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  1. Updated guide by Bestfriends: Click here Credits PandaJJ OldKeith is a troll Notes Your Pokemon with the Pickup ability must be your first party member and must be alive. You acquire loot when you kill random encountered Pokemon in the wild or by capturing them(your pick up Pokemon will be holding the loot). If your pick up Pokemon is already holding an item, the item will automatically go in your bag. The loot varies and changes depending on which route/area you are in. Pickup works in both regions, Kant
  2. The guide is rebuilding . So something might wrong I will update kanto and hoenn soon
  3. Hey guys! I created a tutorial for using a program to count the amount of pokemon encounters, this is usefull when you want to know how many encounters it took to get a shiny pokemon. There was a program with the same purpose created for pokemmo before, but since that counter is outdated it is no longer usable. Benefits of using this program: - Easy to use - Count with the use of a hotkey - Count single and hordes encounters - Save as many hunts as you want Video:
  4. Hey guys. Remember the old flag system, with egg tiers depending on species rarity? Basically, an egg had a certain amount of 'points', and after triggering four or more flags, every thirty seconds the points would go down by the amount of flags you had triggered. When the points hit 0, it'd hatch. The new breeding mechanics no longer run on flags, but they still run on the same egg tiers. An egg takes as long to hatch as it would have in the old system with 4 flags. tldr; Eggs will hatch automatically just by sitting around. The rarer the pok
  5. Many newcomers do not completely understand our forums, and that’s completely fine. This guide is here to answer any questions. What this guide stores: Insert a picture Edit your signature Change your Avatar Adding a Poll Thread Making a spoiler Changing Title of the OP Insert a Picture: [spoiler]The admins of our game decided to disable our ability to directly upload a picture from out computer to this forum. That’s completely acceptable as there could be virus issues. There are, however, alternative ways to upload pictures through a set of easy, but specific steps. Step 1: Have your pi
  6. (Since all the current horde guides are either incomplete or obsolete) In this guide, you'll find all the hordes available in Kanto, Hoenn, Unova and Soon™ Sinnoh. I'll also include what EVs these hordes yield as well as their level range. Hope this helps you in your EV training, shiny hunting or any other endeavors! Green = Gives HP EV(s) Red = Gives Attack EV(s) Orange = Gives Defense EV(s) Pink = Gives Special Attack EV(s) Purple = Gives Special Defense EV(s) Blue =
  7. Introduction When breeding, you will have to catch the pokemon that you want to breed in the wild. However, many pokemon are not easy to find, and even more difficult to catch. These include rare safari zone pokemon such as chansey and miltank, or the starter pokemon such as bulbasaur and torchic. The best way to go about with breeding these pokemon is to catch a few, keep one that is decent, and then start catching pokemon of the same egg group that is easier to find and catch. This makes breeding much quicker and cheaper. The purpose of this guide is to show you where you can fin
  8. Updated guide by Bestfriends: Click here Credits: lilyek - Shard Tutor Guide fredrichnietze - TM Market Guide Hassan - Move Tutor Locations Other Useful Links: Bestfriends - All TM & HM Locations KaynineXL - Community Pickup Guide!(Find Tutor items!) RysPicz - Kanto Walkthough(Find your free hidden TMs) RysPicz - Hoenn Walkthrough(Find your free hidden TMs) Tip:Use 'Ctrl + F' to search for the move you need. TM Market Locations Roar - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 25k Hail - Slateport / Vermili
  9. NEW STYLE Hello PokeMMO Community! This is the guide on how to use the "Global Trade Link" in PokeMMO. This guide will mainly explain how to sell,trade, and buy things on the GTL. This guide will not be as advanced as the Trade Chat guide, mainly because the GTL is a new function and is very easy to use. This guide will mainly be about tips, and skills on how to get your stuff sold. ------------------------------------------------------ GTL Pokemon Listings GTL Pokemon Listings, is the first tab in the GTL. This tab shows all the Pokemon that are up for trade in the GTL. It i
  10. List of Hats & Van. Items Available in Shop Lot of vanities items / Hats are now available in differents shops of both regions. You can find here the list with available Hats / vanities, their locations and prices. Viridian / Oldalie: Classic Cap: 300$ Backpack: 300$ Nurse Hat: 2k Chuncky beret: 2,5k Pewter / Petalburg: Camping Cap: 3k Boater & Sunglasses: 6k Boater: 6k Explorer's Hat: 7,5k Cerulean / Rustboro: Swimming Cap: 4k Vest: 4k Shorts: 4k Cap & Sunglasses: 8k Derby: 9k Vermilion / Mauville: Headband: 15k Straw hat: 2
  11. Prelude This is meant for to be a simpler Introduction to Breeding for beginners who dont understand breeding, using pictures to explain the initial process. It is not meant to be an all-emcompassing guide, as the current Breeding Guide ( https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/49440-the-new-breeding-guide/ ) is much more in-depth and should be referred to for the more advanced player wanting to know the real inner workings of breeding mechanics. Table of Contents What is Pokemon Breeding and Why Do I Care? Welcome to Pokemo
  12. Elite Four Location: Indigo Plateau(Kanto) / Ever Grande City(Hoenn) What is Elite Four? Elite Four is an area in Kanto and Hoenn which consists of four elite trainers and your rival where you'll have to defeat them all one by one in a row without using the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon(although you can use items to heal/revive/recover PP). Why do people do Elite Four? Well, everyone has to do it at least once to complete the storyline, but you can continue to do it after since it gives you a nice chunk of cash for completing it. How does Elite Four work? The first ti
  13. Disclaimer: [spoiler] I know a lot of people take advantage of newbs not knowing where things are, so they buy that kind of stuff and they up its price on GTL. I understand that some people might buy them because they don't want to go to the specific place, but there's others that get ripped off without even realizing so. So this guide is for them. I also know that there's lots of people that use this as some kind of shady business, and they might hate me for this. But it's only fair for this information to be out there. I'm sorry if there's already a guide like this, but if there is i can
  14. Hello and welcome to my guide/introduction to PokeMMO, which should hopefully be of some use and help to many people. This will serve as a recommendation/guide for each Gym Battle and other types of battles, and areas as such. As of 15/03/2018 there will only be the Guide on Kanto Gym Leaders and battles, but I plan to add Hoenn and Unova as well. So without further explanation, let's get started. Pallet Town. Of course, this is the beginning, so there aren't any gyms or anything here, but we do have one major battle here, being your first Pokemon Battle! So once you've c
  15. I'll not add english translation. This guide already being a translation from most of the current breeding guides. English Breeding guides : Ou aller pour reproduire ses pokémon : Voici les principaux points à savoir sur le système de reproduction actuel: 1. Les parents utilisés lors de la reproduction ne sont PAS récupérables. 2. Deux parents produisent un oeuf, ni plus, ni moins. 3. L'éclosion d'un oeuf dépends d'une durée, basée sur l'espèce du pokémon. (Inutile de marcher). 4. Donner une Pierre Stase a l'un des paren
  16. Introduction   I'm comming to this post to tell something i realised yesterday. I thinked "Maybe we pay too much for ultraballs". So i go to bulbapedia to see the capture mechanics in this game.   The third generation (Fire Red and Emerald) have a simple system of catch, based on three formulas. The calculus will be omited because I think nobody will like it (and i cant add gif's and png's at this forum).   Introduced these concepts (if you wanted to read) we will try simplificate this f*ck. To do you need have in mind this results are rounded.   The major simplific
  17. Ellow, this my first time ever trying to make a guide so bare with me. Bassicly ive noticed that some people get brain damage during breeding so for those who recognize themself, this guide is for you. bassicly all you need is a empty box voila now you place the males and females on top of eachother. like this Now make sure that the males and females are in the right order, by this i mean make sure that they are pairs, partners etc. ^- this is the only part where your brains are required,
  18. Click here for the Google doc with our findings. Page #1 has the stats and moves for YOUR Elfbot that you choose at start. Page #2 has the stats and moves ENEMY Elfbots have. Page #3 has our own results of prizes from running for ya mathematicians (no longer relevant, formula seems changed). Page #4 has important notes for running through. Page #5 has a map of the main area and points to gift locations. Happy grinding!
  19. Just a simple table i made showing cost/time for Cerulean Cave BF1 Leveling 1-100 3,200 Nominal EXP per battle(EXP Share) 45 Sec per battle(LVL100 pokemon to cut text down and surf for no super effectives) Donator status +25% EXP MAP TABLE
  20. Greetings all! I am creating a visual guide to the Gym Leader Rematches. Currently, we are working on the Kanto Region. If your Gym Leader variation differs from this guides, please share your results in this thread and I will update the guide with your Gym Leaders team variation. Any new data discovered in the future will be noted and updated within this post. Within this guide, you'll see the Gyms City Name, the Gym Leaders Name, their Pokemon Team Variation number, and the Pokemon they use (in order from 1-6, in sync with their Pokeball order). You will also see the Prize Money
  21. Hallo zusammen Ich bin HandOfButz Oder MrsCooki heute erkläre ich euch einwenig über die dvs und wesen auf. natürlich das allgemeine wissen 0 ist scheise 31 ist beste. das ist das wichtigste bei der zucht in Hoenn könnt ihr zwei pokemon zu einem werden lassen was dann lvl1 ist. in der pansion gibts dann aber eine frau die vk euch bänder womit iihr 1 dv wert von jedem der beiden pokis behalten dürft. ahha ich wollte doch auf die dvs einegehen nicht auf die zucht ach egal haben wir das gleich mit dabei xD die dvs der eltern werden auf das kind übertagen vorsic
  22. ( This Guide has Vietnamese Language ) Nhằm mục đích giúp đỡ các nhà huấn luyện thêm kiến thức PvP Đã có một Guide dành cho OU nên mình sẽ làm UU ( Under Used ) Gởi lời chào khả ái và ngây ngất lòng người <3 Lưu ý : Guide bỏ qua một vài Pokemon mang tinh quyết định bởi H.A Guide được dựa theo Smogon và tối ưu hóa theo PokeMMO Dự Án Hiện Tại : 29 / 41
  23. If you're looking for a specific pokemon, you can key Ctrl + F and search it by its name. Here's a chart that presents the strengths and weaknesses of Pokemon by Type: http://pokemondb.net/type This post lists the different pokemon typings available in PokeMMO and includes which damage modifiers are activated when the defending pokemon is struck with a specific attack type and which pokemon available claim each defensive typing. The Pokemon covered in this post are all the Pokemon available in PokeMMO at their highest evolution, plus Scyther, making 122 total. To estim
  24. What is the Speed? The Speed stat determines how quickly a Pokémon can act in battle. Pokémon with higher Speed will make a move before ones with lower Speed under normal conditions; in the case that two Pokémon have the same Speed, one of them will randomly go first. How to increase Speed in battle? There are some ways to increase your own pokemon Speed during a battle: Moves: Agility ( +2 ), Dragon Dance ( +1 ), Silver Wind/Ancient Power ( +1 at Random ) Abilities: Speed Boost ( +1 every turn ), Swift Swimm ( +2 only with Rain ), Clorophyll ( +
  25. Hey, A few days ago I started programing a Egg Hatch Timer, which counts down the time until the egg hatches. First I used the times from this thread. After I finished the code,I noticed that the real times are shorter then the times in the thread by @Eggplant (big thanks for sharing!). Because I don't want to give up my project and want to know the new times, I need your help! Please count the time till the egg hatches while you are breeding and post them into this thread. Here are the times and tiers I already collected: Tier 1: 3 mi
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