a building. There are many options to choose from.        or        Arrival:   Once you have flown to the location, you would appear outside of the building doors just as if you had flown to a Pokemon center.    Here are some ideas of what the outside entrance could look like:       These are a few awesome looking entrances within PokeMMO, and in my opinion, reusing tiles would be great idea.       Inside:   Once you have entered the front doors, it would be a similar setup to the Trainer Tower or the Pokemon League. There would be a PC, Pokecenter, Mart, and a Berry Vendor.  Having all these things in one spot would make it easier for Competitive players to get their teams ready.             The Main Event:   When you have entered through the inside set of doors it would you lead you inside to the dueling part of the Colosseum!  Inside there would be a dueling platform, or multiple platforms to something similar to the picture shown below (Minus the crowd).     If multiple platforms where to be put into the Colosseum, I believe it would be a good idea to have one in the center of all the rest where the final battle could take place.  Seats could also be put around each of the platforms where players could "sit' to watch to battles take place. Holds up to 16 battles simultaneously. Also, the epic battle music has to be playing ;)     <--- Partial Credit to Keithgalbraith           Hall of Fame:  Credit to Keithgalbraith   A large hallway with a pictures (Or at least, the Player's name and team) of the winners of the past and present officials and their winning teams.                          HALL OF FAME                  Implementing a Tournament Colosseum would not only allow a place for Official Tournaments to be held but also allow a place for players to host their own tournaments.  Also, multiple tournaments could be held due to the number of channels if some were held on the same day. I think that this would also add to the mood and feel for a tournament.      Let me know what you think!
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