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Found 2 results

  1. I am not going to write a long story here. Taunt CAN be, one of the most useful (if not the useful) ways to deal with stall. And we all know right now, we need more ways to deal with stall. Well, what's wrong with Taunt in this gen? It simply SUCKS, it only lasts two turn, including the turn you use it. So essentially, one turn. THANK YOU GEN 3. Taunt in gen 5 (I will not ask for the gen 4 mechanic cauz dat shit is just OP), lasts three turns, it may seem small but that one extra turn helps ALOT and can actually force switches. Unlike with the taunt mechanics we have right now. We can actually switch out now and Taunt would still be in effect. We all know this is PokeMMO right? This is not gen 3 Pokémon FR/LG on our cartridge, we have gen 3-5 egg moves and tutors. Our meta will be different anyway so, why not give us a better competitive experience? Please give us more ways to deal with stall. [spoiler]Gen 4 taunt is fine too, BY ALL MEANS[/spoiler]
  2. Basically what the title says. I think there should be a way to view online staff members. This way when someone is in global spamming "ARE THERE ANY DEVS ON PLS HALP I CANT FIND SHINIES" instead of telling them to try contacting staff via forums, IRC, or TS cuz its easier (which is dumb imo, community managers are meant to manage the community and should be easiest to contact in game) ignoring them waiting for a staff member to notice and help them (which can happen quickly, or take a very, very long time You would have option 4. Telling them to click menu > online staff (or whatever). This would bring up a list of staff members (could be configured to include only CMs who aren't global, bug, or support mods as their job is *not* to be in game community support) similar to that of your friend list or team roster (red heads = online). These would be clickable and allow for players to whisper staff directly. If possible a staff member should be able to 'set afk' or be automatically put as 'offline' if no activity for x minutes. The /dnd command could possibly also be configured to make a staff member 'appear offline' but I have no clue about how easy that would be to implement. This will prevent (hopefully) people from thinking that they are being ignored by staff members. Here is a sample image It is arranged in a similar style to the team menu, with online members, in order of rank, being displayed first and followed by offline members. This image does not have high level staff members (ie Desu) excluded/hidden from the list. [spoiler]Yes I know it isn't a very good job in MS Paint, and I forgot that there should be a whole slew of SGMS and GMs above Darkshade but below Archinix, and that alphabetically Emlee is before Kyu, but I hope that the image gets the idea across.[/spoiler] Pros: Improves ease and quality of in-game communication between staff and players Reduces spam (somewhat) in chat Cons: Could result in spamming of online staff members Some staff members (ie those who aren't responsible for community management) would not want/need people to know they are online (This could presumably be dealt with by hiding the status of all staff members of rank ___ and above) A second way such a thing would be implemented seems harder, and involves a few other things to implement as well, but would consist of 'allied teams'. Basically a team leader could 'request ally' another team, which said team's leader (or officers, or members depending on permissions). If a team is allied its roster and online members would be visible to the other team (from the 'team' GUI). By default the 'GM' team would be allied with every team. In this situation CM's would be required to be on the GM team. Pros: Improves ease and quality of in-game communication between staff and players Reduces spam (somewhat) in chat Adds another interesting (and imo important) feature to the current 'team' setup Cons: Harder to implement Would presumably be a cap on how many teams you can 'ally' with, making it harder to program so that team GM did not have an ally cap, and presumably would not have the option to view the rosters of other teams (unless they wanted to, but that would be a lot of other tabs to click through) Would require CM's to join the GM team, something they might not want Would require members to be in a team in order to view online staff (unless a workaround was implemented) TL;DR - I think it would be interesting and helpful to have a way to see what staff members are online and able to help players. This is my idea on how such a thing could be accomplished PS - I searched, and the terms 'staff' 'availability' 'free' and 'online' (as well as combinations of those) didn't turn up anything similar to this, I'm sorry if I missed something >.> EDIT: Literally right after I login
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