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  1. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" -Gary Oak, our true Pokemon Champion PokeMMO and Pokemon in general rather it is catching and raising your Pokemon has always been a long game of grinding. The majority of the Pokemon game is dependent on grinding, farming and a little know how with every single small detail and hidden mechanics throughout the history of the Pokemon franchise in order to accomplish any sort of competitive team and play. This is not just Pokemon with this type of game play progression but majority of most MMO formats in general. Thus this is why if you are a serious trainer that you take every step and counter measure to assure yourself that you are able to get to end game as fast and efficiently as possible with the least amount of money, time, hassle and luck! Last thing anybody needs is to completely relay on luck to be self efficient. This is why it is essential that you optimize your Pokemon farming team as soon as possible before anything else. The least amount of effort spent on farming and catching your end game goal, the richer and stronger the trainer you will become! To do this, we must make use of our 6 team slots as much as possible with the least amount of Pokemon possible. What should my PvE (Player versus Environment) team look like? We need to make the most use out of our 6 slots and to do that we have to utilize every slot actively at all times to allow us to move forward towards our end game goal. At the same time we need to be able to have the ability to move around the world quickly, be able to defend ourselves, have access to catch any Pokemon easily with the least amount yet quick as possible at all times. So how do we do this...? IDEAL END GAME PVE PARTY EXAMPLE -Poacher (aka catches Pokemon) OR Field Ability SLAVE (that can catch Pokemon/grind trainers WITHOUT the need to switch in-battle) -HM SLAVE (who is also a powerhouse, defender at Level 100) -Payday/Covert or Thief/Sweet Scent/Pick Up SLAVE (depends what you're doing but said Pokemon can easily achieve multiple roles with 1 slot) -EGG -EXP Share SLAVE (for the purpose of GLT grinding and/or Pokedex) -Happiness SLAVE (for the purpose of GLT grinding and/or Pokedex) This is what I boiled down to be the most effective layout for your end game PvE team and the layout that would be best to accomplish first thing regardless if you want to properly maximize your farming! Each section of this guide will break down the reasoning and what Pokemon you should use for each role. Also, any details mention on how to properly Smeargle, use Pick Up or simply how to make money in general, please refer to the guides below that are excellent sources that would not only explain certain things in detail but are also excellently written! So, lets begin! Poachers (aka Pokemon catchers) HM SLAVE: The Versatile Body Guards Wildcard Slot: Sweet Scent, Pay Day, Pick Up, Covert/Thief EXP SHARE SLAVE Happiness Farm SLAVE EGG: Dedicated Breeding Slot
  2. Hidden Power (HP) is a very usefull move because it can provide a move of a certain type a pokemon might be lacking. It's very hard to get the HP type you want, because it can be anything and everything. First I will be teaching you about how to find the type of your Hidden Power. Basically it s all about math, a whole lot of math. For HP the Special Defense (spD) IV is the key factor for both typing and power. If the spD IV is EVEN it means that that Pokémons HP is always PHYSICAL. If the spD IV is ODD it means that hat Pokémons HP is always SPECIAL. Below will be the exact math for HP type, which will look like a bunch of bullshit, but I will be providing explanation that's clearer then Smogon does, because it takes a while to understand what Smogon means. As you may or may not have noticed, Smogon didnt put the stats in the way we are used to, but in order of least important to most important. You can see that special defense has more than 50% of the variables (32/63), which means that if it's odd, your total number will be 8+ (or special), if even it will be 7- (or physical). It is impossible to get a max Speed Hidden Power Fire, Rock, Fighting, or Psychic, regardless of the strength of the Hidden Power (there isn't one for 70 power, 69 power, or 30 power). I cant really give more explanation about this, i can however provide you with all possible IVs that give a certain HP type. [spoiler] Numbers are in the order of HP/Atk/Def/Spd/SAtk/SDef Read 31 as odd and 30 as even. Fire: 31/30/31/30/30/31 31/31/30/30/30/31 30/30/31/30/30/31 30/31/30/30/30/31 Water: 31/31/31/30/30/31 31/30/30/31/30/31 30/31/31/30/30/31 30/30/30/31/30/31 Grass: 31/30/31/31/30/31 31/31/30/31/30/31 30/31/31/31/30/31 Electric: 31/31/31/31/30/31 31/30/30/30/31/31 30/31/30/30/31/31 Ice: 31/30/30/31/31/31 31/31/31/30/31/31 30/30/30/31/31/31 Fighting: 31/31/30/30/30/30 30/30/31/30/30/30 30/31/30/30/30/30 Poison: 31/31/30/31/30/30 30/31/30/31/30/30 Ground: 31/31/31/31/30/30 30/30/30/30/31/30 Flying: 31/31/31/30/30/30 30/30/30/31/30/30 Psychic: 31/30/31/30/31/31 31/31/30/30/31/31 30/31/31/30/31/31 Bug: 31/31/31/30/31/30 31/30/30/31/31/30 30/31/31/30/31/30 30/30/30/31/31/30 Rock: 31/31/30/30/31/30 30/30/31/30/31/30 Ghost: 31/31/30/31/31/30 31/30/31/31/31/30 30/31/30/31/31/30 30/30/31/31/31/30 Dragon: 31/30/31/31/31/31 31/31/30/31/31/31 30/31/31/31/31/31 Dark: 31/31/31/31/31/31 Steel: 31/31/31/31/31/30 30/30/30/30/30/31 [/spoiler] Lets now do some power math, because you can get the perfect HP type, but if it lacks power, you might as well not use it. It is another line of math just like the type one, but I will try to put an easier version of the same straight under it. It is in the order of hp/atk/def/spd/spA/spD again, because the spD has the most relevance to the power. You can just follow the math given by smogon, or take a look at what I spoiler below, which will be the exact power gain a certain good stat gives. [spoiler] HP gives (+/-)0,635 power atk gives (+/-)1,270 power def gives (+/-)2,540 power spd gives (+/-)5,079 power spA gives (+/-)10,159 power spD gives (+/-)20,317 power the standard: 30 power [/spoiler] Once u added all these numbers up, you need to round it down and that's your HP power. spD decides over 50% of the total power again, so if the spD IV isnt one of these: 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 15, 18, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 30, or 31, you might as well not check the rest, cuz that would be a total waste (If the IV isnt in that list, it means a max power of 49, and who would run that?). I hope I made as much sense with this guide as I feel like I did, if not, please add feedback below!
  3. Updated guide by Bestfriends: Click here Credits PandaJJ OldKeith is a troll Notes Your Pokemon with the Pickup ability must be your first party member and must be alive. You acquire loot when you kill random encountered Pokemon in the wild or by capturing them(your pick up Pokemon will be holding the loot). If your pick up Pokemon is already holding an item, the item will automatically go in your bag. The loot varies and changes depending on which route/area you are in. Pickup works in both regions, Kanto & Hoenn. Pickup works while Fishing and Surfing! There are two types of loot from Pickup. You can pick up loot when killing Pokemon without any pick up Pokemon, but these are often low value items - we call these 'trainer pick up' and the bold items in this guide show this. The more expensive pick up loot is from pick up using a Pokemon. The Pickup rate is believed to be around 10%. Best Pickup Pokemon Linoone is the strongest overall pick up Pokemon with the combined stats of 420. Linoone has access to trick which can help when you're farming items(such as in the power plant should you be looking for Metal coat/Magnet/Light ball). Teddiursa has the strongest attack stat out of all the pick up Pokemon with 80 base stat. Meowth is a popular pick up Pokemon as it is the only Pokemon that has access to Payday if you want to earn yourself some extra cash. ____________________________________ Table of Contents Use 'CTRL + F' for easier searching - Kanto - Routes - Cities - Caves/Forest/Other - Islands - Hoenn ____________________________________ Kanto Routes Route 1: Potions: Potion, Potion Repels: Balls: Poke Ball, Poke Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Antidote, Antidote Route 2: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 3: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 4: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 5: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 6: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 7: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 8: Potions: Super Potion Repels: Repel, Super Repel Balls: Great Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 9: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 10: Potions: Potion, Super Potion Repels: Repel, Super Repel Balls: Poke Ball, Great Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Magnet, Metal Coat Route 11: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 12: Potions: Potion, Super Potion, Hyper Potion Repels: Repel, Max Repel Balls: Poke Ball, Great Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Sun Stone, Stick, Sharp Beak Route 13: Potions: Potion, Super Potion, Hyper Potion Repels: Super Repel, Max Repel Balls: Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Stick, Sharp Beak, Metal Powder, Sun Stone Route 14: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 15: Potions: Repels: Max Repel Balls: Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Metal Powder, Sun Stone, Sharp Beak Route 16: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 17: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 18: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 19: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 20: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 21: Potions: Potion, Hyper Potion Repels: Super Repel, Max Repel Balls: Ultra Ball, Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Miracle Seed, Sun Stone Route 22: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 23: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Route 24: Potions: Potion Repels: Repel Balls: Poke Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Silverpowder, Miracle Seed Route 25: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Cities Pallet Town: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Water Stone, King's Rock, Mystic Water, Poison Barb Pewter City: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Viridian City: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Cerulean City: Potions: Super Potion(fishing) Repels: Super Repel(Fishing) Balls: Great Ball(Fishing) Berries/Seeds: Other: Lavender City: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Saffron City: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Celadon City: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Vermilion City: Potions: Super Potion Repels: Super Repel Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Yellow Shard, Dragon Scale, Red Shard, Big Pearl, Mystic Water, Stardust, Starpiece Fuchsia City: Potions: Repels: Super Repel(fishing) Balls: Great Ball(fishing) Berries/Seeds: Other: Cinnabar Island: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Caves/Forest/Other Viridian Forest: Potions: Potion Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Diglett's Cave: Potions: Super Potion, Max Potion Repels: Balls: Great Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Energy Root Mt. Moon: Potions: Potion, Potion Repels: Repel Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Tiny Mushroom, Everstone, Moon Stone, Big Mushroom, Hardstone, Escape Rope, Energy Root Cerulean Cave: Potions: Super Potion, Great Potion Repels: Super Repel Balls: Great Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Big Mushroom, Nugget Rock Tunnel: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Power Plant: Potions: Potion, Super Potion Repels: Repel, Super Repel Balls: Poke Ball, Great Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Magnet, Metal Coat, Light Ball, Thunderstone Lavender tower: Potions: Potion, Super Potion Repels: Repel, Super Repel Balls: Poke Ball, Great Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Thick Club, Spell Tag Pokemon Mansion: Potions: Potion, Hyper Potion Repels: Repel, Max Repel Balls: Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Poison Barb, Smoke Ball Seafoam Island: Potions: Hyper Potion Repels: Max Repel Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Nevermeltice, Water Stone, King's Rock, Pearl, Big Pearl, Mystic Water Victory Road: Potions: Hyper Potion Repels: Max Repel Balls: Poke Ball, Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Black Belt, Hard Stone, Thick Club Islands ONE ISLAND Treasure Beach: Potions: Hyper Potion Repels: Max Repel Balls: Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Stardust, Sun Stone, Moon Stone, Silk Scarf Kindle Road: Potions: Super Potion, Hyper Potion Repels: Repel, Super Repel, Max Repel Balls: Great Ball, Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Silk Scarf, Black Belt, Nugget, Dome Fossil, Hard Stone, Soft Sand, Old Amber Mt. Ember (outside): Potions: Potion, Hyper Potion, Awakening Repels: Balls: Great Ball, Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Hard Stone, Antidote, Charcoal, Sharp Beak, Black Belt Mt. Ember (Inside): Potions: Super Potion Repels: Balls: Super Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Everstone TWO ISLAND Cape Brink: Potions: Hyper Potion Repels: Repel, Super Repel, Max Repel Balls: Poke Ball, Great Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Sun Stone, Miracle Seed, Silk Scarf, Black Glasses, Mystic Water, Water Stone THREE ISLAND Three Isle Path: Confirmed no loot(No encounters possible) Three Isle Port: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Bond Bridge Potions: Potion, Super Potion, Hyper Potion Repels: Repel, Super Repel, Max Repel Balls: Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Miracle Seed, Silk Scarf Berry Forest Potions: Potion, Super Potion Repels: Repel, Super Repel Balls: Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Pecha Berry, Bluk Berry, Cheri Berry, Liechi Berry, Pinap Berry, Rawst Berry, Aspear Berry, Oran Berry, Wepear Berry, Chesto Berry, Persim Berry, Razz Berry Other: Leftovers, Sunstone, Leafstone, Miracle Seed, Revival Herb FOUR ISLAND FOUR ISLAND PONDS: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Icefall Cave: Potions: Potion, Hyper Potion Repels: Repel, Max Repel Balls: Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Mystic Water, King's Rock, Stardust, Star Piece, Nevermeltice, Big pearl, Pearl, Waterstone FIVE ISLAND Water Labyrinth: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Resort Gorgeous: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Lost Cave: Potions: Hyper Potion Repels: Max Repel Balls: Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Sea Incense, Lax Incense, Spell Tag, Silk Scarf Five Isle Meadow: Potions: Repels: Repel Balls: Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Up-grade, Blackglasses Memorial Pillar: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: SIX ISLAND Water Path: Potions: Potion, Hyper Potion Repels: Repel, Max Repel Balls: Great Ball, Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Silk Scarf, Sharp Beak, Miracle Seed Ruin Valley: Potions: Hyper Potion Repels: Repel, Max Repel Balls: Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Silk Scarf Pattern Bush: Potions: Potion, Hyper Potion Repels: Repel, Super Repel, Max Repel Balls: Poke Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Silverpowder Green Path: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Outcast Island: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Altering Cave: Potions: Hyper Potion Repels: Repel, Max Repel Balls: Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Dragon Fang, Metal Coat, Berry Juice SEVEN ISLAND Trainer Tower: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Canyon Entrance: Potions: Super Potion Repels: Max Repel Balls: Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Silk Scarf, Sharp Beak Sevault Canyon: Potions: Hyper Potion Repels: Max Repel Balls: Ultra Ball Berries/Seeds: Other: Silk Scarf, Sharp Beak Tanoby Ruins: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other: Tabony Chambers: Potions: Repels: Balls: Berries/Seeds: Other:
  4. The guide is rebuilding . So something might wrong I will update kanto and hoenn soon
  5. Hey guys! I created a tutorial for using a program to count the amount of pokemon encounters, this is usefull when you want to know how many encounters it took to get a shiny pokemon. There was a program with the same purpose created for pokemmo before, but since that counter is outdated it is no longer usable. Benefits of using this program: - Easy to use - Count with the use of a hotkey - Count single and hordes encounters - Save as many hunts as you want Video: Programs: - https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/mycount.210/ ( the counter program) - https://efotinis.neocities.org/deskpins/ (the pin that makes the counter stay on top, this is not required but very usefull) Feel free to ask your questions or share your experience down below ! *this program does not improve your gameplay, ease your shiny hunt or affects the game in any other way. It is just for fun and to keep track of your hunt :)
  6. Hey guys. Remember the old flag system, with egg tiers depending on species rarity? Basically, an egg had a certain amount of 'points', and after triggering four or more flags, every thirty seconds the points would go down by the amount of flags you had triggered. When the points hit 0, it'd hatch. The new breeding mechanics no longer run on flags, but they still run on the same egg tiers. An egg takes as long to hatch as it would have in the old system with 4 flags. tldr; Eggs will hatch automatically just by sitting around. The rarer the pokemon, the longer it takes to hatch. It takes this long for each rarity tier: Tier 1: 44 pts = 5 mins, 30 secs Tier 2: 64 points = 8 minutes Tier 3: 84 pts = 10 minutes, 30 seconds Tier 4: 104 pts = 13 minutes Tier 5: 124 pts = 15.5 minutes Tier 6: 144 pts = 18 minutes Tier 7: 164 pts = 20 minutes, 30 seconds
  7. Many newcomers do not completely understand our forums, and that’s completely fine. This guide is here to answer any questions. What this guide stores: Insert a picture Edit your signature Change your Avatar Adding a Poll Thread Making a spoiler Changing Title of the OP Insert a Picture: [spoiler]The admins of our game decided to disable our ability to directly upload a picture from out computer to this forum. That’s completely acceptable as there could be virus issues. There are, however, alternative ways to upload pictures through a set of easy, but specific steps. Step 1: Have your picture. Let’s say I want to upload a simple picture of a Blaziken. Step 2: Upload it to an image hosting sites. Common sites include; Imgur, Photobucket, and TinyPic. ProTip: Do not use FunnyJunk. They’re extremely annoying when posting images. Step 3: Copy direct link Most sites have a link on their right side as shown: Step 3 (Optional/Alternative): If you’re trying to upload or copy over an image from a different site, you can always right click the actual picture, then select “Open Image in New Tab.” This should work for all modern browsers. Within the URL at the top, you can directly copy that. Step 4: Pasting it onto a reply You’re almost done! Click the icon that has a picture of a tree as shown: Paste the link, click OK, and you’re done! ProTip: Make sure all images end in “.jpg”, “.png” or “.gif” [/spoiler] Edit your signature: [spoiler]At the end of every user's reply you will see a unique signature. This can include almost anything you would like, that is, you don’t break anything from the Code of Conduct, or you don’t go over the set restrictions. Two simple steps to bring you to your signature editing page. From there, you have your restrictions (the gray text directly about the edit box) set, edit it to your liking and then you’re done! [/spoiler] Change your Avatar: [spoiler]Giygas has made an acceptable guide for this, here is his version of How to Change Your Avatar. [/spoiler] Adding a Poll Thread: [spoiler] [/spoiler] Making a spoiler: [spoiler] Just type this: [spoiler] ~Your Text Here~ [/spoiler] Picture version (Thanks to SirGaryOak): [spoiler] [/spoiler][/spoiler] Changing Title of the OP: [spoiler] When viewing the original post after clicking the edit button, look at the bottom, next to "Save Changes" and click the "Use Full Editor" button, from there, you're able to change the title. [/spoiler] Notes: If you have any questions or suggestions to add to this thread, please don’t hesitate to either PM me or reply on this thread. Thanks to Dannnno and Volpi for the Poll Topic idea and pictures Thanks to TWDaryl for tutorial on adding a spoiler and changing the title of the OP.
  8. (Since all the current horde guides are either incomplete or obsolete) In this guide, you'll find all the hordes available in Kanto, Hoenn, Unova and Soon™ Sinnoh. I'll also include what EVs these hordes yield as well as their level range. Hope this helps you in your EV training, shiny hunting or any other endeavors! Green = Gives HP EV(s) Red = Gives Attack EV(s) Orange = Gives Defense EV(s) Pink = Gives Special Attack EV(s) Purple = Gives Special Defense EV(s) Blue = Gives Speed EV(s) ☀ Daytime Only (GT 4:00 - 20:59) ☾ Nighttime Only (GT 21:00 - 3:59) Kanto Hoenn Unova Summer Fall Winter Spring Sinnoh (Soon™) Jotho P.S. The "Find in Page" option (Ctrl+F/Cmd+F) will help you find the location of a specific horde or check if a Pokemon appears in a horde at all. Please tell me if I'm missing any hordes or made any mistakes, but please make sure you investigate before you post a correction. Thank you and happy hunting! Special mentions: @Minks, @SmolSpartan, @Quilachy, @Deviluke and @Exodos for spotting some mistakes and hordes I missed, really appreciate the help! @Quilachy and @DeadGorilla for reminding me about a few locations no one ever mentions or thinks about that potentially have hordes. @Beebam for spotting an error in EV colors. I really really appreciate you guys ^^
  9. Introduction When breeding, you will have to catch the pokemon that you want to breed in the wild. However, many pokemon are not easy to find, and even more difficult to catch. These include rare safari zone pokemon such as chansey and miltank, or the starter pokemon such as bulbasaur and torchic. The best way to go about with breeding these pokemon is to catch a few, keep one that is decent, and then start catching pokemon of the same egg group that is easier to find and catch. This makes breeding much quicker and cheaper. The purpose of this guide is to show you where you can find these easy-to-encounter, easy-to-catch pokemon. The guide will contain two parts - the first part is a general breeding guide (for gendered pokemon), while the second part is a list of locations that contains the best easy-to-encounter, easy-to-catch pokemon. Example: Say you want competetive blissey. First you need to catch a chansey - they are rare to encounter, and incredibly hard to catch. When you finally get one, it turns out it has terrible IVs and a bad nature. Rather than going through the pain of trying to catch a new one, you should turn to breeding, the most useful tool in the game. Chansey is in the fairy egg group, so it can breed with any pokemon from that egg group. Hoppip is another pokemon that happens to be in the fairy egg group, and unlike chansey, it has a 100% encounter rate south of island 5, and a catch rate of 255 (33,3%). The best way to go about making a good blissey is therefore to catch hoppips, and then breed them together with each other/chansey while using braces to get a nice competetive pokemon. Part one: Breeding The current breeding system for allows us to completely manipulate the IVs of our offspring, or let luck decide for us. I prefer the former, so I put a lot of effort into breeding to get what I want. Manipulating the offspring requires braces and everstones, so it’s a costly business. However, if you are content with a pokemon with 25+ IVs instead of perfect 31s, the time and money spent on breeding can be drastically reduced. This section is a deviation of Gilan’s breeding guide, to teach you how to breed (imo) as efficient as possible. I will not consider how to breed genderless pokemon - see Gilan’s guide to breeding on a budget for the general way to go about this. First let’s agree on some terminology. When I talk about a trait of a pokemon, I talk about its IVs and nature. A pokemon has exactly seven traits - the nature, the hp IV, the atk IV, the def IV, the spatk IV, the spdef IV and the speed IV. Now, in order to guarantee that the offspring has n+1 good traits, you will have to have two parents with n good traits, of which n-1 non-nature traits are overlapping. The parents are given braces/everstone to make sure that the non-overlapping stats are passed. In general, you will need 2^(n-1) pokemon with one good trait in order to make a pokemon with n good traits, and this process takes 2^(n-1) - 1 breeds and 2^n - 2 braces/everstones in total. The most common thing to make is a pokemon with six good traits (five good IVs and a good nature), which would require 32 pokemon with one good trait, 31 breeds and 62 total braces/everstones. The braces/everstones alone will account for 930k if we assume that everstones are 15k a piece - this is not accounting for the pokeballs needed or price for gender selection. As you can see, this form of breeding is extremely expensive and time consuming - however, it can easily be cut by 75%, as I will show. So far, I have not defined the term “good”. If you define it to be 31 in all the relevant IVs, the method mentioned above is hard to improve. If, on the other hand, you define it to be 25+ in each relevant IV, it can be vastly improved upon. This is simply because pokemon with several “good” traits are now very common - the chance of a wild pokemon having at least three IVs above 25 is ~12.33%. If you want to improve on the method above, you can simply skip the part where you breed pokemon with one good trait together to get a pokemon with two good traits, since you can just catch pokemon with three good traits in the wild. To get a pokemon with 6 good traits now, you only need eight pokemon with three good traits each, you only need to breed seven times, which means that the 14 braces/everstones you need will be only 210k! Once again I have ignored the cost of pokeballs and gender selection, not to mention that I did not consider the fact that good natured pokemon with good IVs are rarer to find, but the point here is that the amount of time and money required is just a fraction of what it used to be. Now, you might question the amount of time spent on cathing the pokemon with three good traits - the interesting thing is that you are expected to spend less time catching eight pokemon with at least three IVs at 25+ than 32 pokemon with at least one IV at 31 - thus, you will save time here as well. As mentioned, the chance of a wild pokemon having at least three IVs at 25+ is about 12.33%, meaning that about one in eight pokemon will have this property. You will need eight pokemon like this, which means that you should expect to catch about 64 pokemon. However, some of these poekmon will have stats that you don’t need - since the 12.33% chance is that any three stats are 25+, you might get a few with the one stat that doesn’t have to be 25+. I generally recommend catching about 60-120 pokemon (one to two boxes in your pc), which should be sufficient for this breeding method. For those of you who have not yet figured out how to breed after this discussion, here is a list to sum it up: 1. Get a decent (one or more good traits) pokemon of the spieces you want to breed. If the pokemon is gendered, get one that is female (if it is not female, you can breed with ditto to change the gender). 2. If you want any egg moves on your pokemon, make sure to breed this onto it first (keep the offspring female, if gendered). 3. Catch one to two boxes (60 to 120 pokemon) of a compatible pokemon from the list in this guide. If needed, narrow the IVs of the ones that look good, release the ones that are bad. Remember to keep at least one pokemon with the nature you want on your competetive pokemon. 4. Figure out a way to breed the pokemon you cought in step 3 with the pokemon you cought in step 1 (or bred in step 2, if it has egg moves) to make its IVs better. If the pokemon you cought in step 1 has n good IVs, you pair it with another pokemon with n good IVs, of which n-1 are overlapping. You repeat this process until you have reached the desired amount of good IVs. When you have reached the point where you have 4 good IVs on your pokemon, you will have to combine the pokemon from step 3 together to make a male with 4 good IVs as well. You might have to turn back to step 3 in case you did not catch enough good pokemon. 5. If the final pokemon has the correct nature, you're done. Otherwise, make a male pokemon with the desired nature based on the pokemon you kept in step 3 and breed for nature. Sometimes, you will catch a lot of good pokemon in step 3 that you do not use to breed the specific pokemon you want. These can either be sold, or kept for later breeding. For this reason, it is a good idea to catch pokemon that belongs to multiple egg groups, as they will be more valuable when breeding.
  10. Updated guide by Bestfriends: Click here Credits: lilyek - Shard Tutor Guide fredrichnietze - TM Market Guide Hassan - Move Tutor Locations Other Useful Links: Bestfriends - All TM & HM Locations KaynineXL - Community Pickup Guide!(Find Tutor items!) RysPicz - Kanto Walkthough(Find your free hidden TMs) RysPicz - Hoenn Walkthrough(Find your free hidden TMs) Tip:Use 'Ctrl + F' to search for the move you need. TM Market Locations Roar - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 25k Hail - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 10k Protect - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 25k Safeguard - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 12.5k Frustration - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 17.5k Dig - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 10k Brick Break - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 17.5k Double Team - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 10k Sandstorm - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 10k Rock Tomb - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 12.5k Aerial Ace - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 12.5k Attract - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 10k Thief - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 10k Flame Charge - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 17.5k Incinerate - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 10k Round - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 10k Echoed Voice - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasaa - 10k False Swipe - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 10k Work Up - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 17.5k Struggle Bug - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 12.5k Bulldoze - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 12.5k Sky Drop - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 12.5k Pluck - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 12.5k Low Sweep - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 17.5k Hone Claws - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 17.5k Fling - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 12.5k Snarl - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 12.5k Telekinesis - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 10k Dream Eater - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 10k Smack Down - Slateport / Vermilion / Nimbasa - 12.5k Hyper Beam - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Hidden Power - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton / Celadon Game Corner - 6000 coins / 30k Sunny Day - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 25k Taunt - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Solarbeam - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Rain Dance - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Torment - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 12.5k Facade - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Rest - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 25k Overheat - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 20k Grass Knot - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 25k Explosion - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Retaliate - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 12.5k Giga Impact - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Psych Up - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 12.5k Swagger - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 12.5k X-Scissor - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Charge Beam - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 12.5k Acrobatics - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Frost Breath - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Dragon Tail - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Shadow Claw - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Quash - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 12.5k Embargo - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 10k Payback - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Ally Switch - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 10k Venoshock - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 12.5k Poison Jab - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Rock Polish - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Rock Slide - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 17.5k Gyro Ball - Fortree / Saffron / Mistralton - 25k Focus Punch - Lilycove Department Store / Celadon Department Store - 17.5k Shock Wave - Lilycove Department Store / Celadon Department Store - 10k Water Pulse - Lilycove Department Store / Celadon Department Store - 10k Bullet Seed - Lilycove Department Store / Celadon Department Store - 20k Giga Drain - Lilycove Department Store / Celadon Department Store - 25k Iron Tail - Lilycove Department Store / Celadon Department Store - 17.5k Secret Power - Lilycove Department Store / Celadon Department Store - 10k Steel Wing - Lilycove Department Store / Celadon Department Store - 12.5k Skill Swap - Lilycove Department Store / Celadon Department Store - 12.5k Snatch - Lilycove Department Store / Celadon Department Store - 12.5k Dragon Claw - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 22.5k Calm Mind - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Toxic - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Bulk Up - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 17.5k Ice Beam - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus / Game Corners (Mauville & Celadon) - 6000 coins / 30k Blizzard - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 17.5k Light Screen - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 17.5k Flamethrower - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus / Game Corners (Mauville & Celadon) - 6000 coins / 30k Thunderbolt - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus / Game Corners (Mauville & Celadon) - 6000 coins / 30k Thunder - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 20k Earthquake - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 30k Return - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Psychic - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Shadow Ball - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Reflect - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 17.5k Sludge Bomb - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Fire Blast - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 30k Energy Ball - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Will O Wisp - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Scald - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 30k Swords Dance - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 30k Substitute - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 30k U-Turn - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 30k Volt Switch - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 30k Thunder Wave - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 30k Wild Charge - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 20k Focus Blast - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Psyshock - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Trick Room - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 20k Sludge Wave - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Stone Edge - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 30k Flash Cannon - Sootopolis / Cinnabar Island / Icirrus - 25k Flash - Nimbasa - 2.5k Rock Smash - Nimbasa - 2.5k Shard Tutor Guide Blue shards: Tutor's location: north of 6 island. Shard's location: (underwater). Move's cost: Snatch: 2 Blue Shard(s) Skill swap : 2 Blue Shard(s) Hyper voice : 2 Blue Shard(s) Magic coat : 3 Blue Shard(s) Dive : 3 Blue Shard(s) Signal beam : 3 Blue Shard(s) Spite : 1 Blue Shard(s) Trick : 2 Blue Shard(s) Endeavor : 3 Blue Shard(s) Icy Wind : 3 Blue Shard(s) Snore 1 Blue Shard(s) Swift 2 Blue Shard(s) Psych up 3 Blue Shard(s) Nightmare 3 Blue Shard(s) Ice punch 3 Blue Shard(s) String shot : 1 Blue Shard(s) Role play : 2 Blue Shard(s) Red shards: Tutor's location: 7 island, tanoby ruins (at the left). Shard's location: (super rod : Vermillion City. Cinnabar island, Route 128 & Ever Grande City). Move's cost: Super fang : 3 Red Shard(s) Mud-slap 1 Red Shard(s) Ancientpower : 3 Red Shard(s) Outrage : 3 Red Shard(s) Fire punch 3 Red Shard(s) Uproar : 2 Red Shard(s) Twister : 1 Red Shard(s) Selfdestruct : 2 Red Shard(s) Air cutter : 2 Red Shard(s) Iron tail : 3 Red Shard(s) Heat wave : 3 Red Shard(s) Sky attack : 3 Red Shard(s) Covet : 2 Red Shard(s) Green shards: Tutor's location: 5 island, memorial pillar (south). Shard's location: (underwater and at night in tanoby ruins with super rod). Move's cost: Synthesis : 3 Green Shard(s) Pain split : 3 Green Shard(s) Heal bell : 3 Green Shard(s) Defense curl 1 Green Shard(s) Iron Defense : 3 Green Shard(s) Recycle : 2 Green Shard(s) Helping hand : 1 Green Shard(s) Yellow shards: Tutor's location: 1 island (north). Shard's location: & (they are both underwater). Move's cost: Bind : 1 Yellow Shard(s) Bounce : 2 Yellow Shard(s) Headbutt : 5 Yellow Shard(s) Knock off : 2 Yellow Shard(s) Endure 3 Yellow Shard(s) Low kick : 2 Yellow Shard(s) Block : 2 Yellow Shard(s) Superpower : 3 Yellow Shard(s) Thunderpunch : 3 Yellow Shard(s)
  11. NEW STYLE Hello PokeMMO Community! This is the guide on how to use the "Global Trade Link" in PokeMMO. This guide will mainly explain how to sell,trade, and buy things on the GTL. This guide will not be as advanced as the Trade Chat guide, mainly because the GTL is a new function and is very easy to use. This guide will mainly be about tips, and skills on how to get your stuff sold. ------------------------------------------------------ GTL Pokemon Listings GTL Pokemon Listings, is the first tab in the GTL. This tab shows all the Pokemon that are up for trade in the GTL. It is very easy to navigate, and you can look up whichever Pokemon you desire. Every player prices Pokemon differently, some are overpriced, some are underpriced. Either way, it's not difficult to navigate the Pokemon Listings. Therefore, we will be moving on to the "Advanced Search" Option in GTL. Screenshot Of The Pokemon Listings Tab [Spoiler] [/Spoiler] GTL Pokemon Listings (Advanced Search) GTL Pokemon Listings comes with an Advanced Search option. You are able to look up a specific Pokemon, by; Nature, Level, IVs, Egg Group, Gender, etc. You can even look up if a Pokemon is shiny, which I feel is a great option. *Claps For Devs*. This is a very easy function to use, and pretty much takes common sense to use and figure out. For those who do not know what IVs are, IVs are basically inherited in a Pokemon. They can be bred to specific IVs you want with braces, and parent Pokemon. You have an option to look up the Min IVs of a Pokemon and the Max IVs of a Pokemon. Usually my advise, if your looking for a comp, I would put HP, DEF, SPDEF, and SPEED all at MIN 25, So you make sure you get a decent comp. It really depends on the Pokemon you are searching, but I feel it's good to keep a balance of IVs. There is even a tab in the top right corner that says "NEWEST" that can be switched to: OLDEST, LOWEST PRICE, HIGHEST PRICE. It is a great function, and could really help with your searches. When I'm looking for a Pokemon, I usually go from Lowest to highest. To make sure I don't get ripped off. Screenshot of the Pokemon Listings Tab (Advanced Search) [Spoiler] [/Spoiler] GTL Item Listings The Item Listings tab, is the second tab in GTL. It shows all the items that are put up for trade by users. It will show: Vanity Items, Story Items, Shards, even trade-able Makeover kits and name-change tickets! It is very easy to navigate, it's basically like the Pokemon Listings. You can search any item you want, and you can also Refresh to check for the newest items Up! Screenshot Of Item Listings [Spoiler] [/Spoiler] GTL Your Listings This is the final GTL Tab. It shows everything that you have listed, and put up for trade. You can put up any Pokemon and any item, as long as it is trade-able! It is easy to navigate this from your PC, so you can claim your items after they have been sold. You CANNOT claim your items after they have been sold from the GTL Icon in the bottom right of your screen. You must go to the PC. Screenshot Of Your Listings [Spoiler] [/Spoiler] Everything above is just brief summaries of the GTL. To help users understand more, that is just a small part of this guide. The main Guide begins now! I will now give out some of my methods of selling and buying, tips, info, and best ways to sell your things. Pricing Your Pokemon, & Items Pricing your Pokemon & Items properly is what will attract people to buy your stuff. When it comes to items, most people will just buy the cheapest one they are looking for. For example, if I am looking for a Black Overcoat, and I see 2 of them up in GTL. Overcoat 1 is 280k and Overcoat 2 is 200k. I will obviously buy the cheapest one. When your trying to sell items, its best you check other peoples pricing, and go slightly below everyone else, so your items can actually sell. Instead of overpricing and letting others sell there items. Some items I feel are a bit to under-priced, and I would advise you wait until the cheapest is sold, to now take the opportunity and make your item slightly cheaper then the rest. When it comes to Pokemon, you can be more skillful at pricing. If you see nobody has a Competitive Modest Magneton in the GTL. You can put one up and price it for however much you want, and it will get sold eventually. Make sure anything you sell is unique when it comes to Pokemon, do NOT try to sell a 3*30 for 1.2M, when others are selling 4*31 for 800k. Make sure you always check others pricing. Refresh Spam As I do this myself, I am not sure how many other users do this as well. But for me I find the item that sells the most, and I keep spamming the refresh button, to see if I can buy it for a really cheap price and sell it for more. If I could think of a name for this skill, I would name it "Rapid Buying". It is highly skillful, as you can always look out for nubs to sell their Items/Pokemon under-priced. I usually do this in the Shiny tab, to see if anyone could put up a shiny Charmander for 200k :3. This skill takes patience, so you have to really wait a while to get what you want for a cheap price. What Not To Do Okay, so I got a little story to tell :3 #StoryTime. Today I was looking in the GTL, and was checking all of the cheapest things in GTL in general. I found that a lot of people were selling Nuggets for 5k and Big Pearls for 5k, and star pieces for 4k. This makes no sense!! Considering, you can sell these items in regular marts for this price. Also to prevent good things being taken from you, do not under price certain things for quick money. Example: "Man I need a quick 150k, lemme just sell my Black Overcoat for 150k in GTL!" <------ Do not do that!! You will lose a lot of profit from not having patience, and it's just not a good idea.. Reminders & Conclusion As a reminder, remember to Claim your items that have been sold in your PC. And also, every item that you buy is mailed to you, and you obtain mail from the PC mail system. No item is given directly to you, once it is bought. This guide was mainly just brief info on the GTL, and could come in handy for new users, and experienced users. I feel this guide was needed, a lot of my friends where asking me: "Where did the ____ go? I don't see it in my bag and I just bought it?" So I got a bit annoyed, and decided to make a full guide on the GTL. Like many users, the GTL was easy to navigate for me, and I found it pretty easy to use, and discover everything about it within an hour. Have fun on the GTL Guys! And thank you devs for this great addition to the game!
  12. List of Hats & Van. Items Available in Shop Lot of vanities items / Hats are now available in differents shops of both regions. You can find here the list with available Hats / vanities, their locations and prices. Viridian / Oldalie: Classic Cap: 300$ Backpack: 300$ Nurse Hat: 2k Chuncky beret: 2,5k Pewter / Petalburg: Camping Cap: 3k Boater & Sunglasses: 6k Boater: 6k Explorer's Hat: 7,5k Cerulean / Rustboro: Swimming Cap: 4k Vest: 4k Shorts: 4k Cap & Sunglasses: 8k Derby: 9k Vermilion / Mauville: Headband: 15k Straw hat: 20k Flat Cap: 20k Bow: 25k Lavender / Slateport: Beret: 10k Pointed Hat: 12,5k Teddy Ears: 15k Tricorne: 15k Celadon (4th Floor) / Verdanturf: Cap: 15k Strippy Cap: 35k Reflectives Goggles: 37,5k (Mossdeep for Hoenn) Fuchsia / Foretree: Peaked Cap: 25k Backwards Cap: 45k Top Hat: 40k Saffron / Mosdeep: Guardian hat: 50k Fedora: 50k Cinnabar / Sootopolis: Hood: 50k Horns: 50k Good Job DarkShade :) (but please bring back my happy eyes)
  13. Prelude This is meant for to be a simpler Introduction to Breeding for beginners who dont understand breeding, using pictures to explain the initial process. It is not meant to be an all-emcompassing guide, as the current Breeding Guide ( https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/49440-the-new-breeding-guide/ ) is much more in-depth and should be referred to for the more advanced player wanting to know the real inner workings of breeding mechanics. Table of Contents What is Pokemon Breeding and Why Do I Care? Welcome to Pokemon Breeding! So youre curious about Pokemon Breeding? Well first things first then! There are two daycare locations in-game where you can breed pokemon. In Hoenn, it is just a little ways West of Mauville city, in Route 117 to be exact. In Kanto, the daycare can be found on 4 Island, which is only available after you defeat the Kanto Elite Four and completed the Sevii Island 1-3 story mode. Welcome to your new homes for the next few days! Getting Familiar with the Breeding House How To Breed Selecting a Gender Pokemon that Cannot Breed Genderless Pokemon Pokemon With Only One Gender Costs OT (original trainer) Terms / Keywords to Know FAQ Will be updated as needed
  14. Elite Four Location: Indigo Plateau(Kanto) / Ever Grande City(Hoenn) What is Elite Four? Elite Four is an area in Kanto and Hoenn which consists of four elite trainers and your rival where you'll have to defeat them all one by one in a row without using the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon(although you can use items to heal/revive/recover PP). Why do people do Elite Four? Well, everyone has to do it at least once to complete the storyline, but you can continue to do it after since it gives you a nice chunk of cash for completing it. How does Elite Four work? The first time you do it, it shouldn't be too difficult since this is what I like to call the 'storyline round'. When you beat the Elite Four, it gets harder. Once you beat the storyline round, it goes onto round 1, once you've finished with round 1 it goes onto round 2, and finally to round 3(Round 3 is the highest possible round). Are there any rewards? Absolutely. The rewards are great and it's the reason people continuously complete the Elite Four. Round 3(the max round) can give up to 62.5k! Anything else I should know? Yes, you should know that Elite Four goes on a 45 minute cooldown from the moment you enter. It is also advisable to make sure your first party member has an Amulet Coin held when you beat your rival because it increases your rewards. Tip: If you're struggling, you can always buy potions & revives and what not. Inside Elite Four(Kanto+Hoenn), there is a lady who sells supplies - Spoiler below contains pictures: Kanto Storyline Round - The title of this guide might attract some storyliners and I wouldn't want to disappoint so I might as well give a brief overview of the storyline teams. I won't go too in-depth since it isn't really too difficult. Round 1 - Usually the default one for all of us that's finished the storyline. Pokemon levels here vary from 50 - 70. Round 2 Round 3 - Each team consists of 6 Pokemon, all level 100. Each trainer has one signature Pokemon they always use.
  15. Disclaimer: [spoiler] I know a lot of people take advantage of newbs not knowing where things are, so they buy that kind of stuff and they up its price on GTL. I understand that some people might buy them because they don't want to go to the specific place, but there's others that get ripped off without even realizing so. So this guide is for them. I also know that there's lots of people that use this as some kind of shady business, and they might hate me for this. But it's only fair for this information to be out there. I'm sorry if there's already a guide like this, but if there is i can't find it. [/spoiler] Hey there buddy!! Did you just buy a Hood in GTL for 80.000$ just because it looks cool? Or did you buy 50 luxury balls for 2.000$ each because you think they are rare? Or maybe you bought an Earthquake TM for 35.000$ because you can't find them anywhere else!! Well, if you did buy that, this Guide is for you!! Every day, hundreds of newbs get ripped off on GTL over items that they can easily find in PokeMarts, but they don't know that each PokeMart has its own selection of items. So they think those items can't be bought, or can only be obtained in special events. Hi! I'm the guy that's going to save your wallet off of those mean corporate bullies, and you should trust me!! KNOW YOUR ITEM!! A guide to Item's price and location Objectives of this guide Reduce the amount of newbs making the wrong purchases, and that will... Reduce the amount of overpriced items in GTL, and it will also... Reduce the amount of people placing pointless items just because people buy them Vanity Items With the new update, these items are scatered throughout various PokeMarts. There's items that you can only buy in one Region [spoiler] Kanto Viridian Classic Cap - 300$ Backpack - 300$ Nurse Hat - 2.000$ Chuncky beret - 2.500$ Pewter Camping Cap - 3.000$ Boater & Sunglasses - 6.000$ (Only Kanto) Boater - 6.000$ (Only Kanto) Explorer's Hat - 7.500$ Cerulean Swimming Cap - 4.000$ Vest - 4.000$ Shorts - 4.000$ Cap & Sunglasses - 8.000$ Derby - 9.000$ (Only Kanto) Vermilion Headband - 15.000$ Straw Hat - 20.000$ Flat Cap - 20.000$ Bow - 25.000$ Lavender Beret - 10.000$ Pointed Hat - 12.500$ Teddy Ears - 15.000$ Tricorne - 15.000$ Celadon Dept. Store (4th Floor) Cap - 15.000$ Strippy Cap - 35.000$ Reflectives Goggles - 37.500$ Fuchsia Peaked Cap - 25.000$ Backwards Cap - 45.000$ Top Hat - 40.000$ (Only Kanto) Saffron Guardian hat - 50.000$ Fedora - 50.000$ (Only Kanto) Cinnabar Hood - 50.000$ Horns - 50.000$ Hoenn Oldale Classic Cap - 300$ Backpack - 300$ Nurse Hat - 2.000$ Chuncky beret - 2.500$ Petalburg Camping Cap - 3.000$ Conical - 5.000$ (Only Hoenn) Explorer's Hat - 7.500$ Newsboy Cap - 7.500$ (Only Hoenn) Rustboro Swimming Cap - 4.000$ Vest - 4.000$ Shorts - 4.000$ Cap & Sunglasses - 8.000$ Side Tie Bandana - 9.000$ (Only Hoenn) Mauville Headband - 15.000$ Straw Hat - 20.000$ Flat Cap - 20.000$ Bow - 25.000$ Slateport Beret - 10.000$ Pointed Hat - 12.500$ Teddy Ears - 15.000$ Tricorne - 15.000$ Verdanturf Cap - 15.000$ Strippy Cap - 35.000$ Fortree Peaked Cap - 25.000$ Backwards Cap - 45.000$ Mossdeep Reflectives Goggles - 37.500$ Guardian hat - 50.000$ Sootopolis Hood - 50.000$ Horns - 50.000$ Game Corner Rocket Uniform - 9999 Game Corner Coins Tuxedo - 6000 Game Corner Coins For an average conversion between coins and cash check the 2nd post [/spoiler] TMs [spoiler] 01 Focus Punch - 25.000$ - Saffron, Indigo Plateau, Battle Frontier, Lilycove Dept. Store 02 Dragon Claw - 20.000$ - Indigo Plateau, Ever Grande 03 Water Pulse - 20.000$ - Cerulean, Two Island, Sootopolis, Ever Grande 04 Calm Mind - 20.000$ - Saffron, Mossdeep, Battle Frontier 05 Roar - 10.000$ - Oldale, Celadon Dept. Store 06 Toxic - 20.000$ - Fuchsia, Fallabor, Battle Frontier 07 Hail - 15.000$ - Four Island, Mossdeep 08 Bulk Up - 15.000$ - Saffron, Slateport 09 Bullet Seed - 20.000$ - Three Island, Fortree, Celadon Dept. Store 10 Hidden Power - 20.000$ - Seven Island, Slateport Outside Shop; 4000 Coins – Celadon Game Corner (Check 2nd post) 11 Sunny Day - 15.000$ - Cinnabar, Three Island, Lavaridge, Sootopolis 12 Taunt - 15.000$ - Slateport 13 Ice Beam - 5500 Coins - Celadon Game Corner, Mauville Game Corner (Check 2nd post) 14 Blizzard - 30.000$ - Indigo Plateau, Four Island, Ever Grande, Lilycove Dept. Store, Trainer Tower 15 Hyper Beam - 35.000$ - Indigo Plateau, Lilycove Dept. Store, Celadon Dept. Store 16 Light Screen - 15.000$ - Vermilion, Lilycove Dept. Store, Celadon Dept. Store 17 Protect - 20.000$ - Verdanturf, Lilycove Dept. Store, Celadon Dept. Store (and 15000$ For Some Reason Here) 18 Rain Dance - 15.000$ - Cerulean, Two Island, Fortree, Sootopolis 19 Giga Drain - 25.000$ - Fortree, Celadon Dept. Store 20 Safeguard - 15.000$ - Verdanturf, Lilycove Dept. Store, Celadon Dept. Store 21 Frustration - 20.000$ - Lilycove Dept. Store, Celadon Dept. Store 22 Solarbeam - 30.000$ - Three Island, Fortree, Celadon Dept. Store 23 Iron Tail - 20.000$ - Pewter, Fallabor 24 Thunderbolt - 5500 Coins - Celadon Game Corner, Mauville Game Corner (Check 2nd post) 25 Thunder - 30.000$ - Vermilion, Mauville, Lilycove Dept. Store, Trainer Tower 26 Earthquake - 30.000$ - Viridian, Sootopolis, Battle Frontier 27 Return - 20.000$ - Lilycove Dept. Store, Celadon Dept. Store 28 Dig - 20.000$ - Viridian, Celadon Dept. Store 29 Psychic - 25.000$ - Saffron, Mossdeep 30 Shadow Ball - 25.000$ - Lavender, Indigo Plateau, Battle Frontier, Ever Grande, Lilycove Dept. Store 31 Brick Break - 20.000$ - Saffron, Six Island, Mauville, Battle Frontier, Celadon Dept. Store 32 Double Team - 15.000$ - Petalburg, Celadon Dept. Store 33 Reflect - 15.000$ - Lilycove Dept. Store, Celadon Dept. Store 34 Shock Wave - 20.000$ - Vermilion, Mauville 35 Flamethrower - 5500 Coins – Celadon Game Corner, Mauville Game Corner (Check 2nd post) 36 Sludge Bomb - 25.000$ - Fuchsia, Fallabor 37 Sandstorm - 15.000$ - Pewter, Seven Island, Rustboro 38 Fire Blast - 30.000$ - Cinnabar, Lavaridge, Lilycove Dept. Store, Trainer Tower 39 Rock Tomb - 20.000$ - Pewter, Six Island, Rustboro 40 Aerial Ace - 20.000$ - Fuchsia, Fortree 41 Torment - 15.000$ - Lavender, Lavaridge 42 Facade - 20.000$ - Lavender, Petalburg 43 Secret Power - 20.000$ - Seven Island, Slateport Outside Shop, Celadon Dept. Store 44 Rest - 20.000$ - Lavender, Lavaridge 45 Attract - 10.000$ - Cerulean, Verdanturf, Celadon Dept. Store 46 Thief - 20.000$ - Cerulean, Slateport, Ever Grande 47 Steel Wing - 20.000$ - Seven Island, Fallabor 48 Skill Swap - 15.000$ - Saffron, Mossdeep 49 Snatch - 15.000$ - Fuchsia, Rustboro 50 Overheat - 30.000$ - Cinnabar, Lavaridge [/spoiler] PokeBalls [spoiler] Poke Ball - 200$ Great Ball - 600$ Ultra Ball - 1.200$ Nest Ball - 1.000$ - Verdanturf Town PokeMart Luxury Ball - 1.000$ - Verdanturf Town PokeMart Timer Ball - 1.400$ - Rustboro City PokeMart, they appeared at Two Island after visiting Rustboro PokeMart Repeat Ball - 1.500$ - Rustboro City PokeMart, they appeared at Two Island after visiting Rustboro PokeMart Net Ball - 1.400$ - Mossdeep City PokeMart Dive Ball - 1.500$ - Mossdeep City PokeMart In case you are wondering where do Premiere Balls come from, they come from Mystery Box in Celadon Game Corner [/spoiler] Healing Items Some of these items are scattered around multiple marts and shops, so i'll only say the location for the most unique ones [spoiler] Potion - 150$ Super Potion - 400$ Hyper Potion - 1400$ Max Potion - 2500$ Full Restore - 3000$ Lemonade - 600$ Soda Pop - 400$ Fresh Water - 350$ MooMoo Milk - 800$ - Two Island Revive - 2500$ Antidote - 250$ Parlyze Heal - 250$ Awakening - 250$ Burn Heal - 250$ Ice Heal - 250$ Full Heal - 600$ [/spoiler] Repels Same thing as the healing items, they are pretty much everywhere [spoiler] Repel - 400$ Super Repel - 750$ Max Repel - 900$ [/spoiler] Misc. Items [spoiler] Escape Rope - 600$ All Mails - 50$ Evo Stones (Leaf Stone, Thunderstone, Fire Stone, Water Stone) - 5000$ - Celadon Dept. Store Fluffy Tail - 10000$ - Lillycove Dept. Store Poke Doll - 10000$ - Celadon Dept. Store Sea Incense - 4500$ - Slateport Outdoors Shop Lax Incense - 4500$ - Slateport Outdoors Shop Yellow Flute - 3000 coins - Celadon Game Corner (Check 2nd post) Mystery Box - 9999 coins - Celadon Game Corner (Check 2nd post) [/spoiler] Taking suggestions for the guide, feel free to comment
  16. I'll not add english translation. This guide already being a translation from most of the current breeding guides. English Breeding guides : Ou aller pour reproduire ses pokémon : Voici les principaux points à savoir sur le système de reproduction actuel: 1. Les parents utilisés lors de la reproduction ne sont PAS récupérables. 2. Deux parents produisent un oeuf, ni plus, ni moins. 3. L'éclosion d'un oeuf dépends d'une durée, basée sur l'espèce du pokémon. (Inutile de marcher). 4. Donner une Pierre Stase a l'un des parents permet la transmission de sa nature à 100%. (La Pierre Stase sera perdue avec les parents). 5. Trois IV sont directement transmis de ceux des parents, et les trois autres sont déterminés par la moyenne de ceux des deux parents (arrondi à l'IV inférieur). 6. Des bracelets de chaque stat peuvent être achetés au prix de 10k auprès de PNJ a l'intérieur des pensions. Ces bracelets peuvent être donnés a l'un des parents pour assurer que l'IV concerné sera transmis depuis ce parent (Cet IV fera parti des 3 transmis directement depuis ceux des parents). 7. Si le pokémon peut apprendre deux talents, il apprendra celui que possède la mère dans 80% des cas. 8. Si le pokémon peut apprendre deux talents, le talent appris peut être changé a l'aide d'une Pilule Talent, au prix de 35k. 9. Vous pouvez choisir le sexe de l'oeuf pour un prix dépendant du taux Male/Femelle de l'espèce en question (Prix en fonction des taux ci dessous). Comment obtenir un Pokémon 6*31 avec la nature souhaitée. Les prix : Par étapes Obtenir un 6*31 : Ajouter la nature souhaitée : ___________________________________ Quelques points utiles : - La nature n'est pas à négliger ! - Pour beaucoup de pokémon, le 6ieme IV est inutile. Parfois l'atk quand vous jouez un pokémon qui utilise l'atk spé. Parfois l'atk spé quand vous jouez un pokémon qui utilise l'atk. Parfois les deux, pour un pokémon qui l'utilise que des attaques de statut, ou des attaques à dégats fixes. Parfois même la vitesse, dans le cas d'un pokémon qui utilise malédiction par exemple (même si il est souvent conseillé de monter là vitesse, quelque soit le pokémon). - Commencer par monter son pokémon avec tous les IV, sans nature, est le meilleur moyen de provoquer une, possible, grosse économie d'argent. Il est possible que vous obteniez la nature que vous souhaitez, aléatoirement, sur votre pokémon alors qu'il est 4*31, 5*31, ou encore 6*31. Le nombre d'étapes gagnées n'est pas à négliger. Pour cette raison, il est conseillé de toujours ajouter la nature à la fin.
  17. Introduction I'm comming to this post to tell something i realised yesterday. I thinked "Maybe we pay too much for ultraballs". So i go to bulbapedia to see the capture mechanics in this game. The third generation (Fire Red and Emerald) have a simple system of catch, based on three formulas. The calculus will be omited because I think nobody will like it (and i cant add gif's and png's at this forum). Introduced these concepts (if you wanted to read) we will try simplificate this f*ck. To do you need have in mind this results are rounded. The major simplification when i had is an adiction of one in the numbers like 2^k-1. Now we will assume initials values for the variables, before do that we will consider an hard capture pokemon (the lower catch rate in this game is 3). First case: At the first case we will use to think in a poke sleeping with one point left on HP. Well, in this case the value of "a" will be, rounding, 6 times the ball value, and "b" will be 2^14 times the fouth root of a. Second case: For this case the poke have full HP and no status. Well, in this case the value of "a" will be same then the ball value, and "b" will be 2^14 times the fouth root of "ball". The Probability of each shake To find the probability we will find the how much possibles values of s our b beats. For this we have to divide b for maximum of s, 2^16. Probability will be the fouth root of a divided for 4 Test of Pokeballs I will test the efectiveness of 4 kinds of pokeballs, the normal, great, ultra and repeat. They have 1x, 1.5x, 2x and 3x of efectiveness, respectively. The founded Value is for the first shake of the ball. First Test: The probability for first shake will be: Pokeball: p=39,13% Greatball: p=43,3% Ultraball: p=46,53% Repeatball: p=51,49% Second Test: The probability for first shake will be: Pokeball: p=25% Greatball: p=27,67% Ultraball: p=29,73% Repeatball: p=32,9% Probability for capture: For capture we will need four shakes, the formula will be "a" divided for 4^4 First Test: The probability for capture will be: Pokeball: p=2,34% Greatball: p=3,51% Ultraball: p=4,69% Repeatball: p=7% Second Test: The probability for capture will be: Pokeball: p=0,39% Greatball: p=0,59% Ultraball: p=0,78% Repeatball: p=1,17% How many pokeballs we have to use for 90% of capture chance? First Test: Pokeball: 97 balls Greatball: 65 balls Ultraball: 48 balls Repeatball: 32 balls Second Test: Pokeball: 588 balls Greatball: 391 balls Ultraball: 294 balls Repeatball: 195 balls Final test: Capture Rate if You use same money for Pokeball and Other ball Pokeball costs 200 pokeyens, Greatball 600, ultraball 1200 e repeatball 1500. Greatball: In cash one greatball costs for three pokeballs. First Case: Greatball have 3,51% of capture rate. Three Pokeballs have 6,85% Second Case: Greatball have 0,59% of capture rate Three Pokeballs have 1,16% Ultraball: In cash one ultraball costs for six pokeballs. First Case: Ultraball have 4,69% of capture rate. Six Pokeballs have 13,24% Second Case: Ultraball have 0,78% of capture rate Six Pokeballs have 2,31% Repeatball: In cash one repeatball costs for seven and a half pokeballs. First Case: Repeatball have 7% of capture rate. Seven and a half Pokeballs have 16.27% Second Case: Repeatball have 1,17% of capture rate Seven and a half Pokeballs have 2,88% Conclusion: Even on the hardest case, Buy Pokeballs
  18. Ellow, this my first time ever trying to make a guide so bare with me. Bassicly ive noticed that some people get brain damage during breeding so for those who recognize themself, this guide is for you. bassicly all you need is a empty box voila now you place the males and females on top of eachother. like this Now make sure that the males and females are in the right order, by this i mean make sure that they are pairs, partners etc. ^- this is the only part where your brains are required, make a upside down tournament tree or whatever helps you to calculate how to breed, after you done that the rest will be automatic pilot. after breeding a pair put the baby back in its respective male or female slot. you should end up with something like this now all you will have to do is slide them all to the left till they all have a partner again example below: after doing this you end up with everything should be perfectly in place now and you can blindly repeat the breeding. note: you should be aware of wich braces to use and when to use everstone. but the rest is a no brainer now. EDIT: I used 10 slots for the example, but you can simply use more by using the other 4 rows in the same manner. for 6x31 keep 2 boxes free so you can put the last 4 poke in the next box. A way to store 31's caught ( Credit goes to: Crimar )
  19. Click here for the Google doc with our findings. Page #1 has the stats and moves for YOUR Elfbot that you choose at start. Page #2 has the stats and moves ENEMY Elfbots have. Page #3 has our own results of prizes from running for ya mathematicians (no longer relevant, formula seems changed). Page #4 has important notes for running through. Page #5 has a map of the main area and points to gift locations. Happy grinding!
  20. Greetings all! I am creating a visual guide to the Gym Leader Rematches. Currently, we are working on the Kanto Region. If your Gym Leader variation differs from this guides, please share your results in this thread and I will update the guide with your Gym Leaders team variation. Any new data discovered in the future will be noted and updated within this post. Within this guide, you'll see the Gyms City Name, the Gym Leaders Name, their Pokemon Team Variation number, and the Pokemon they use (in order from 1-6, in sync with their Pokeball order). You will also see the Prize Money payout at the bottom of each picture. FAQ: What am I looking at? What's this "Variation Number"? Hopefully you find this guide useful and effective in making the Gym Leader Rematches less difficult. (Leaving a like would be a great way to let me know that this guide is being used, and may further encourage completing the other regions as well as other rematches) Kanto Region: Pewter City - Brock: Cerulean City - Misty: Vermilion City - Lt. Surge: Celadon City - Erika: Fuchsia City - Koga: Saffron City - Sabrina: Cinnabar Island - Blaine: / End Kanto Region Thanks to everyone in this thread who has posted comments, information and cleared up things such as the Team Variations. This guide wouldnt be what it is without you!
  21. Hallo zusammen Ich bin HandOfButz Oder MrsCooki heute erkläre ich euch einwenig über die dvs und wesen auf. natürlich das allgemeine wissen 0 ist scheise 31 ist beste. das ist das wichtigste bei der zucht in Hoenn könnt ihr zwei pokemon zu einem werden lassen was dann lvl1 ist. in der pansion gibts dann aber eine frau die vk euch bänder womit iihr 1 dv wert von jedem der beiden pokis behalten dürft. ahha ich wollte doch auf die dvs einegehen nicht auf die zucht ach egal haben wir das gleich mit dabei xD die dvs der eltern werden auf das kind übertagen vorsichtig es besteht 50% chance das es in der mitte der werte liegt 25%das es sehr gut wird ABER auch 25% das es kacke wird. so abernun zu den dvs die dvs sind abhänig je nach dem was ihr für ein pokemon habt wichtig ist das ihr möglichst alles hoch habt aber es gibt auch sachen wie zb. Kicklee und knockchan da es beide nahkampf pokemon sind ist für die beiden Angriff und verteidigung wichtig aber auch sp vert sollten sie gut haben Denkt daran INI und KP sollten auch möglichst hoch sein bei einem psycho pokemon wiederum ist angriff meisten unwichtig da es mehr attacken mit Sp angriff hatt. nun zum wesen es erklärt sich schneller ^^ das wesen boostet 10% eines stats aber nimmt auch10% eines anderen stats Ich werde bei gelegenheit ein neuen post machen mit bildern um es genauer zu zeigen bis dahin habt spaß und schaut immer auf die dvs und denkt daran ein pokemon was überall 20 dvs hatt macht sehr viel aua aber 31 ist immer noch das beste ;)
  22. ( This Guide has Vietnamese Language ) Nhằm mục đích giúp đỡ các nhà huấn luyện thêm kiến thức PvP Đã có một Guide dành cho OU nên mình sẽ làm UU ( Under Used ) Gởi lời chào khả ái và ngây ngất lòng người <3 Lưu ý : Guide bỏ qua một vài Pokemon mang tinh quyết định bởi H.A Guide được dựa theo Smogon và tối ưu hóa theo PokeMMO Dự Án Hiện Tại : 29 / 41
  23. If you're looking for a specific pokemon, you can key Ctrl + F and search it by its name. Here's a chart that presents the strengths and weaknesses of Pokemon by Type: http://pokemondb.net/type This post lists the different pokemon typings available in PokeMMO and includes which damage modifiers are activated when the defending pokemon is struck with a specific attack type and which pokemon available claim each defensive typing. The Pokemon covered in this post are all the Pokemon available in PokeMMO at their highest evolution, plus Scyther, making 122 total. To estimate how many points of damage one specific pokemon would do to another, the corresponding stats of both pokemon would have to be known and applied to this formula: Damage=((((2*Level/5+2)*AttackorSpecialAttack*PowerofMove/DefenseorSpecialDefense)/50+2)*DamageModifier*RandomNumber The value of the RandomNumber can be anywhere from 0.85 to 1. A Pokemon's IVs, Level, and EV training create a lot of variance as to what a certain Pokemon's ATK/SP.ATK and DEF/SP.DEF stats are, but if you'd like to know how the Pokemon in the game generally compare to one another you can view the base stats of all the Pokemon covered in this post via this link: https://forums.pokem...t-by-base-stat/ If you do not see a damage modifier listed under a typing for a specific attack type, assume it is 1x. The following abilities multiply certain damage modifiers by 0: Flash Fire (0x Fire) Volt Absorb (0x Electric) Water Absorb (0x Water) Levitate (0x Ground) If a pokemon has Thick Fat, multiply the damage modifier received from fire and ice attacks by 1/2. To scrutinize this phenomenon from the perspective of the attacker, follow this link: https://forums.pokem...erage-attacker/ Normal 21 Porygon2, Blissey, Clefable, Ditto, Stantler, Kangaskhan, Lickitung, Persian, Raticate, Snorlax, Spinda, Tauros, Ursaring, Wigglytuff, Smeargle, Dunsparce, Furret, Linoone, Slaking, Granbull, Aipom Water 9 Vaporeon (has Water Absorb), Blastoise, Feebas, Golduck Politoed (Can have Water Absorb,) Seaking, Azumarill (Can have Thick Fat,) Kingler, Octillery Psychic 7 Alakazam, Espeon, Hypno, Mr. Mime, Unown (has levitate,) Wobbuffet, Grumpig (can have Thick Fat) Electric 7 Electrode, Electabuzz, Jolteon (has Volt Absorb,) Raichu, Plusle, Minun, Ampharos Flying/Normal 6 Fearow, Pidgeot, Dodrio, Farfetch'd, Noctowl, Togetic Bug/Flying 5 Butterfree, Scyther, Ledian, Yanma, Masquerain Fire 5 Arcanine (Can have Flash Fire,) Flareon (Has Flash Fire,) Magmar, Ninetales (Has Flash Fire,) Rapidash (Can have Flash Fire) Fighting 4 Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Machamp, Primeape Water/Ice 4 Dewgong (has Thick Fat,) Lapras (Can have Water Absorb,) Cloyster, Walrein (has Thick Fat) Ground 4 Dugtrio, Sandslash, Marowak, Donphan Grass/Poison 4 Venusaur, Vileplume, Victreebel, Roselia Water/Psychic 3 Slowbro, Slowking, Starmie Ghost 3 Dusclops, Banette, Misdreavus (has Levitate) Poison 3 Weezing (has Levitate,) Muk, Arbok Dark 3 Mightyena, Umbreon, Absol Bug/Poison 3 Beedrill, Venomoth, Ariados Water/Poison 2 Tentacruel, Qwilfish Flying/Water 2 Gyarados, Mantine (can have Water Absorb) Grass 2 Tangela, Bellossom Ground/Poison 2 Nidoking, Nidoqueen Bug/Steel 2 Forretress, Scizor Rock/Water 2 Kabutops, Omastar Flying/Dragon 2 Dragonite, Salamence Rock/Ground 2 Golem, Rhydon Steel/Flying 1 Skarmory Ice/Ground 1 Piloswine Rock/Fire 1 Magcargo Normal/Psychic 1 Girafarig Bug/Fighting 1 Heracross Psychic/Flying 1 Xatu Water/Ground 1 Quagsire (can have Water Absorb) Dragon/Water 1 Kingdra Steel 1 Mawile Steel/Rock 1 Aggron Steel/Electric 1 Magneton Steel/Ground 1 Steelix Bug 1 Pinsir Bug/Grass 1 Parasect Dark/Rock 1 Tyranitar Dark/Flying 1 Murkrow Dark/Ice 1 Sneasel Dark/Fire 1 Houndoom (Can have Flash Fire) Dark/Water 1 Sharpedo Dark/Grass 1 Cacturne Dark/Ghost 1 Sableye Grass/Psychic 1 Exeggutor Grass/Water 1 Ludicolo Grass/Fighting 1 Breloom Flying/Ice 1 Delibird Flying/Grass 1 Jumpluff Flying/Rock 1 Aerodactyl Flying/Fire 1 Charizard Flying/Poison 1 Crobat Ghost/Poison 1 Gengar (has Levitate) Ice/Psychic 1 Jynx Ice 1 Glalie Water/Fighting 1 Poliwrath (Can Have Water Absorb)
  24. What is the Speed? The Speed stat determines how quickly a Pokémon can act in battle. Pokémon with higher Speed will make a move before ones with lower Speed under normal conditions; in the case that two Pokémon have the same Speed, one of them will randomly go first. How to increase Speed in battle? There are some ways to increase your own pokemon Speed during a battle: Moves: Agility ( +2 ), Dragon Dance ( +1 ), Silver Wind/Ancient Power ( +1 at Random ) Abilities: Speed Boost ( +1 every turn ), Swift Swimm ( +2 only with Rain ), Clorophyll ( +2 only with Sun ) Items: Salac Berry ( +1 after activation ), Starf Berry ( +2 at Random ), Swift Choice Band ( aka Choice Scarf, gives +1 Speed and locks the pokemon holding it into the first move it uses ) Note that the Speed can be lowered as well, be it your own pokemon Speed or your opponent: Moves: Curse ( -1 User ), Icy Wind ( -1 Opponent ), Rock Tomb ( -1 Opponent ), Scary Face ( -2 Opponent ) ( there are other moves but with little competitive usage... ) Items: Mach Brace ( -2 to Holder ) Status: Paralisys will reduce the Speed to 25% of its original value Priority Every action that takes place in battle has a value called Priority. This values dictactes what action is going to be performed first. Higher Priority Actions will always take place before lower Priority ones. In case 2 action of the same Priority are used on the same turn the order will be decided by the Higher Speed Stat of the Pokemon Pokemmo Priority List ( from officila Changelog 19/08/2014): +7. Pursuit (If target opponent switches, otherwise priority is 0) +6. Switching out, using items, escaping, charging of Focus Punch +5. Helping Hand +4. Detect, Magic Coat, Protect, Snatch +3. Endure, Fake Out, Follow Me +2. ExtremeSpeed, +1. Bide, Mach Punch, Quick Attack 0. All other moves -1. Vital Throw -2. None -3. Focus Punch -4. Revenge -5. Counter, Mirror Coat -6. Roar, Whirlwind -7. Fleeing Notable stuff: This list was made keeping in mind a Level 50 Metagame, and, while most Speed hierarchies are still valid at level 100, some aren't. For example +252 Magneton at +1 will reach 201 Speed at level 50 outspeeding the 200 Speed Stat Tier, but, at level 100 this isn't true. So if you use this guide for Showdown or level 100 battle be carefull Remeber to consider the IVs and Hidden Power Types. Some Hidden Power ( Fighting/Fire for example ) require an even Speed IV, meaning that said pokemon won't be able to reach its Maximum potential speed. Keep this in mind when you battle, if your opponent has an Hidden Power Fire Alakazam and you have a Full Speed Dugtrio you won't risk a Speed Tie cause Alakazam will be slower.
  25. Hey, A few days ago I started programing a Egg Hatch Timer, which counts down the time until the egg hatches. First I used the times from this thread. After I finished the code,I noticed that the real times are shorter then the times in the thread by @Eggplant (big thanks for sharing!). Because I don't want to give up my project and want to know the new times, I need your help! Please count the time till the egg hatches while you are breeding and post them into this thread. Here are the times and tiers I already collected: Tier 1: 3 mins, 15-45 seconds Tier 2: 5 minutes, 15-45 seconds Tier 3: 6 minutes, 15-45 seconds Tier 4: 8 minutes, 15-45 seconds Tier 5: 10 minutes, 15-45 seconds Tier 6: 11 minutes, 15-45 seconds Tier 7: 13 minutes, 15-45 seconds
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