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  1. Please note only customizations that do not compromise the game in any way will be posted. Icons XY Monster Icons (V1a) Last Gen Monster Icons Gen VI Sprites Shuffle Icons 3.0 Shuffle Icons 2.0 Shuffle Icons HD Item Sprites Alola Pokemon 1x Scale Summary Sprites Sprites DS Trainers 5th Gen Follower Sprites Sparkling 5th Gen Follower Sprites Animated Battle Sprites + Followers Animated Battle Sprites X/Y + Damage Icons Animated Battle Sprites X/Y 2nd Generation Sprites Battle Sprites with Damage Icons PokeMMO Animated Battle Sprites Gen 5 Battle Sprites 5G Animated Battle Sprites - Shiny's Only The Other Moemon Emerald Port Moemon MOD Spheal With It + Moemon PokeMMO Animated Battle Sprites XY VI Gen [Inactive] Animated Battle Sprites from X/Y & OR/AS [Inactive] Moemon 151/356 [Inactive] Animated MEGA Evos For Your Pokemons, Permanent! [Inactive] Tiles - Currently Unsupported Winter Tile Mod HD Maps Desu's Garbage Hoenn Tile Mod [Inactive] Kanto Tile Mod [Inactive] Sound Pokemon Stadium Cries for PokeMMO Kanto Remix Music Sinnoh Music Zelda-Style Pokemon Music Raptor Call Kanto GB Music Kanto 3DS Music PokeOFF [Work in Progress] HGSS and ORAS Music Pokemon Anime Music Gen 7 Pokemon Cries Talking Pokemon gen 1-5 Sound Anime TV Gen 6 Pokemon Cries Anime Sounds and Cries Better Kanto Battle Music Mod Fixed PokeMMO Music Anime and Pokemon Music Otaku Music and Login Screen Anime Music Mod Sonidos Pokemon Latino JoshMMO Change in game Music to 3DS FireRed Music [Inactive] Super Meme Audio Pack [Inactive] GUI Better Tags Larger/Resizable PokeMMO Icon Azurora - Omni Series Crimsonite - Omni Series Jaded - Omni Series Midnight - Omni Series Pitch Dark Lucario Shiny Spheal With It! (Spheal Dark Remastered) Clause: Santa! Vaporeon Dark Alola Ninetails Needs Updating (Post Here or PM me if updated please!) Pokemon X/Y Party Icons Ikarus' Lost Property (Kanto Graphics Patch) Moemon Revival Mega Moemon FireRed Project Abandon Ship Fix Zombiemon [Inactive] Moemoe HeartGold [Inactive] Automatic Encounter Counter Event IV Calculator Simple Egg Group Tool PokeCycle Website PokeMMO Cycle Tool Step Counter AmryKid's PokeMMO Tools Font Changer Customizing UI using XML How to Make a Music Mod How to Edit GUI Creating New Themes Editing Maps With Tile Mods Insert Custom Sprites Into HG/SS Sprite Editing and Inserting for FireRed Install Custom Soundfonts ROM Music Editing Using Sappy Using WiiMote as Joypad How to Change Font Color [Inactive] XV Anniversary Login Screen Umbreon & Espeon Background Celestial Background Haiiku's Backgrounds Absol Background Unova Background Custom Red Background This section is too small, I encourage people to post custom wallpapers for theme creators to use, it would be very helpful. No translations have been released as of the recent update, I discourage using these unless absolutely necessary. Portugues Espanol Francais Hungarian Polish Czech Dutch Norwegian Please post anything I may have missed, or anything new I should add, as I will be following this topic for that reason. Go customize!
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