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  1. Disclaimer: Everything here is my opinion _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How you design your pokemon team and play in duels depends on what kind of balance you prefer to have between risk and reward. Use the graph below for a visual aid. Different team designs represent different points on the graph. As you play more offensively (risky), your potential reward goes up in the form of the amount of damage you are able to deal to your opponent. A very offensive team is represented by point "C". In contrast, a defensive team is represented by point "A". How you choose to play in the end simply comes down to personal preference. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ When you start up any game there are various elements like equipment, levels, and abilities. In our game there are many elements we deal with: -IV’s –Natures -Base Points of Pokemon -Critical Hits –Dueling Skills/Experience The first thing you learn as a serious duelist is you want your IV’s to be as close to 31 and you want your correct nature for each pokemon. Why is this? We do this because we do not want these elements to be contributing factors to a loss. We try to stop these from being on our list of factors that influence our duels. In any game, you want to ideally cross out all elements except skills. The goal is to have an even playing field or one where you have the advantage so your skills and experience can guide you to victory. In a game full of “RNG” and unpredictability like PokeMMO, there is only so much you can do to control elements like critical hits, flinches, and missed attacks. All you can do is try to create a consistent playing field for yourself that is as fair as possible. The most ideal way of doing this is by playing defensively. A defensive style does not limit critical hits and other RNG you sustain, but it makes them a much less contributing element to your wins/loses. The reason being with more bulk, recovery options, etc. you have more chances to show that you know how to outplay the opponent. It lets your experience, dueling skills, and personal decisions have a greater impact on whether you win or lose. -IV’s –Natures -Base Points of Pokemon -Critical Hits –“Dueling Skills/Experience” __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We start with building a team of course! Building a beautiful team of any sort from scratch is never fast or perfect the first time. It may look cheap and easy, but building an extremely successful defensive team can be very difficult and time consuming in our metagame as well. This statement is even more true with the addition of the choice band creating powerful "wall breakers". There are multiple reasons for an exceptionally designed defensive team to not be easy to create : A defensive team depends on the ability to consistently and repeatedly predict and absorb various types of damage. If you start losing the ability to absorb damage, you start to lose your chances of winning – it's that simple. From this thought, you can see that it takes a lot of preparation and a lot of thought. You need to be prepared for literally anything in the game that comes your way. In a game with as many different creatures and attack combinations as ours, I will be the first to tell you this: it’s impossible to be ready for everything. There is no “perfect” team against everything. So, what can you do? In the end, your team design should come down to a little bit of exploration through trial and error and a balance between ideas. For a defensive play style you want to balance between these ideas when building your team: What are my primary threats in this game? Go watch other people play and be a spectator. Go to the Tierlist of your choice and read about the possible things you will be facing. Write down what you feel your biggest threats are and what common attack combinations they use. Watch what people tend to do and how they play. Plan out how to deal with these things. Basically you want to figure out what your threats are and what you need to prioritize being able to defend against. Synergy, Synergy and more Synergy. Synergy means individual members of your team with different roles complement one another and work well together to make one solid unbreakable team. I'll provide an example using my most recent dueling team. These are two team mates that I designed to work together. Their main purpose is to be the primary physical "defensive core" of my team. Weezing Resistists the many pokemon which carry the ghost/fighting attack combination. This is one of the most common physical attacking threats in the game Levitates. Instant Recovery. Special Attacker. Solrock Resists ground/normal/flying attacks. It also resists fire which is the traditionally the most common special attack type on a mixed physical sweeper. Levitates. Instant Recovery. Physical Attacker. As you can see these two have great physical defensive synergy. When solrock is weak to bug and ghost, weezing is there. When weezing is overwhelmed by double edges and strong normal stabs, solrock can sometimes step in. I never said it was a perfect core. Anyone can name something that will break it when only looking at these two. Nevertheless, this is a great example of synergy and this pair covers a large portion of the physical threats in the metagame. Remember, it's impossible to defend against everything. That's not what I'm trying to convince you that you can do. The only thing to take from this is the idea that the more synergy you can get between your team members, the tighter you team will be and the harder it will be to break. As you build your team keep synergy in mind. What is the goal of my team. As much as you want to consider your threats, at the same time you need to have a strategy yourself which should have the end goal of allowing you to inflict more damage than you take. In some ways, it doesn’t matter if you deal a lot of damage or not much on a "play by play" level. The main thing is that overall you want to consistently push out more damage than you absorb. As you build you team keep your strategy in mind. A worthwhile tip to mention while team building is that since defensive teams do not pack as much punch as offensive teams, supporting your team members through indirect damage can often win you literally half the battle. Whether or not you need indirect damage depends on your team design. It’s not always necessary but it is a great option. Indirect damage: Spikes, status effects (Will-o-Wisp, toxic), Knock Off(loss of all items, especially recovery items), etc. If you have enough room on your team to start stacking indirect damage, it just gets NASTY. Knock off a vaporeons leftovers while you have your spikes out. You will watch the vaporeon spam wish over and over while your opponent will most likely be "acknowledging" the nice design of your team. Do the Calculations. Know what you are fighting against and let your team be prepared. The idea is to dish out more damage than you take right? Well, playing defensively isn't always about just creating the most slow and bulky creature possible. You only should use what you need. Overkill in bulk is simply overkill and a loss of efficiency. Pay attention to your EV Spreads, Natures, and Stats of your pokemon. What do I mean? The best way to explain this is by an example. On my team I use a cloyster which is my terrain control (spiker). In this situation most people run a bold cloyster and they just want it to be as bulky as possible, which is not wrong if that's what you want. Bold Cloyster's stats can look like this: -Hit Points: 156 252 Ev's -Attack: X -Defense: 218 -Spe Attck: 121 129 Ev's -Spe Def: 80 129 Ev's -Speed: 86 Watch what happens if I change the nature to timid and adjust the spread: -Hit Points: 156 252 Ev's -Attack: X -Defense: 200 -Spe Attck: 121 129 Ev's -Spe Def: 73 64 Ev's -Speed: 107 64 Ev's What happens is I've lost about 10% of my physical defense. So if a snorlax hits me with a body slam and was doing 50 HP on the Bold cloyster it will do 55 to 60 now. To me, this is not significant. I know my math may not be precise, but I hope you can understand the point here. The point is to do your calculations and try to be prepared - don't be caught off guard because knowing how much damage you can take is key to playing defensively. In this example, I've given up 10% of my defense, to gain 21 points in speed which allows me to out run a pokemon that can be a potential threat to any team: Marowak. To me, it is worth it because cloyster's purpose on my team is just just mainly my influence on the terrain (spikes/rapid spin). If something like this is worth it to you or not will depend on the way your team is set up. You may not have expected to read this in this guide from me, but is speed the best defense sometimes? The answer is most definitely yes. To conclude this bullet point: consider what you want your team members to do. It's not about just throwing bulk everywhere as much as possible as some haters will claim. Doing that won't win you those tough games. Consider what roles and expectations you have for your team members and optimize them as much as possible for performance. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Keep your mind open when you start to duel with your new defensive team and take your time as you are clicking your moves. Think clear, don't rush. Being a defensive player takes a certain mindset. It’s a somewhat different mindset than offensive players use. What mindset do I mean? Well there's just different things to keep more focus on. Basically when you play you have to continually remind yourself what you team is built for and what you are trying to do. Let that thought influence your decisions as you play. Remember, you built your team to do certain things. Remember your strategy you planned. If your opponent lends you a “free turn” remember to always try to set conditions in your favor. This could mean setting up indirect damage to help out your struggling team members. It could also mean healing up your 2 main work horses that dish out the hurt. Don’t play your opponents game by trying to reciprocate their damage punch for punch. Don’t try to follow them. You won’t win because your opponents team is better designed for their game. Play your game and play your strategy. Do what your team was designed for. Another tip for the mindset: one thing I do as I duel is once I have scouted to some degree, I pretend I am the opponent that I am fighting. I ask myself "what would I do against that pokemon in this situation". There are never any guarentees, but if you keep a cool head and keep your opponent's perspective in mind, you will often find them making a logical decision in which case you will have successfully predicted it. Also remember that as a defensive player with a defensive team, you aren’t necessarily trying to sweep or beat down things fast. One of your goals is efficiency. So, don’t get too hungry when you are in a situation where you think you can “smell the blood” in the water because that could just be the opponent baiting you. Remember what we said: walls are far from invincible - when you lose the ability to absorb damage you start to lose. If you "smell the blood" and the opponent's pokemon is no threat to you, why worry or rush? You can always come back and finish them later on. So, if you are not threatened by any move on the opposing pokemon, scout first! You should worry more about the things you don’t see. If the case is that you are in fact being baited, the predictable move is the obvious choice - that's when you think can smell the blood. You can surprise people by not being that person that picks the predictable move by instead scouting for unseen threats. If the opponent has not revealed his pokemon and you are in a position where you are not threatened, scout for threats by pick a move that doesn’t make sense. Afterwords, when you are more aware of your opponents strategy and the hidden surprises are gone, you can then start following through with your normal game plan by using your optimum defender (efficiency) for each individual encounter and etc. A good example of the last bullet point above is what I personally perceive as the rising popularity of the houndoom lately. Pokemon that are weak to fire (scizor, forretress) are used as bait to activate flash fire on the houndoom and then it can pursuit trap or fire off powered up fire attacks which can be potentially hard to absorb. So for me, when I have my dusclops out (which is houndoom bait), I am already clicking my focus punch anytime #1 dusclops is not threatened and #2. I do not yet know what the opponent has on his team. I know people see the dusclops and think: "Will-o-Wisp". That is when I will pick focus punch or something different - I turn a potentially predictable situation into an unpredictable situation. Then again, after you have fully scouted, you can then start trying to punch back in the holes you find with your normal strategy. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you for reading my guide. I hope that you got some ideas and maybe learned something. I could have condensed this and I could have also expanded some sections of it. I suppose the best teacher is experience and sometimes words just arn't enough. I wrote this because I like to create open minds around me in my life. I like to see people who are willing to learn and grow. I would also like for someone who duels a lot and has been around a long time to write out a deep offensive guide that somewhat reciprocates this defensive one. I am very interested in learning to play different styles and I don't feel like I would be very good in this moment as some of you. I've poured pretty much everything I know and how I create my teams in this guide. The rest is up to you. Fun is the thing we often forget and I hope you have fun and do well in your games. Good luck!
  2. This guide shows location of best payout for vs skeeker battles in kanto. (is necessary to use payday with amulet coin) > ROUTE 12 < List Pokemon: Tentacruel - Seaking - Kingdra - Poliwrath - Claustro - Nidoran (M) - Nidoran (F) - Electrodo - Fearow - Raticate - Primeape - Arcanine - Sandslash - Magikarp -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- Fisherman / Money: 1.782 $ + 600 $ (payday) Fisherman / Money: 1944 + 600 $ (payday) Fisherman / Money: 2.187 $ + 590 $ (payday) Fisherman / Money: 1.701 $ + 600 $ (payday) Young Couple / Money: 1512 $ + 240 $ (payday) Rocker / Money: 1.566 $ + 580 $ (payday) Camper / Money: 1.305 $ + 600 $ (payday) Fisherman / Money: 1.944 $ + 220 $ (payday) -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- TOTAL MONEY: $ 17.971 > ROUTE 13 < List Pokemon: Tentacruel - Seaking - Kingdra - Poliwrath - Pidgeot - Dewgong - Dodrio - Fearow - Noctowl - Clefable - Parasect - Persa - Nidorina - Raichu - Raticate - Victreebel - Clefairy - Vileplume - Wigglytuff - Muk - Weezing - Electrodo - Arbok -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- Picnicker / Money: 1.260 $ + 600 $ (payday) Bird keeper / Money: 1566 $ + 550 $ (payday) Picnicker / Money: 1.080 $ + 570 $ (payday) Beauty / Money: 3.132 $ + 580 $ (payday) Beauty / Money: 2.916 $ + 590 $ (payday) Picnicker / Money: 1.350 $ + 600 $ (payday) Picnicker / Money: 810 $ + 600 $ (payday) Bird keeper / Money: 936 $ + 600 $ (payday) Bird keeper / Money: 900 $ + 600 $ (payday) Biker / Money: 840 $ + 600 $ (payday) -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- TOTAL MONEY: $ 20.680 > ROUTE 14 < List Pokemon: Pidgeot - Dodrio - Fearow - Noctowl - Clefable - Wigglytuff - Raichu - Muk - Weezing - Electrodo - Arbok -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- Bird keeper / Money: 1512 $ + 590 $ (payday) Bird keeper / Money: 1404 $ + 600 $ (payday) Bird keeper / Money: 1566 $ + 560 $ (payday) Bird keeper / Money: 1512 $ + 600 $ (payday) Bird keeper / Money: 1782 $ + 590 $ (payday) Bird keeper / Money: 1566 $ + 600 $ (payday) Biker / Money: 780 $ + 570 $ (payday) Biker / Money: 840 $ + 600 $ (payday) Biker / Money: 870 $ + 570 $ (payday) Biker / Money: 870 $ + 600 $ (payday) Twins / Money: 522 $ + 550 $ (payday) -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- TOTAL MONEY: $ 19.654 > ONE ISLAND < NORTH AND SOUTH List Pokemon: Vileplume - Raticate - Clefable - Pidgeot - Parasect - Nidorina - Sandslash - Golem - Fearow - Nidoking - Rapidash - Machamp - Primeape - Hitmonchan - Hariyama - Hitmonlee - Hitmontop - Wartortle - Kingler - Claustro - Poliwrath - Seaking - Kingler - Tentacruel - Seadra - Starmie - Golduck - Lanturn -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- Picnicker / Money: 1.575 $ + 600 $ (payday) Camper / Money: 1.620 $ + 600 $ (payday) Battle girl / Money: 2.052 $ + 590 $ (payday) Swimmer / Money: 342 $ + 600 $ (payday) Crush Kin / Money: 2.106 $ + 600 $ (payday) Black Belt / Money: 1998 $ + 590 $ (payday) Black Belt / Money: 2025 $ + 600 $ (payday) Battle girl / Money: 1.998 $ + 590 $ (payday) Swimmer / Money: 342 $ + 600 $ (payday) Swimmer / Money: 333 $ + 550 $ (payday) Fisherman / Money: 2.835 $ + 600 $ (payday) -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- TOTAL MONEY: $ 23.746 > THREE ISLAND < NORTH List Pokemon: Raichu - Wiggytuff - Clefable - Sunflora - Breloom - Venusaur - Bellossom - Weepinbell - Kingler - Poliwrath - Seaking - Seadra - Poliwhirl - Dewgong - Starmie - Roselia -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- Twins / Money: 999 $ + 590 $ (payday) Miss scent / Money: 2268 $ + 600 $ (payday) Beach / Money: 306 $ + 560 $ (payday) Beach / Money: 315 $ + 590 $ (payday) Miss scent / Money: 2331 $ + 600 $ (payday) -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- TOTAL MONEY: 9.159 $ > FIVE ISLAND < NORTH AND SOUTH List Pokemon: Azumarill - Raichu - Clefable - Smeargle - Ampharos - Qwilfish - Seaking - Skiploom - Blissey - Persa - Primeape - Slowbro - Nidoking - Crobat - Golbat - Noctowl - Dodrio - Fearow - Pidgeot -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- Breeder / Money: 3.024 $ + 570 $ (payday) Painter / Money: 1.800 $ + 560 $ (payday) Lady / Money: 6.000 $ + 570 $ (payday) Lady / Money: 5.880 $ + 560 $ (payday) Painter / Money: 1.800 $ + 550 $ (payday) Painter / Money: 1.800 $ + 580 $ (payday) Youngster / Money: 1.728 $ + 600 $ (payday) Bird keeper / Money: 1764 $ + 560 $ (payday) Bird keeper / Money: 1764 $ + 600 $ (payday) Bird keeper / Money: 1764 $ + 600 $ (payday) -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- TOTAL MONEY: $ 33.074 > SIX ISLAND < NORTH AND SOUTH List Pokemon: Hypno - Forretress - Electrodo - Mr. Mime - Machamp - Golem - Sandslash - Steelix - Onix - Dugtrio - Rhyhorn - Kangaskhan - Marowak - Claydol - Golduck - Poliwrath - Tentacruel - Seadra - Claustro - Seaking - Starmie - Dewgong - Lanturn - Wigglytuff - Raichu - Clefable - Roselia - Sunflora - Bellossom - Weepinbell - Breloom -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- Juggler / Money: 4.320 $ + 600 $ (payday) Mountainerr / Money: 3.969 $ + 580 $ (payday) Mountainerr / Money: 4.050 $ + 600 $ (payday) Pokemaniac / Money: 2.352 $ + 490 $ (payday) Ruinmaniac / Money: 3.456 $ + 600 $ (payday) Ruinmaniac / Money: 3.600 $ + 580 $ (payday) Ruinmaniac / Money: 3.528 $ + 600 $ (payday) Swimmer / Money: 294 $ + 600 $ (payday) Swimmer / Money: 300 $ + 600 $ (payday) Double / Money: 1.350 $ + 600 $ (payday) Miss / Money: 2.058 $ + 540 $ (payday) -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- TOTAL MONEY: $ 35.667 > SEVEN ISLAND < NORTH AND SOUTH List Pokemon: Kadabra - Girafarig - Xatu - Hypno - Mr. Mime - Slowbro - Sunflora - Bellossom - Venusaur - Roselia - Weepinbell - Breloom - Forretress - Electrodo - Exeggcute - Cacturne - Jumpluff - Vileplume - Victreebel - Tangela - Golduck - Tauros - Dewgong - Kangaskhan - Ursaring - Nidoqueen - Lickitung - Sandslash - Persa - Arbok - Hariyama - Machamp - Hitmonlee - Hitmontop - Rhyhorn - Ninetales - Rapidash - Marowak - Claydol - Steelix - onix - Raichu - Arcanine -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- Psychic / Money: 1560 $ + 580 $ (payday) Psychic / Money: 1500 $ + 590 $ (payday) Canyon Entrance: Aroma Lady / Money: 2.100 $ + 600 $ (payday) Juggler / Money: 2.820 $ + 590 $ (payday) Pokémon Ranger / Money: 2.754 $ + 600 $ (payday) Pokémon Ranger / Money: 2.754 $ + 590 $ (payday) Young Couple / Money: 2100 $ + 600 $ (payday) Sevault Canyon: Cool Couple / Money: 1872 $ + 570 $ (payday) Tamer / Money: 2.940 $ + 560 $ (payday) Pokémon Ranger / Money: 2.646 $ + 600 $ (payday) Pokémon Ranger / Money: 2.808 $ + 590 $ (payday) Battle Girl / Money: 1.728 $ + 600 $ (payday) Cool Trainer / Money: 2.700 $ + 600 $ (payday) Cool Trainer / Money: 2.700 $ + 600 $ (payday) Tanoby Chambers: Ruin Maniac / Money: 3456 $ + 580 $ (payday) Monsieur / Money: 3.528 $ + 590 $ (payday) Ruin Maniac / Money: 3600 $ + 590 $ (payday) -------------------------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------------- --------- TOTAL MONEY: $ 53.596
  3. Welcome to the PokeMMO forums! If this is your first time participating on a forum read through this to see what is understood to be 'common courtesy'. Even if you're an old hat at forums it never hurts to refresh your memory... These guidelines will help you have the best possible forum experience, and make other forum users much happier with you. Always read the forum rules - both the overall rules and the subforum1 specific rules (they aren't always the same) Look at the pinned topics2 in the subforum - they may contain important information that is relevant to what you need. Post in the right section! Each subforum is meant for a specific thing, and has a description of what belongs in that subforum. Use meaningful thread titles and topic tags - they make it easier for people to see if what you're talking about is relevant to what they're looking for Use proper spelling and grammar. Many users do not have English as a native language, but using the best English you can will make it easier for others to understand and converse with you. Try to avoid TYPING IN ALL CAPS, Typing In CamelCase or using excessive 1337 spk. Dis is hurd 2 understnd 4 sum ppl. SO IS THIS, And So Is This Not To Mention It Is Extremely Obnoxious If English isn't your native language, feel free to include a translation in your native tongue. If you're lucky someone will be able to understand you and help you that way Be civil. Don't get off topic or start attacking/arguing with someone in the middle of someone else's thread. If you have a disagreement take it to PMs. If a question has already been answered, don't answer it again just to get your post count up. Adding additional information or clarifying is fine, but don't post for the sake of posting Don't hijack someone's thread, especially in the Support subforum. In some cases (all cases in the Support subforum) it is more appropriate to start your own thread than to interrupt someone else's. That being said, don't create unnecessary duplicate threads. The search bar is a very useful tool. Many questions/suggestions/bugs/problems have been found before, and taking the time to search will help keep the forums tidy. If you need help with searching the forums (it can be a mess) check out this excellent guide by ProfessorElderberry. Don't bump3 ancient threads (usually). This means that if you're asking a question in General Discussion its probably better to first search for an answer, and if the older threads don't answer it for you then make a new one. That being said, if you're making a suggestion in the Suggestion Box then its better to search for an identical/similar suggestion and bump it, explaining your support, than to create an unnecessary additional post. Read the OP4 in its entirety before you post, and at least skim through the rest of the thread. This helps prevent repeating what someone else says and making sure that your post is relevant to the thread. Don't respond to spammers - it just makes a bigger mess for moderators to clean up Don't double post - use the edit button (found on the bottom right hand corner of your post). Double posting is only acceptable under special circumstances (see the Trade Corner rules) Don't cross post (post the same message on several threads). This counts as spamming Don't spam. Its just obnoxious and will likely be removed anyway. When replying to a post, only quote what you need to (especially if they wrote an entire novel) Don't have an overly obnoxious signature - there is no text limit on them, but that doesn't mean you can write your life story there. Also avoid using epilepsy inducing gifs. 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  4. As you know, keyboard playing Pokemon is both annoying and hard on the hands. We can't get back the old feelgood of GBA handheld, so we have to go with the next best thing. In this guide, I will show you the cheaper alternative for those who don't have a PS3 remote or Bluetooth gamepad, but instead have an old PS2 remote laying around. The first piece of equipment you are going to need is this ; [url="http://www.amazon.com/Playstation-Controller-Adapter-Lifetime-Warranty-2/dp/B000F6BGXY"]http://www.amazon.co...2/dp/B000F6BGXY[/url] I got mine about 3 years ago and it still works, however the 2nd joypad slot on mine didn't. I typically use this device in conjunction with a program called x360ce. This emulates the remote into an XBOX 360 remote, and it works really well! However, for this guide, we are going to be using [url="http://www.electracode.com/4/joy2key/JoyToKey%20English%20Version.htm"]JoytoKey[/url]. This will allow you to be able to hook up your PS2 Gamepad, and designate the keys you want to use for the task. Once the download is complete, extract it anywhere, and run JoyToKey.exe as administrator (Just to be safe) The rest is fairly simple, the image I will use as reference was pulled from the site as well ; [img]http://www.electracode.com/4/joy2key/JoyToKey%20English%20Version_files/jtk33en1.gif[/img] You can double-click a key setting, and choose what keyboard key and joystick button to use it with. The annoying part will be determining what key "Button 1 or 2" is on your gamepad... so what I will do instead is upload a .rar with a saved configuration for you to load into it and make it a load easier. JoyToKey coniguration file - Place this with the .exe http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dc72x14q5n4u39z LINKS - [url="http://www.electracode.com/4/joy2key/JoyToKey%20English%20Version.htm"]JoyToKey[/url] [url="http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?dc72x14q5n4u39z"]Configuration File[/url]
  5. Recently, I've been seeing a lot of questions in game asking what the best nature is on a pokemon. The problem with this is that this is all dependent on what you want that pokemon to do. So not every pokemon can just get a straight answer, thus why no one bothers to respond. So I decided to make a quick little guide to show people a ROUGH way of how I narrow down the choices of natures for pokemon. 1. Picking the Pokemon you want to train. Starmie I'm using Starmie for this guide because it's pretty easy to determine which nature and EVs you should train for it. 2. What's the best nature? The first thing you want to look at when determining the best nature is what Starmie's best and worst base stats are. Usually, you want to take advantage of their best stats, don't try and make up for what they lack, it's not worth it. You see that Starmie's best stats are Sp. Attack[100] and Speed[115]. So that means you'll want to take advantage of either it's high speed or high Sp. Attack. I would use either a Timid[+Speed -Attack] or Modest[+Sp. Attack -Attack]. Why? Starmie's Moves List With that high Sp. Attack, you'll want to use mostly if not all special moves. So having a nature that is -Attack doesn't do harm at all. Plus, using physical attacks with Starmie is pointless because a base 75 attack is bad. Also, you shouldn't sacrifice Defense or Sp Defense if you don't have to. So that eliminates Mild[+Sp Attack - Defense] Rash[+Sp Attack - Sp Defense] Hasty[+Speed - Defense] and Naive[+Speed - Sp. Defense]. That leaves Timid, Modest, Jolly[+Speed -Sp. Attack] and Quiet[+Sp. Attack -Speed]. The problem with Jolly and Quiet is, they both are minus in Starmie's important stats. You never want to have a Nature that hinders their greatest stats. So the optimal natures are Timid and Modest. So which one?!?!!!111 That depends on the person and how much time they are willing spend trying to find the perfect Starmie. Personally I think the ideal Starmie is Timid, simply because speed is it's highest base stat. Some will catch Starmies until they find a Timid one. The problem though, is the troll IVs. You can catch a Timid Starmie, which is great, but then you Check its IVs,and it can have very low speed IVs. On the other hand, you can find a Modest Starmie, check it's IVs, and it can have very high, if not perfect speed IVs. It all just depends on how much time you're willing to spend finding that perfect pokemon. If I spend 5 hours searching for a Timid Starmie with good IVs, and at the end of the 5th hour the best I got was a Modest with great IVs and a bunch of Timids with low IVs, I would train the Modest, because it takes advantage of a high stat, and can still be viable because of the high IVs. 3. Go EV Train Now that you have the pokemon you want, go EV train it. As, for what EVs to train, I usually just max it's 2 best stats. So 252 in Speed & 252 in Sp Attack. But that's always up for debate. TL;DR 1) Pick you Pokemon 2) Look at it's base stats 3) Pick a nature that takes advantage of said stats 4) \( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)/ 5)
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