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Found 1 result

  1. Art by @Rache ~The Babe with the Power~ Do you Love to draw? Have you been looking for a good reason to?! Let's draw some baby Pokemon and share them with one another! You just might get some sweet rewards out of it! ;) Entries can be submitted in any form - from hand-drawn to digital to sculpture to 3D model to short (max 5s per loop) animated .gif A baby Pokemon must be the focus of each artwork, but people and other Pokemon can be included A background is not required, but is recommended Entries will be judged based upon adherence to the theme and overall aesthetics -Submissions are accepted throughout the month of March- March 1st thru March 31st 1st Place Prize Adopt a Baby Pokemon! Your choice of nature, four moves, with IVs 3x31 & 3x30 & 1,000,000 Pokeyen OR 1,000 Reward Points ◼️ 2nd Place Prize 700,000 Pokeyen OR 700 Reward Points ◾ 3rd Place Prize 300,000 Pokeyen OR 300 Reward Points -Rules- All artwork must be 100% original. Tracing or manipulating existing images is not allowed Only one entry per user. If you wish to replace your entry, please do so by editing your post All entries must be submitted on time and in this thread Your post must contain your in-game name Entries must be in an image format such as .jpg, .png, or .gif. Video formats will not be accepted for animated entries -Pokemon Allowed- -Judges- MOD SneakyTeddi MOD Linfanz MOD Matoka CM Draak
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