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  1. Please note only customizations that do not compromise the game in any way will be posted. Icons XY Monster Icons (V1a) Last Gen Monster Icons Gen VI Sprites Shuffle Icons 3.0 Shuffle Icons 2.0 Shuffle Icons HD Item Sprites Alola Pokemon 1x Scale Summary Sprites Sprites DS Trainers 5th Gen Follower Sprites Sparkling 5th Gen Follower Sprites Animated Battle Sprites + Followers Animated Battle Sprites X/Y + Damage Icons Animated Battle Sprites X/Y 2nd Generation Sprites Battle Sprites with Damage Icons PokeMMO Animated Battle Sprites Gen 5 Battle Sprites 5G Animated Battle Sprites - Shiny's Only The Other Moemon Emerald Port Moemon MOD Spheal With It + Moemon PokeMMO Animated Battle Sprites XY VI Gen [Inactive] Animated Battle Sprites from X/Y & OR/AS [Inactive] Moemon 151/356 [Inactive] Animated MEGA Evos For Your Pokemons, Permanent! [Inactive] Tiles - Currently Unsupported Winter Tile Mod HD Maps Desu's Garbage Hoenn Tile Mod [Inactive] Kanto Tile Mod [Inactive] Sound Pokemon Stadium Cries for PokeMMO Kanto Remix Music Sinnoh Music Zelda-Style Pokemon Music Raptor Call Kanto GB Music Kanto 3DS Music PokeOFF [Work in Progress] HGSS and ORAS Music Pokemon Anime Music Gen 7 Pokemon Cries Talking Pokemon gen 1-5 Sound Anime TV Gen 6 Pokemon Cries Anime Sounds and Cries Better Kanto Battle Music Mod Fixed PokeMMO Music Anime and Pokemon Music Otaku Music and Login Screen Anime Music Mod Sonidos Pokemon Latino JoshMMO Change in game Music to 3DS FireRed Music [Inactive] Super Meme Audio Pack [Inactive] GUI Better Tags Larger/Resizable PokeMMO Icon Mew Theme Lucario Shiny Team Valor, Team Instinct and Team Mystic LoL K/DA The Promise Of Eminent Revival Black And White Charizard - Extra Orange [Blue] Sword Art Online [Purple] Oregairu Azurora - Omni Series Crimsonite - Omni Series Jaded - Omni Series Midnight - Omni Series Halloween PokeMMO 2018 Needs Updating Tansparent Minimalist Nstart Extra Dark Dark Blue Inspi'Collection Tomato Simple Positive Dark Neon Pulse Bryen's Flat ChnapFlat Gradient Pack ChnapFlat Halloween Simple Black [Inactive] Spheal Dark Lilligant Dark Vulpix Dark Zoroark Primarina Shaymin Darkrai Purple Theme Gardevoir Theme Mega Charizard X Theme Lugia's Domain Zekrom Theme Ho-oh Gold Shiny Umbreon Shiny Charizard Steel Theme Kingdra Rayquaza Shadow Lugia Metagross Eevee Tema Pokemon Shiny Charizard Shiny 2.1 Charizard Shiny Greninja Pokemon Sun & Moon Dark Red Pokeball Dark Code PokeTheme V.2 Dark Theme with Pokemon Bubasaur Dark Team WÖLF Primal Dialga Theme [Inactive] Blaziken Theme [Inactive] Sylveon Theme [Inactive] Skitty Theme [Inactive] Gyarados Theme [Inactive] Bulbasaur Theme [Inactive] Delcatty Theme [Inactive] Sceptile Theme [Inactive] PokeMMO Absol Edition 1.0 [Inactive] Zero Theme Zelda - Twilight Princess Theme Tony Chopper No Game No Life Yuki Theme + Green Version Fairy Tail Fairy Tail Themes Katekyo Hitman Reborn UnknownRabbit's Theme Sword Art Online [Inactive] Sword Art Online [Inactive] RoiZzz's Theme Shop Startear's Themes Startear's Theme Shop Aza's Shop Woddles Themes [Inactive] Pokemon X/Y Party Icons Ikarus' Lost Property (Kanto Graphics Patch) Moemon Revival Mega Moemon FireRed Project Abandon Ship Fix Zombiemon [Inactive] Moemoe HeartGold [Inactive] Automatic Encounter Counter Event IV Calculator Simple Egg Group Tool PokeCycle Website PokeMMO Cycle Tool Step Counter AmryKid's PokeMMO Tools Font Changer Customizing UI using XML How to Make a Music Mod How to Edit GUI Creating New Themes Editing Maps With Tile Mods Insert Custom Sprites Into HG/SS Sprite Editing and Inserting for FireRed Install Custom Soundfonts ROM Music Editing Using Sappy Using WiiMote as Joypad How to Change Font Color [Inactive] XV Anniversary Login Screen Umbreon & Espeon Background Celestial Background Haiiku's Backgrounds Absol Background Unova Background Custom Red Background This section is too small, I encourage people to post custom wallpapers for theme creators to use, it would be very helpful. No translations have been released as of the recent update, I discourage using these unless absolutely necessary. Portugues Espanol Francais Hungarian Polish Czech Dutch Norwegian Please post anything I may have missed, or anything new I should add, as I will be following this topic for that reason. Go customize!
  2. Kizhaz

    Creative Media Index

    Drawing - Rules Tutorials Forum Redesign - Stylish Sleepy's Graphics Tutorial Signature Guide - Make Animated Signatures Animated Signatures How to do Minor Animations Making Shiny Text Kawaii Sigs How to make a Sig like a Pro Summers End Signature Make Your Own Signatures Signatures for Dummies Simple Signatures How to make a Pokemon Sprite Contests Signatures & Artwork Ploegy's Art Kingdom Mayu's Signature/Artshop MuLaunBlu Illustrations & Creations Sam's Art Stuff Wow Cool! Yumi's Graphics Blewberrys Art Sodas Skatches Keikoza's Art Shop Kmilz Avatar Drawing fred Taking Requests Irisie's Artshop lAzael Drawing Requests Akshit's Asylum Bimps Draws Sig Rating Thread Matt's Free Signatures Dax's Signature Hole CremaDoble's Custom Images Bryen's Signature Shop Gilans Sig Shop Nyas Motion Text Sigs EDesigns - Entrapeneur Pondzy's Free Signature Station Brook's One Stop Signature and Chibi Shop Draekyn's Signatures Volva's Sig Shop Sleepy's Graphics Incogs Trial Sigs Plat's Art Place Rikoudo's Gallery Free Sigs by Vig Suneet's Lit Sigs Bones Free Signature Shop FuzzyRegirock's Free Signature Shop Tor's Godly Sigs N's Free Sig KØ CHAØS Art Crew Heart's Art Startear's Signatures Alito's Free Signatures AONSynth - Get your Creative Signature The Boring Arts Shocks Handsome Squidward Avatars PokeMMO Custom Glass Icon Screenshots General Screenshot Megathread Noobs Say the Darndest Things Visual Bugs Before & After Character Secret Base Showcase Newly Bred Pokemon Your Earliest Pokemmo Screenshot Funny/ Close/ Intense Battles Showcase Entertainment - Rules Videos Mission Spinpossible Roy Rogers Inc (Official Forums Page) Mayor Bestfriends (Official Youtube Page) Xela's Battle Frontier Quest PokeMMO Intro Animation Additional in-game sounds Spanish Trailer (humor) Memoirs of a Dragonite: A Guide to Effective Alt Runs Rylet's PokeMMO Gameplay Videos My PokeMMO Review PokeMMO Shiny Hunting Overview/Review from an Outsider World of Pokemon Poem PR PokeMMO Trailer Spoof - PokeScammer Tribute for Naitdawg How to get Lots of Chansey Awesome Trailer for Let's Play PokeMMO Flash Fire PokeMMO Mock-ups Why I Hate Safari Zone 2 Level 100 Magikarp do Battle A New Group Discussing the New Updates Ballad of Team Wailord The Team Wailord Crusades: A Historical Re-enactment The Great PokeMMO Race Silver's Cat Symphony Unova E4 Done Fast - Schucty Xatu's Collection of Miscellaneous Official Tournaments PSL S5 Tournament Pokemmo Autumn Showdown 2016 PSL/Tournaments/Matches Archived Collection of Official Tournament Recordings My Debut ft. Zehkar and Kyokatsu Test Video Unofficial Battle of the Week New Videos Competetive/Casual Dueling Series Ipavaiva Battling Battles FNFC Final Match Pokemmo Series - Stonedowl RamZ's Let's Play Vanity's Emptiness PokeMMO Youtube Series Potato's Lets Play Roy Rogers Walkthrough PokeMMO - Gameplay [PT-BR] Verdio's Adventure in PokeMMO! PokeMMO Let's Play in Spanish My Youtube Series PokeMMO Youtube Let's Play Co-op Let's Play of PokeMMO PokeMMO Playthrough PokeMMO Let's Play A Little Playthrough from Alliance Rainbow My Co-op Let's Play PokeMMO Let's Play with roflcraftmc Livestreams Shiny Hunting with Parke My Twitch Livestream - SirDusty Pokemmo Livestream Tournament Highlights PTS Livestream PokeMMO eSports (July 2017) FACEliveTV Catching Them All YTLuhaTV Livestream Aggronvating Tournament Livestream Music Music Workshop Tune Shop Pokemon Music Remixes Lavender Town Cover Haunter Gang or Die! + Dubstep Pokemon Music Remakes by Seroman Dark Cave Remix Podcast with Interesting Players/People TeamSpeak: Where Up and Coming Stars Make Their Debut's UTAU Music Writing - Rules Stories The Never Ending Story... Our Diary 2.0 The Journey of the Rose You Choose and I Write Pokemon Art Online PokeMMO Highschool PokeAdventures - Beginning of Dawn Memoirs of a Dragonite Raprelle Hoenn Adventures Rio and Chess' Big Adventure Dealers Choice A New Adventure Cycles of Sisyphus Bonfire The Adventures in Kanto Tale of Orre The 8th Floor A Tale Retold The Villa's Curse Different Directions The Pokemon Journey PokeMMO Stories: Write Your Adventure River of Red An Unlikely Adventure Pokequest: Draconic War Pokemon Stories I Just Want to Sleep From the Icy Snows of Astronia <title goes here> Living The Silk Sky Decoder The Man and the Book Super Lemon Oneshot Students and the Colossi A Man's Fall The Man The Lonely Archer Youth The French Civil Wars Dead Chivalry War Poems Second Rate Pokemon Move Rap Finding PokeMMO, Now I Love it Poem About Farfetch'd My Reflection Unknown to the World Depression/A Dead Man's Wife Window Contrition The Promise of the Winds To Write a Rose Nameless Man The Possibilities Bubonic A Blue Sky The Ocean Touch Darkness is Coming Roleplays Looking to Start Up a Roleplay Pokemon Role-Play

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