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Found 2 results

  1. Now that RP Vouchers are a thing, Amnesia Brace can be obtained by non donators as well. But there is still a need for it to transfer EVs like Exp. Share. (Or maybe add a new item which does that making Amnesia Brace obsolete) And even if that is not being done, even If a level 100 lead is holding Amnesia Brace, full Exp. should go to the pokemon holding Exp. Share, instead of 50%. Makes no sense when the lead is supposed to not get any Exp, where is the other 50% going then ? Please fix this. When this item was introduced, hordes did not even exist, so it made sense back then using it to train 1 pokemon at a time, cause pokemon holding it would do a single encounter and could probably kill it. LC did not exist either, and only Gen 1 was there, with hardly any cases where you needed to prevent a pokemon from evolving. The only time it was needed was to prevent something from going beyond level 50. Making it transfer EVs like an Exp. Share would only increase the sales for you guys too, cause of the following reasons: Most people would own more than one Amnesia Brace, and for professional EV trainers and LC players, etc... Probably own atleast 5 of them. Due to level cap existing, even non LC players / non EV trainers would buy it, to prepare their pokemon for a region they are yet to try out. LC aside, for UU or NU at times, pokemon have to be trained while preventing evolution, so another good reason for players to buy it, etc. The way amnesia brace requires the pokemon to be in battle for it to gain EVs, it is way too time consuming.. More than time consuming, it is just straight up irritating, since the horde killer will have to take 5 hits from the horde pokemon every time it is switched out. And in most cases where more than one pokemon have to be trained in similar way, it just makes one not use Amnesia Brace at all and just go with 5 Exp Shares instead, to lower Exp gain, since training using Amnesia Brace is cancer. But even then there is a risk of pokemon evolving or leveling up beyond the desired level. And while Amnesia Brace is there to solve this issue, it is not used simply because using it is the worst grinding experience game to offer. And for a $10 RP item, which is supposed to help a player, RIP. tl;dr, rework it, make it transfer EVs like Exp. Share, and let pokemon holding Exp. Share have full Exp if the level 100 lead is holding Amnesia Brace... And you'll see for yourself that its sales are increasing, generating more income for you guys and making life of poketrainers better all across the game.
  2. All Incense have a primary held effect and a secondary breeding effect that produces a baby Pokemon when held by the same species Mother. (Not usable with Ditto coupling.) I propose an item much similar to these Incenses (and only found in the Gift Shop) that works in opposition of them, much like the Amnesia Brace to the Macho Brace. Simply, the Adult Incense will prevent a baby Pokemon from being birthed, and instead the adult version will e.g., Pikachu will be born instead of Pichu. The main concern I can see arising, is that Adult Pokemon can be achieved much quicker than normally. Specifically, Magmar, Electabuzz and Jynx can be level 1, where that is normally impossible. However, there really isn't any harm in that. You will be doing it intentional, so you won't accidentally be getting the wrong evolution stage, and any form of Little Cup will not allow these three in the first place. The argument for this, is that baby Pokemon cannot reproduce and therefore these specific Pokemon must be leveled to 30 to continue the breeding process. This was never implemented in the handhelds, but our breeding system is drastically different and I think this would serve a rewarding purpose. You do not get a competitive advantage (much like the Amnesia Brace), but you do have a time advantage. Affects: Pichu Cleffa Igglybuff Togepi Smoochum Elekid Magby Does not affect: Tyrogue Azurill (Incense) Wynaut (Incense) Budew (Incense) Chingling (Incense) Bonsly (Incense) Mime Jr. (Incense) Happiny (Incense) Munchlax (Incense) Riolu (Incense) Mantyke (Incense) Not Yet Implemented
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