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  1. Date TBD Time TBD Time Zone Converter Location TBD Duration 1 hour for catching another 10 minutes for players to submit entries Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Species Bonus + Nature Bonus = Total Score Pokemon accepted as valid entries: Nature Bonus +10 +5 -10 -5 Rules To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest To win 4th place you need to submit an entry that scores the lowest You can only submit one entry All Pokémon must be caught within the event time and at the event location All Pokémon must remain unchanged (untrained/unevolved...) Evolved or unevolved forms of the listed Pokémon will not be accepted as a valid entry You must be the OT of the Pokémon You must link your entry to any participating host via whisper to submit it In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by earliest catch time ENIX Host Drakkmord 1st Place Prize 1,000,000 Pokeyen  2nd Place Prize 500,000 Pokeyen 3rd Place Prize 350,000 Pokeyen 4th Place Prize 1,000,000 Pokeyen
  2. Battle Frontier Guide Map 1 - Boat from Slateport City 2 - PokeCenter and PokeMart 3 - Artisan Cave Access 4 - BattlePoints Shop 5 - Hall of Fame 6 - NPC Trade (Skitty to get Meowth) 7 - Scott room 8 - Useless and overpriced tutor room. u - Useless RED : Not implemented yet YELLOW : Battle Factory BLUE : Battle Tower BROWN : Battle Arena PINK : Battle Palace Main Clauses : Unique Pokemon Unique Item Banned Pokemon : Mewtwo Rayquaza And some non-implemented pokemon. BattlePoints Shop : Secret Base Items Shop Secret Base Items Shop Special moves tutor Vitamins Shop (275Bp each) PvP Item Shop Hall of Fame : WIP Battle Tower : Every time you finish a 7 win streak, you get BPs. I will admit the amount you get is random between the 2/3 possibilities is random. Atm, I'm farming to make sure the BP amount doesnt depend on the times a poke of your team faint. Winstreak - Bp Earned : 1-7 : 375 8-14 : 450 or 475 15-21 : 650 or 675 22-28 : 800 or 875 29-35 : 1000 36-42 : 1300 or 1350 43-49 : 1500 or 1750 50+ : 1950 or 2050 or 2100 After 50, you also get ribbons on every pokemon you used. You can get one ribbon from level 50, and another from level 100 battles. 3v3 Single mode : Here is just standard trainer single battle, 3v3. 4v4 Double mode : Here is just standard trainer double battle, 4v4. 4v4 Link Double with NPC : WIP 4v4 Link Double with Player : Just like the 4v4 Double mode, but you need another player, linked, to battle with you. Each player take 2 pokemons. The clauses are global, so make sure you are not using the same poke/items as your mate. Battle Factory : WIP Battle Arena : WIP Battle Palace : WIP Artisan cave : No storyline here, but you will find some items, hidden items, and 100% smeargle encounters. You must beat the sudowoodoo ("3" on the map), using the wailmer pail to unlock the access to the cave. Scott room : Here you can get some extra BP (1000 iirc ? Need confirm from someone who never took it) and, after you get some ribbons, secret base item (Need confirm aswell, I know I got something, never tried to do my own secret base tho) PokeMart : TMs are : Calm Mind Toxik Brick Break Focus Punch Shadow Ball Earthquake
  3. Formatting Species (Level #) Models provided by Bulbapedia Ability: ??? Item: ??? HP, Atk, Def, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, Speed Damage based on health or deals a fixed amount, Damage based on Attack, Damage based on Special Attack, Non-damaging move All abilities, items, and moves have links to their respective Bulbapedia page. This is intended to make it easier for you to research. How the Data Was Collected Most people are just here for the data, so I'm putting the parts that are less important into spoilers. Fighters "How did you fight the Elite Four?" "What's the best team for the Elite Four?" "Is this a good Pokémon to use?" The Elite Four is less about having a good counter team and more about knowing how the AI will react to the team you already have. I've made a list of teams that you might consider when fighting them. I haven't tested these teams against the Elite Four but on paper they should work. Use your knowledge of basic match ups to decide who to throw into a fight. The Recon Team The Elite Four None of the Elite Four seem to remember what their types are since several teams only have one Pokémon of their type. The genders don't stay the same even if it's the same team, the order in which the Pokémon are kept in their Pokéballs changes, & several Pokémon share the same moves across different team sets. It should be noted that a Pokémon on a certain team will almost always use the same move against the same Pokémon. For example, if Bruno 1's Staraptor uses Close Combat against my Rattata, it will almost always use Close Combat against my Rattata every time it sees it unless prohibited by a Choice item. Fighting one team doesn't mean you'll fight the same team across all leaders. That is to say, fighting Lorelei 1 doesn't guarantee you'll fight Lance 1. Unlike the gym leaders, the teams will sometimes change even if you haven't defeated the champion. With all that said, allow me to introduce the format for the Elite Four. Species (Level #) Gifs provided by Bulbapedia Ability: --- Item: --- Speed the Pokemon is faster than <Speed< Speed the Pokemon is slower than Damage based on health or deals a fixed amount, Damage based on Attack, Damage based on Special Attack, Non-damaging move I have no way of knowing the stats of an opponent without doing tedious calculations. All I can do is tell you whether they are faster than one of my own Pokemon or slower than another. Progress Testing out a strategy Documenting moves Documenting abilities Documenting items The guide is a mess. After I complete the Sinnoh guide I'll take a look at fixing it. For now the data has been reset because I can't verify that any of it is true. With the nerf to Baton Pass I'll have to find some other way to document the info. Personal Record
  4. Welcome to the Unova Guide. This will include all the items in each city and what to do in the Story. List below would include some quick facts I guess. Might add a Unova Pickup part as well since I have a list of items i took notes of. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Pokemon starters for the Unova region are Tepig, the fire type, Snivy, the grass type, and Oshawott, the water type. If you pick Tepig, Bianca picks Snivy while Cheren picks Oshawott. Whatever starter you pick, you will be have a disadvantage to Cheren and an advantage against Bianca. I think that Oshawott is the best to pick or even Tepig. Snivy seems more like a challenge if that's what you want. 1] As you move along the story, the first gym you encounter is in Striaton City. This is the Trio Badge, and it also depends on your starter type. Choosing Tepig means you face Leader Cress, the water type one. Snivy means you face Leader Chili, the fire type. Having Oshawott means you will face Leader Cilan, the grass type. 2] The second gym will be at Nacrene City. This is the Basic Badge, and the Gym Leader here is Lenora. This gym specializes Normal types and that shouldn't be hard to manage. [Before you can enter the gym, you fight a trainer named N. This gym has switches and you need to answer the questions, I'll mention this later] 3] The third gym will be located at Castelia City. This is the Insect Badge led by the Gym Leader Burgh. This gym is all about dem Bugs. [Note that you need to turn on the switches to proceed to another area] 4] Welcome to the 4th gym in the game, which is in Nimbasa City. Elesa, the Gym Leader, likes to use Electric types. Her gym has switches and Roller Coasters that you need to fix in order to get to her. Defeat her and you will receive the Bolt Badge. 5] Driftveil City is your next stop. Here you will meet Gym Leader, Clay, who likes to use Ground types. This gym has a series of switches or lifts to get to Clay. [Shouldn't be too difficult to reach him] After you defeat this gym, you get the Quake Badge. 6] Your next flight, the Mistralton City. The gym here is run by Skyla who likes to use Flying types. The gym uses series of cannons to get to the Gym Leader. Defeating her will award you the Jet Badge. [Beware of this gym, she loves to spam Roost so get a nice Electric type for this one] 7] It must be getting cold in here. Yes, welcome to Icirrus City and the Gym Leader here, Brycen, uses Ice types. This one has curve spinners to get to Brycen. Defeat him and you will get the Freeze Badge. 8] The final gym which is at Opelucid City. Here you will see Dragon types being used by the Gym Leader, Drayden. However, you will fight Iris instead of him. This gym is built around three Dragon heads and you need to get the right switches to lead you to Iris. [Last three gyms should be hard and I would probably power level your team a bit] Congrats on beating the last gym, she will give you the Legend Badge. Train hard through the Victory Road and good luck in the Pokemon League. You are free to use comps if you find it hard to defeat. Though a method I think is kinda grindy is using SS(Sweet Scent) in Victory Road and defeating Durant Hordes. Make sure to have a mon access to a move who can hit all adjacent pokemons. You should get around 4k exp for the mon that defeated them. Using x1 Exp share on another party member and they will get 2k exp each. [Go to the last entrance to Victory Road, so exit from the Pokemon League. I find that the Durant hordes there are a bit higher level than the ones on lower levels of the cave] The Elite Four for this region include Ghost, Dark, Psychic, and Fighting types (Shauntal, Grimsley, Caitlin, and Marshal). Defeat them all and you will advance to the Champion room, however, you don't face the Champion Alder. You will fight N in his Castle. [All information later discussed] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't think I will add more to the OP. Feel free to help if you know the story well enough and please wait until I get around 4 or 5 reserves. Thanks. [Note, this might take some time to finish but I'm all for it] Shoutout to @RysPicz for allowing me to continue on for him.
  5. Couldn't find a list anywhere so thought i would make my own As i fill up my OT pokedex i will update this list accordingly Own Notes, Place - 20 Sub header - 18 Pokemon - 16 Current Pokedex Pokemon Locations Tepig, Pignite, Emboar, Snivy, Servine, Serviper, Oshawatt, Dewott, Samurott, Patrat, Watchog, Lillipup, Herdier, Purrloin, Pansage, Simisage, Pansear, Simisear, Panpour, Simipour, Munna, Pidove, Tranquill, Unfezant, Blitzle, Zebstrika, Roggenrola, Boldore, Gigalith, Woobat, Swoobat, Drilbur, Timburr, Conkeldurr, Tympole, Sewaddle, Swadloon, Leavanny, Venipede, Whirlipede, Scolipede, Cottonee, Whimsicott, Petilil, ??, ??, Sandile, Krokorok, Krokodile, Darumaka, Darmantian, Maractus, Dwebble, ??, Scraggy, Scrafty, Sigilyph, Yamask, Cofgarigus, ??, Carracosta, ??, Archeops, Trubbish, Garbodor, Zorua, Zoroark, Unova Pokemon Locations Route 1 Dark Grass Watchog, Herdier, Scraggy Grass Patrat, Lillipup, Scraggy Route 2 Grass Patrat, Lillipup,Purrloin Route 3 Grass Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Blitzle, Pidove Dark Grass Patrat, Lillipup, Purrloin, Blitzle, Pidove Route 4 Shadow Sigilyph Grass Sandile, Scraggy, Darumaka Route 5 Dark Grass Trubbish Grass Trubbish, Route 6 Water Oshawott, Dark Grass Swadloon, Tranquill, Leavanny Grass Swadloon, Tranquill Route 7 Dark Grass Watchog, Tranquill, Zebstrika Grass Watchog, Tranquill, Unfezant, Zebstrika Route 9 Dark Grass Garbodor Grass Garbordor Route 10 Dark Grass Herdier, Grass Herdier, Route 12 Shadow Unfezant Dark Grass Tranquill Grass Tranquill, Route 15 Dark Grass Watchog, Route 16 Dark Grass Trubbish Grass Trubbish, Route 18 Dark Grass Watchog, Scraggy Grass Watchog, Dwebble, Scraggy, Scrafty Relic Castle Cave Sandile, Krokorok, Yamask, Cofagrigus, Desert Resort Shadow Sigilyph Grass Sandile, Scraggy, Darumaka, Maractus, Dwebble, Sigilyth Wellspring Cave Dust Cloud Swoobat Cave Roggenrola, Woobat Charge Stone Cave Dust Cloud Excadrill Cave Boldore, Drilbur Victory Road Dust Cloud Excadrill, Gigalith Cave Boldore, Woobat Grass Tepig Pinwheel Forest Dark Grass Timburr,Tympole, Cottonee, Pidove, Petilil, Snivy, Swadloon, Tranquill, Whirlipede Grass Pansage, Simisage, Pansear, Simisear, Panpour, Simipour, Timburr, Tympole, Cottonee, Pidove, Sewaddle, Venipede, Petilil Lostlorn Forest Shadow Unfezant Dark Grass Cottonee, Venipede, Petilil, Swadloon, Tranquill Grass Pansage, Simisage, Pansear, Simisear, Panpour, Simipour, Cottonee, Venepede, Petilil, Swadloon, Tranquill, Leavanny P2 Laboratory Grass Herdier, Scraggy Dragon Spiral Tower Dark Grass Tranquill Grass Tranquill Cold Storage Dark Grass Timburr Grass Timburr Abundant Shrine Dark Grass Cottonee, Petilil Grass Cottonee, Petilil Dream Yard Dark Grass Munna, Grass Patrat, Purrloin, Munna, Musharna, Challengers Cave Cave Boldore, Woobat Giant Chasm Cave Boldore Guidence Chamber Cave Boldore, Woobat, Drilbur Mistralton Cave Cave Boldore, Woobat, Drilbur Twist Mountain Dust Cloud Drilbur Cave Boldore, Woobat, Drilbur Trial Chamber Cave Boldore, Woobat No Location Pokemon Pignite, Emboar, Servine, Serviper, Dewott, Samurott, Conkeldurr, Scolipede, Krokodile, Darmantian, Carracosta, Archeops
  6. Hello there! Just wanted to share the excel sheet I made and am currently using to have a clean overview of my team. I'm still working on the sheet, and have a lot of work to do. So don't expect it to be perfect by any means. I'll look into all suggestions! I'm not perfect, let me know if I made a mistake or if you think I should change something. The file contains 5 identical empty sheets, and 1 example sheet. (for preview, see screenshots) Example is fully locked with a password, and can only be deleted not edited. The other sheets only have essential values locked. In order to unlock these values go to Review > Unprotect Sheet. (see screenshots) Download link: Dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com/s/jx463c6gbrwyajp/Pokemon%20Teambuilder.xlsx?dl=0) What it currently offers: Overview of following things: - Role - Pokemon Name - Ability and Nature - Placeholder for Image - Moveset - Items and EVs - Weaknesses/Strengths for each individual pokemon What I'm working on: - Improving Strengths/Weaknesses overview - Adding automated colors, conditional formatting - Adding automated functions - Suggestions Screenshots: Note: I'm new to the forums so if you have any suggestions that will improve my post feel free to reply. ~ also not sure if this is the place to post this kind of post. (let me know if I have to move it)
  7. A Repel is an item which lets the player walk a certain number of steps without encountering wild Pokemon with a lower level than the first member in the team. Repel Trick is using repel, choosing the appropriate level to only encounter the pokemon you want to hunt, or at least, a lower amount of the pokemon you don't want to encounter. Well, you will need tons of repel then. Repels can be bought in almost every pokemart. There are 3 Repels, the only difference is how long it will be effective. You also can get repels by using Pick Up, on every pokemon in the game. Once you have your repels, you need a "repel trick slave". The first thing you want to know is what level it has to be. Most of the time, taking the lowest level possible for the specie you hunt is the best choice. Then, you can pimp your slave by having a cool ability on it. Some cool abilities are : -Syncro (using the nature you want the most) -Illuminate (To encounter mons more frequently) -Arena Trap (To encounter mons more frequently) <- Maybe swarm works aswell for it ? To be confirmed -Static (If you're hunting elec-type pokemon) -Magnet pull (same but steel-type) Here I will list some repel tricks, and perfect repel tricks. Perfect repel tricks make you encounter only one specie, others just lower the non-interesting species amount. Perfect repel tricks Clefairy (12) Relicanth (31) Electabuzz (35) Jynx (37) Other repel tricks Eevee (8) Torchic (15) Mudkip (25) Treecko (25) Absol (27) Mr.Mime (28) Lapras (30) Relicanth (30) Electabuzz (32) Magmar (38) Snorlax (40) Mantine (40) [I will edit to add a lot more in the list, feel free to contribute]
  8. This "Guide" (which is not really a guide but may serve the same purpose) will be a Journal for me to note, for each area in Unova, what hordes I encounter, and what I get from pickup. Ill make it look better later. Route 1 Route 17 Route 18 P2 Laboratory Route 2 Dreamyard (Outside) Dreamyard (Basement) Route 3 Wellspring Cave Pinwheel Forest (outside) Pinwheel Forest (inside) Route 4 Desert Resort Relic Castle (entrance and B1) Relic Castle (B2 to B6) Relic Castle (Lowest floor) Relic Castle (Volcarona Room) Route 16 Route 15 Route 5 Cold Storage Route 6 Mistralion Cave Chargestone Cave (1F/1B) Chargestone Cave (2B) Route 7 Celestial Tower (Inside) Celestial Tower (Roof) Twist Mountain Iccirus City Dragonspiral Tower (Outside) Dragonspiral Tower (Entrance) Dragonspiral Tower (F1) Route 8 Moor of Icirrus Route 9 Challenger's Cave (Entrance) Challenger's Cave (Basement) Route 10 Victory Road (Entrance) Victory Road (other) Route 11 Village Bridge Route 12 Route 13 Giant Chasm (Cave) Giant Chasm Undella Town Undella Bay Route 14 Abundant Shrine btw it belongs in the "in progress" part for quite a long time.
  9. How to breed with Hidden Abilities in mind, Matoka's Guide With the addition of Generation 5 mechanics there will now be Hidden abilities going around for certain Pokemon and new strategies that will be available with their introduction. *With how Hidden Abilities are currently implied to function I will be explaining based on this current system, I will update if the method is changed however it seems this is the current way we will have to work Hidden Abilities into our Pokemon. I will be covering how to breed a hidden ability Pokemon you have caught into a Competitive Pokemon, and I will also be explaining how to incorporate a new hidden ability into a competitive pokemon you already possess via breeding for a slight discount over starting from scratch. [Breeding from Scratch] The method for this is the exact same as if you were breeding a regular Pokemon, except you must ensure that the female Pokemon in each family branch is the Pokemon with your Hidden Ability where applicable, in cases where the Pokemon is Genderless or Male exclusively then you must ensure that the Genderless / Male pokemon has the Hidden ability and is bred with a Ditto. [Obtaining a breed-able Hidden Ability Pokemon] [Pokemon that can be Female] I will now explain how you would breed a 5x31 Gyarados with desirable nature from your Hidden Ability Magikarp. [Pokemon that can only be Genderless / Male] Below I will explain the process for if your pokemon is Gendelress or Male only as a species, I will be using Porygon for this example. *Warning, Genderless / Male only pokemon are extremely expensive to breed if you go for perfect 31 IV pokemon due to their reliance on extremely rare wild Dittos with high IV's. TL;DR The Mother (or Non-Ditto) parent will pass on their hidden ability to the child. The Father cannot pass on a hidden ability unless it is bred with a ditto or with a female of the exact same species. Currently available Pokemon families that have access to their Hidden Abilities: None. No dungeons have been introduced yet. Come back later for updates.
  10. rip londar he was kewl so who the fastest of them all? will my ploegymon beat his ploegymon? so name / base speed / 31 iv neutral nature 0 ev / max speed / scarf max speed by pokemon #
  11. If you like it then please leave a like, thanks. UPDATE: JANUARY 13, 2013. As you may or may not know, yes, I did quit. After seeing that people are still interested in this guide I am beginning to feel guilty that I have not updated it. Thank you for all the views and thanks over the months, seeing some stupid thing I typed up being received that well and just getting viewed this much blew my mind! If you're going to be in the Sevii islands use Squall's guide: Link I'd like to ask that mods consider pinning the other EV guides as well since it's a whole different game from when I played. I'd hate to just straight up delete this thread but it's probably obscenely out of date and probably should be replace by a guide that someone else has written that is up to date. You'd know better than I would about it being informative. Before you get started you may like to know what EVs actually are. EV stands for 'effort value'. 4 Evs will increase a pokemon stat by 1 point, the maximum amount of EVs in a stat is 255 but the recommended maximum is 252 so you can use the remainder points in another stat. If you want a full guide and explanation of what EVs are you should check somewhere else like bulbapedia. If you have never played pokemon competitively before and would like to learn more about sets and EV spreads then I would recommend checking out smogon. They have all you need and more on basic cookie cutter sets. (Sorry for everyone who just cringed) Also, do not make the mistake of EV training a bad natured pokemon. For example an adamant abra. If you are going to sink the time into EV training, then you need to catch a pokemon with a nature complimentary to the stats you want. For example again a timid alakazam is perfect, as you will be EV training it for SpA and Spe. Here is a link to my preferred natures chart. The - stands for a subtraction of 10% and a + represents a subtraction of 10%. As you can see if you look at the chart timid adds to speed and subtracts from attack. You can also hover your mouse over the pokemon's nature in the pokemon summary to show what it does. I don't like to rely on that, though. Sometimes it's unresponsive. This is a list of all the places to train EVs. It will tell you what pokemon will give what EVs and where to find them as well as their levels. I will ammend it as new content is released. If you see something wrong, let me know. Even I, the great and powerful Galium-sama-rama-chan-san-kun make mistakes. Also, this is not a natures or how to EV train thread. That's another show guide. You would be surprised what doesn't give the EVs you thought it would (like weedle, speed what?) The recommended pokes to train on and the best area to find them will be bolded and highlited in red. Stat Recommended Area Level of pokemon Health (HP) Fat things give HP EVs and it's no coincidence that there is a fat guy sitting next to the pond in viridian. Before surf - Caterpie. After surf - Slowpoke. The pond has only slowpoke and psyduck, so you can get some SpA while you get HP. 1 HP EV Viridian Forest Lv. 3-5 Clefairy 2 HP EVs Jigglypuff 2 HP EVs Nidoran (F) 1 HP EV Snorlax 2 HP EVs Slowpoke 1 HP EV Ditto 1 HP EV Grimer 1 HP EV 1 HP EV Viridian City (surf) Lv. 20-35 Attack (Atk) Of course slaughtering hugging super kawaii desu ne bugs with big eyes makes you stronger. Why wouldn't it? And if you're wondering "Why paras?" it's because they appear at a 100% rate in the tunnels. An alternate area is behind the safari zone warden's house in fuchsia. Fishing there will always land you a goldeen, seaking or gyarados. (Thanks Tsriel.) Watch out for the psyducks, though. If you want to keep your level low for tourneys, you need to stay at paras. 1 ATK EV Mt. Moon tunnels Lv. 5-10 Mankey 1 Atk EV Machop 1 Atk EV Machoke 2 Atk EVs Growlithe 1 Atk EV Doduo 1 Atk EV Nidoran (M) 1 Atk EV Ekans 1 Atk EV Arbok 2 Atk EVs Bellsprout 1 Atk EV Weepinbell 2 Atk EVs Gyarados 2 Atk EVs Krabby 1 Atk EV Kingler 2 Atk EVs Goldeen 1 Atk Ev Fuchsia City (fishing behind warden's house) Lv. 15-25 2 Atk Evs Fuchsia City (fishing behind warden's house) Lv. 25-30 2 Atk Evs Fuchsia City (fishing behind warden's house) Lv. 15-25 Defense (Def) ALL HAIL OUR GREAT OVERLORD, TANGELA. BY THE POWER OF TENTACLES, YOU WILL NO LONGER SUFFER THE VIRIDIAN FOREST! (for def) They appear at a 100% rate on route 21. That's RIGHT below pallet town. You need surf to get there. Metapod 2 Def EVs Kakuna 2 Def EVs Geodude 1 Def EV Onix 1 Def EV Cubone 1 Def EV Marowak 2 Def EVs Sandshrew 1 Def EV Koffing 1 Def EV Weezing 2 Def EVs Slowbro 2 Def EVs Shelder 1 Def EV 1 Def EV Route 21 Lv. 14-28 Special Attack (SpA) Special attack should only be done in one place. 2spookytower in lavender town. There is a healing spot right in the room on the 5th floor with the pokemon you will be genociding er.. ghost busting. (It's fine they're already dead). Just watch out for cubone because they give DEF and will screw up your EVs. 1 SpA Ev 2spookytower Lv. 13-19 2 SpA EVs 2spookytower Lv. 20-25 Oddish 1 SpA EV Abra 1 SpA EV Magnemite 1 SpA EV Magneton 2 SpA EVs Horsea 1 SpA EV Psyduck 1 SpA EV Special Defense (SP. Def) Good news, everyone! Venonats came way earlier than I expected and now we get to grind on those! They give 1 EV and they're pretty common to boot (30%)! But wait, there's more! Ditto also appear in the same area (and the pokemon mansion basement at a 10% rate) as venonat so you can proceed to catch those in hopes of good natures for breeding (someday). The venonats appear on routes 13, 14 and 15, I recommend going to route 15 for the tasty dittos and close proximity to the pokecenter. After you get surf you can encounter tentacools and it's much easier to grind those than it is to grind venonats. And no, you can't surf into tentacruel until post game. Drowzee 1 SpD EV Venonat 1 SpD EV Routes 13/14/15 Lv. 24-26 1 SpD EV SURF ANYWHERE Lv. 5-40 Seel 1 SpD EV Dewgong 2 SpD EV Speed (Spe) This one's easy. If you're supereffective against ground go to diglett tunnel. If you're weak to ground and will die to a dig train on route 18 and grind on the birds and rats. If you are a ground type you can go to the powerplant, just avoid the magnemite and magneton as they give SpA. You can put a level 23 pokemon in the front of your party and use one repel to only encounter dugtrio if you want. Heck, even zubat has a use sometimes. Gotta go fast. Weedle 1 Spe EV Pikachu 2 Spe EVs Voltorb 1 Spe EV Pidgey Route 1 Lv. 2-5 Spearow 1 Spe EV Route 16/17/18 Lv. 20-22 Zubat 1 Spe EV Golbat 2 Spe EVs Diglett 1 Spe EV Diglett's Cave Lv 15-22 2 Spe EVs Diglett's Cave Lv.29-31 Rattata 1 Spe EV Route 1/16/17/18 Lv. 2-4/18-22 Meowth 1 Spe EV Magikarp 1 Spe EV Vulpix 1 Spe Fearow 2 Spe Routes 16/17/18 Lv. 25-27 Raticate 2 Spe Routes 16/17/18 Lv. 23-25 Electabuzz 2 Spe Poliwag 1 Spe Poliwhirl 2 Spe Multiple EV Pokemon Seadra 1 Sp.Atk & 1 Def Muk 1 Hp & 1 Atk
  12. Hello everyone! I am currently working on a project to try and find the average encounter rate of Rare and Uncommon pokes. I am also looking for help with this project. I am doing this mainly for fun but I will release my findings to everyone who wants. This is just a little test I am doing to see what the average of all trainers who participate. If I get enough people to help with this I will be able to get a more definite number and there for be more precise. I do a sample of 100 pokemon from a certain route. I will then look for the rare and uncommon pokemon. If I do not find a single pokemon that is supped to be there I will go until I find one and go up to a number divisible by 100. I am currently doing Hoenn pokemon by route. If you have any question let me know! Here are the Results so far. Each area is result is out of 100 pokemon. If I get more entries from other trainers I will average it out. If people want I will go back and find each pokemon encounter rate in that area. Route 102 Route 116 Meteor Falls
  13. Greetings friends! I was looking around YouTube when I first started for a decent guide for PokeMMO and sadly found nothing, that is a crying shame as far as I am concerned. I have therefore decided to set about making my own guides to teach the newbies the art of the MMO. This edition? Breeding. This will be a 6 part series ranging all the way from a trash male Torchic from the GTL all the way up the ladder to a 6x31 Blaziken. It'll be a long journey and a lot of information will be shared so take notes. Enjoy! Part One - Breeding Basics: Part TWO: 1x31 Natured Part THREE - 3x31 Natured Part FOUR - 4x31 Natured Part FIVE - 5x31 Natured: Part SIX - 6x31 COMING SOON! Brb plebbing :D Please leave any suggestions/comments etc, I will address them all once I finish the 6x31 series with a little addendum with just fast facts Q&A style. Enjoy friends!
  14. What is the Speed? The Speed stat determines how quickly a Pokémon can act in battle. Pokémon with higher Speed will make a move before ones with lower Speed under normal conditions; in the case that two Pokémon have the same Speed, one of them will randomly go first. How to increase Speed in battle? There are some ways to increase your own pokemon Speed during a battle: Moves: Agility ( +2 ), Dragon Dance ( +1 ), Silver Wind/Ancient Power ( +1 at Random ) Abilities: Speed Boost ( +1 every turn ), Swift Swimm ( +2 only with Rain ), Clorophyll ( +2 only with Sun ) Items: Salac Berry ( +1 after activation ), Starf Berry ( +2 at Random ), Swift Choice Band ( aka Choice Scarf, gives +1 Speed and locks the pokemon holding it into the first move it uses ) Note that the Speed can be lowered as well, be it your own pokemon Speed or your opponent: Moves: Curse ( -1 User ), Icy Wind ( -1 Opponent ), Rock Tomb ( -1 Opponent ), Scary Face ( -2 Opponent ) ( there are other moves but with little competitive usage... ) Items: Mach Brace ( -2 to Holder ) Status: Paralisys will reduce the Speed to 25% of its original value Priority Every action that takes place in battle has a value called Priority. This values dictactes what action is going to be performed first. Higher Priority Actions will always take place before lower Priority ones. In case 2 action of the same Priority are used on the same turn the order will be decided by the Higher Speed Stat of the Pokemon Pokemmo Priority List ( from officila Changelog 19/08/2014): +7. Pursuit (If target opponent switches, otherwise priority is 0) +6. Switching out, using items, escaping, charging of Focus Punch +5. Helping Hand +4. Detect, Magic Coat, Protect, Snatch +3. Endure, Fake Out, Follow Me +2. ExtremeSpeed, +1. Bide, Mach Punch, Quick Attack 0. All other moves -1. Vital Throw -2. None -3. Focus Punch -4. Revenge -5. Counter, Mirror Coat -6. Roar, Whirlwind -7. Fleeing Notable stuff: This list was made keeping in mind a Level 50 Metagame, and, while most Speed hierarchies are still valid at level 100, some aren't. For example +252 Magneton at +1 will reach 201 Speed at level 50 outspeeding the 200 Speed Stat Tier, but, at level 100 this isn't true. So if you use this guide for Showdown or level 100 battle be carefull Remeber to consider the IVs and Hidden Power Types. Some Hidden Power ( Fighting/Fire for example ) require an even Speed IV, meaning that said pokemon won't be able to reach its Maximum potential speed. Keep this in mind when you battle, if your opponent has an Hidden Power Fire Alakazam and you have a Full Speed Dugtrio you won't risk a Speed Tie cause Alakazam will be slower.
  15. The new update introduced Sweet Scent as a horde-summoning move. Seems to be working 100% as of now. To make it easy to determine EV training spots, I will require some help from the community. If you want to help, look for an area that is not in this guide, and use sweet scent 10 times. Please use this format: Location x species 1 + y species 2 (z/10) (where x,y,z are the variables). INDEX Kanto Sevii Islands Hoenn List of Area-Hit Moves: Swift (100%) - Normal - 60 bp Water Spout (100%) - Water - 150 bp Surf (100%) - Water - 95 bp Earthquake (100%) - Ground - 100 bp Twister (100%) - Dragon - 40 bp Bubble (100%) - Water - 40 bp Hyper Voice (100%) - Normal - 90 bp Powder Snow (100%) - Ice - 40 bp Air Cutter (95%) - Flying - 55 bp Icy Wind (95%) - Ice - 55 bp Razor Leaf (95%) - Grass - 55bp Rock Slide (90%) - Rock - 75 bp Heat Wave (90%) - Fire - 95 bp Muddy Water (85%) - Water - 95 bp Blizzard (70%) - Ice - 120 bp Best EV training spots discovered so far: HP - Fallarbor Town, Desert Underpass (7-10 EVs) OR Route 114, Surfing (6-9 EVs) Atk - Island 6, Pattern Bush (10 EVs) Def - Magma Hideout (5-8 EVs) SAtk - Lavender Town, Pokemon Tower (3-5 EVs) SDef - Trainer Tower, Surfing (6-10 EVs) Speed - Island 4, Icefall Cave (10 EVs) Contributors: OldKeith, BlueBreath, Axx, Gunthug, Tritios, Slidingpanda, Uncandango, LeTyrone, Schuchty, Batman, Appelsap, Arimanius.
  16. thinking of a better title later~ ill check each pokemon and will put all obtainable moves via trainertower for each pokemon here somebody may tell me if every evo has different tutormoves, cause for now i only planned to do the lastevos [WIP] Venusaur [spoiler] False Swipe 10000 BP Ancient Power 15000 BP Weather Ball 20000 BP Block 15000 BP Frenzy Plant 30000 BP[/spoiler] Charizard [spoiler] Quick Attack 10000 BP False Swipe 10000 BP Blast Burn 30000 BP Block 15000 BP Howl 10000 BP[/spoiler] Blastoise [spoiler] Zap Cannon 25000 BP False Swipe 10000 BP Follow Me 10000 BP Hydro Cannon 30000 BP Block 15000 BP[/spoiler] Butterfree [spoiler] Morning Sun 20000 BP[/spoiler] Beedrill [spoiler] Baton Pass 30000 BP[/spoiler] Pidgeot [spoiler] Refresh 15000 BP Secret Power 20000 BP [/spoiler] Raticate [spoiler] Refresh 15000 BP [/spoiler] Fearow [spoiler] Payday 10000 BP Sonicboom 5000 BP Faint Attack 15000 BP Baton Pass 30000 BP [/spoiler] Arbok [spoiler] Refresh 15000 BP [/spoiler] Pikachu [spoiler] Fly 15000 BP Sing 5000 BP Surf 25000 BP Petal Dance 15000 BP Dizzy Punch 10000 BP Scary Face 10000 BP Pain Split 20000 BP Extremespeed 25000 BP Follow Me 10000 BP Yawn 10000 BP Endeavor 20000 BP Teeter Dance 10000 BP Fake Out 25000 BP [/spoiler] Raichu [spoiler] Fly 15000 BP Sing 5000 BP Petal Dance 15000 BP Dizzy Punch 10000 BP Pain Split 20000 BP Follow Me 10000 BP Yawn 10000 BP Endeavor 20000 BP Teeter Dance 10000 BP Fake Out 25000 BP [/spoiler] Sandslash [spoiler] -none-[/spoiler] Nidoqueen [spoiler] Moonlight 20000 BP Sweet Kiss 10000 BP Lovely Kiss 20000 BP[/spoiler] Nidoking [spoiler] Morning Sun 20000 BP Lovely Kiss 20000 BP[/spoiler] Clefable [spoiler] Petal Dance 15000 BP Moonlight 20000 BP Swift 15000 BP Dizzy Punch 20000 BP Scary Face 10000 BP[/spoiler]
  17. Now in PokeMMO is possible to breed pokémons and inherit moves, but is impossible to remember all the possible combinations and relevant moves which can be passed. In this guide I will list all of them, so the players can avoid using their TMs and Move Tutors until absolutely necessary. I copied some things of another unfinished guide and I have permission to do this: Smeargle effect: Smeargle learns only one attack, Sketch. Sketch copy the last move the target used permanently. This makes Smeargle a useful breeding tool. Smeargle is only in the Field Egg Group, and can only directly pass moves to other pokémons in its group, but because of the ease of teaching Smeargle moves, I will include a chain starting at the Field Egg Group for each and every move, even if no pokémon in the Field group learns it by level up. How to use Sketch on your own pokémon: You find any double battle, use your VS Seeker if necessary, send out Smeargle and any pokemon with the move you want to sketch. Use the move you want sketched on any pokémon and then target your own pokémon with Sketch to copy it. You may run into some minor issues with moves like Earthquake which damage the whole team, or even some things like Rock Slide which may KO both opposing pokémon before Smeargle can sketch it, but you can make a strategy, like using a weak pokémon or choosing a double battle against pokémons which are resistant or immune to the move. Example: [spoiler] MOVE Learn the move by Level Up Pokémon (Level that learns the move) [Egg Groups] All the pokémon listed can learn the move with no help and all of the egg groups can directly pass it on with no chaining required. Breed directly Pokémon [Egg Group A, Egg Group B] All the pokémons on this list cannot learn the move by leveling up; the most basic form of the evolution chain can learn the move and they belong to two egg groups. Chain Once Pokémon [Egg group B, Egg Group C] All the pokémons on this list cannot learn the move by leveling up; the most basic form of the evolution chain can learn the move and they belong to two egg groups. [/spoiler] Tutor Moves Technical Machines [TM] Competitive Moves Useful links: Official PokeMMO Breeding Guide Egg Group Bridges PokeMMO Breeding Mechanics Notes: 1. Some egg groups have more than one name: Field = Ground Human Shape = Human-like Amorphous = Indeterminate Grass = Plant 2. Pokémons with a strikethrough are not implemented currently. 3. Togetic can inherit moves only via Fairy egg group, but can pass via Flying egg group. 4. Nidoran Male and Volbeat can inherit moves, but only if you breed a Nidoran Female or an Illumise. 5. Exclusive female pokémons cannot pass moves and are not included in this guide: Nidoran Female Chansey, Blissey Kangaskhan Smoochum, Jynx Miltank Illumise
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